Memories Are Made of This by slaymesoftly

03/06/2013 06:27 pm
Part 6         

WOW - totally loved this story, was such a good combination of fantasy and the series.  I so glad that you have continued to write Spuffy FF - I plan to do an image for this story and use it on our Spuffy recommends list at Buffytube.   

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have a weakness for Randy and Joan, so it was fun to write. :)

08/25/2012 06:58 pm
Part 6         
Tabula rasa is one of my favourite episodes, I like this story of the spell lasting longer than it should. 
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

06/09/2012 11:20 pm
Part 6         
Brilliant. Loved it.
Thank you. I'm glad!

02/10/2012 05:54 am
Part 6         
Loved it! Always been a fan of Randy and Joan and what-if fics involving them. And of course, dear old Umad. :)
Thank you. I'm so glad you liked it. :)

01/23/2012 03:47 am
Part 6         
Lovely story.  Poor Xander.  Poor Tara.  I think Anya and Giles make an interesting couple! 

Happy New Year!

Thanks. Glad you liked it. Happy New Year to you too!

01/22/2012 01:05 am
Part 6         
Text This was beautifully logical.  If that spell had been actually thought about in its aftermath I can see much of this being the way it would play (and if the stupid writers had done this it would have made a BELIEVEABLE reason for ASH to leave and send Giles to England).  

Isn't it interesting that in canon Giles STILL left even after seeing how far gone Willow was at that point?  Why none of them even questioned their instinctive relationships was a missed point too (just as the issue of love was ignored after Something don't have to love to marry and S/B LOVED).

Really enjoyable story with everyone in character and a sensible story that came from them being in character.

*hugs back* Thank you, Kathleen. As always, your review is specific and encouraging. :)

01/11/2012 06:51 am
Part 6         

Nice re-do of this episode - and I like that you have Giles and Anya stay together.  I really liked them together as a romantic couple after this episode.  You probably are not planning anymore for this piece but it would be really nice to have couple of sequels.  I would love to have more about Giles' trip to the COW and his new life with Anya, plus, always good to see a new vision of Xander's life. 

With all the new things happening in the comic book seasons, I found that I really enjoyed reading a story based on their past. 

Always a pleasure reading your work.


Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.  I like Giles and Anya, but have no plans to write more about them. There are some much older Giles/Anya fics (a series) but I can't remember just now who did them. May have been Tales of Spike.

01/09/2012 04:24 pm
Part 6         

This has been great. The spell gave everyone a chance to interact without their issues and the memory of that time helped them deal with the old memories.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

01/08/2012 06:44 pm
Part 6         
Loved it!  And I very rarely write..poor Xander.
LOL - Well, you've got to feel sorry for him, don't you?

01/08/2012 05:27 am
Part 6         
Love all the quiet blessings they've got.  Glad Giles is doing the responsible thing and not just disappearing.  And I love Spike promising lots of fights so they can have lots of make up sex.  Always a joy when they're in on the joke, too.  Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for reading! :)

01/07/2012 11:20 pm
Part 6         

Lovely Spuffy ending, was glad to see Giles and Anya taking the plunge too. Much better suited than her and Xander. At least he's found a male friend at last. Great fun, enjoyed it lots. 

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for telling me so. :)

01/07/2012 06:03 pm
Part 6         
Oh phooey. It finished
I still think Willow got off too lightly and Buffy was too soft on her, but I'm glad to see Giles & Anya together. A bit sorry for Xander, but  he and Willow can console each other.
And lovely Spuffy into the future ...
Well, Willow still doesn't have Tara - and may never have her - and she's going to have to cooperate with whomever the Council sends back or risk having her power diluted in some fashion.  At least, so far, she hasn't tried to end the world! :) Thanks for reading. Yes, we can assume/hope for lovely Spuffy from now on.

01/07/2012 04:55 pm
Part 6         
I like this break up of Anya and Xander much better! I do feel sorry for Xander, but then again I never thought they were really right for each other. Sure she might have been stuck in a teenagers body when she lost her amulet. But in a way she was much to mature for him. She had seen to much and done to much for him to live with. She needed someone stronger and he wasn't it. Her and Giles now they work. Xander, well he needed a regular girl. A sweet non-hellmouthy girl. Sure he fought the good fight but he really wanted that regular life. With the job and the apartment and the wedding. The others they weren't looking for regular.

Willow was never really sorry for the damage the spells caused just that they didn't work how she wanted or that she got found out and people were mad at her. She never thought what she was doing was wrong, she had the power and used it. No thought to the morals of doing the spell. That old saying: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked my version better. :)

01/07/2012 02:49 pm
Part 6         
That was so much fun... and they lived happily ever after -- pretty much.
Eh - It's Sunnydale and Spike and Buffy, so "pretty much" is probably about as good as it's going to get. ;)

06/27/2012 01:59 am
Part 5         

“I have one word for you… sushi.”

*G* I mean really, what else needs to be said?

01/07/2012 02:32 pm
Part 5         
Aww that's so sweet.  Thank you, kind author.
Thanks for reading. Not quite over yet - contrary to how the ending of this chapter makes it seem...

01/07/2012 02:02 pm
Part 5         

The way Buffy was acting thought it might be a while before she saw the light. I suppose we should be grateful to Willow, might give her a few brownie points with Tara. Not sure it'll endear her to the others. Wonder how they're getting on.

We'll see soon... :) Thanks for reading.

01/07/2012 12:41 pm
Part 5         
I also couldn't understand why it was Tara who left the house when it was Willow who was in the wrong. Love that Spike was staying at the apartment to try to retain the illusion they were still a couple. And at last Buffy admits her feelings, yay! Now to see about Willow - and I wonder what's been happening with Giles/Anya/Xander....
More info coming up soon!  I guess Tara was still the non-Scooby, even by season six. Buffy, Willow and Xander were the original three, so everything revolves around them.  Right up until the very end of the show.

01/07/2012 07:55 am
Part 5         
Glad she finally went to find him.  And very impressed that he could stay away long enough to give her reason to come around.  Pretty cool. Maybe there's hope for the rest of them.  :) Update soon!
Update coming up momentarily. Have to go over the chapter again and check notes from the beta.

01/07/2012 01:36 am
Part 5         
Well at least she admitted that she wanted to say I love you. Of course he stayed away, he tries to do what's right. He knew she didn't want him around, not right away. Besides he heard Xander and Willow try to blame him. He probably figured they would be out for him. I know some people have problems with Dawn but I love that girl. Her line about Angel needing a soul to be a decent person was priceless, simply because it's true.

I love Dawn too. She's fun to write and she's not afraid to say anything to anybody. :)

01/07/2012 01:23 am
Part 5         
I liked this story, but the constant thing of let Willow side is just wrong she never takes responability for anything she does plus she needs to move out. I loved to know about what Anya & Giles are feeling so glad she didn't chase after Xander. Anya deserve someone to  just love her for her like Spike loved Buffy.
Well, I don't think they're quite done with Willow yet... but they pretty much did let her slide in canon, after she'd expressed regret and gone off to get help. So... I'm glad you're liking it.

06/27/2012 01:50 am
Part 4         

Oh boy, Daddy gets tough on Willow. Hope he kicks her ass.

She definitely doesn't quite "get it" yet. *sigh*

01/08/2012 06:01 pm
Part 4         
Wow!  Again, very powerful.  You could have heard a pin drop in that scene as the expressions suddenly changed.  So sad.
Thank you. I'm glad it resonated for you.

01/07/2012 02:25 pm
Part 4         
All those happy hopes scattered, bet they wish they'd stayed oblivious.
I'm sure some of them do. :)

01/07/2012 10:54 am
Part 4         

Oh dear, I know it was inevitable but I wish they could have stayed in their little bubble a bit longer.
Willow so deserves everything that's coming to her. How she tried to push the blame on Spike was scandalous. Great update.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the last two parts. :)

01/06/2012 12:45 pm
Part 4         
I sometimes wish that the spell had never been broken, but I suppose it's good that it was. The diaries were an excellent device for enlightening them as to what might have happened, and of course Xander's jealous anger at Giles for sleeping with 'his girl' (although of course none of them knew that!) was the perfect trigger for smashing the crystal.

Anya is bound to compare her relationship with Giles to her previous relationship with Xander - and of course Buffy has to come to terms with everything again. I just hope she recognises how happy she was with Spike before he gets too defensive and does something stupid...
We'll see how it goes. Might take them a while to get their acts together.... :)

01/06/2012 07:52 am
Part 4         
Such a shame that reality had to crush some of their happiness.  I think, maybe it is better that they had some idea first, but poor Spike.  The aspects of that relationship that they kept hidden... wonder how they'll blossom now.  Update soon!
Thanks for reading. Another update tonight. :)

01/06/2012 06:41 am
Part 4         

NICE - excellent chapter and way to bring everything back - I hope that you can manage  to keep Giles and Anya together - I loved them as a couple in the episode. 

I'm pretty fond of Giles/Anya, so I suspect they'll try to make a go of it. :)  Thanks for reading.

01/06/2012 03:03 am
Part 4         
Wanna bet Willow tries to fix it again?! I find it funny that Buffy and Spike were the only ones that managed to stay in the same relationship they were in pre spell and during the spell. The rest well they just went where ever. If anything that should tell them all something. Like the relationships they had weren't all that great before.

Even when Xander has no memories, he is quick to blame Spike. Of course Spike cast the spell to erase their memories. Then of course Spike somehow took advantage of Buffy even though he didn't have any memories either.
Yeah, I'm not very kind to Xander here. Alas.  But he may not be as dumb as they think....

03/06/2013 11:50 am
Part 3         

This story just proves that there is still plenty of great ways to write about the series.  I am really enjoying the way you went into the future to write about their past.  Your Buffy who wants so much to believe and have this Joan and Randy life, very effective and poignant.  That goes for both Spike and Buffy, great voice for Dawn also. 

Thanks. I'm glad you found them believable. :) Thanks for reading.

06/27/2012 01:43 am
Part 3         
You bring the shoes, love. You’re stronger than I am.  Hee hee - good one. 

01/07/2012 02:12 pm
Part 3         
Promises, promises...

01/05/2012 03:13 pm
Part 3         

Some worries for the future and there will be trouble when they remember everything. As long as Buffy remembers what they have now, then she will able to work her feelings out. But her memories of being ripped out of heaven will be hard for her. 

Yeah, She's gonna wish she was still Joan at some point, I imagine. :)

01/05/2012 11:55 am
Part 3         
And already Willow is reverting to form with the trying to decide what's best for Buffy - and being defensive about her own use of magic. I wonder who is paying the mortgage on the house and the utility bills......  
Good question! I hope they don't get too far into the hole before they remember who they are. :)

01/05/2012 08:43 am
Part 3         
So glad that they are trying to stick together through this tough time.  Hope they manage to.  Too many trials to come.  Hope they don't let the past mess with the present.  Update soon!
Ah, they wouldn't be Spike and Buffy if there weren't some bumps in the road, would they?

01/05/2012 04:49 am
Part 3         
Dawn better stay in her room. Willow knows something is up and I doubt much of her inherit personaltiy is gone. She is going to want to know what Dawn knows and I doubt she'll be very nice about it.

I feel sorry for Dawn. Buffy and Spike didn't stay after she showed them her diary. I think Dawn was hoping she would have a family again and they left. Hopefully they will be moving back in and kicking out Willow.
I think they'll be okay with Dawn soon. Willow - maybe not so much...

06/27/2012 01:37 am
Part 2         
not that you aren’t old, but you’re not as old as…”   That was so Buffy and funny.  And "Randy" is a perfect name for Spike.  :)  Very interesting having them reinterpret events to fit the way they want them to be now.
"Randy" certainly fits his normal condition, doesn't it? :)

01/08/2012 05:17 pm
Part 2         
Powerful emotions!

01/07/2012 02:07 pm
Part 2         
How long before it all falls apart... oh no!
Oh yes! Alas....

01/06/2012 05:47 am
Part 2         

wonderful story - I'm very glad that you took on this project - it's connecting with me on a very strong emotional level.  My heart aches for all of them.

Things are going to change, aren't they? 

01/05/2012 03:00 pm
Part 2         

Veery good, how they think and read together.


01/04/2012 10:37 pm
Part 2         

Oh boy, the 'sh#ts' really going to hit the fan when everyone gets their memories back. I could almost feel sorry for Xander, but then again.....Hee hee.  

*G*  Poor Xander - he's going to be all alone.

01/04/2012 12:35 am
Part 2         
I have to agree with Spike. No way would I want to be the one to tell the gang who they are really supposed to be with. That is not a conversation I would even want to be in the same building when it was happening!

A bit harsh for Buffy to find out this way. But it might actually be a little better. She will have time to deal with it before they get their real memories back. I wonder how Spike and Buffy will cope right now. Spike insightful as always, he knows she didn't love him before this spell. He has probably already figured out in the last few minutes that she is hanging on to him right now because he is all she knows right now. I think he might start pulling away from her, to save himself the pain of her dumping him. He probably figures she will break up with him soon or as soon as the memories come back.

Now the only question is will Buffy revert to type and say he took advantage of her when they had no memories or will she admit that she wanted him too? We all know how she likes to blame him when things go bad for her.
Yeah, I think "Randy" has a pretty good idea that things aren't going to be all rosy when they finally get their memoriees back.

01/04/2012 12:29 am
Part 2         
I love the way they're gradually finding stuff out. I'm beginning to feel a bit sorry for Xander though (and that doesn't happen very often). He's going to be upset when the Willow/Tara and Giles/Anya comes out - as it inevitably will. Spike is becoming understandably apprehensive too. More please...
May post the next part tonight. I'm glad you're liking it. :)

03/06/2013 10:46 am

This is such a good way to approach the Tabula Rasa event - very neat how it allows for the "what might have been" and yet the reader knows their terrible history and all the sorrows they live with in the alternative lives. 

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

06/27/2012 01:27 am

Fun story, great banner and I love Tabula Rasa stories.

Thanks. That banner is amazing, isn't it? *hugs my beta*

01/08/2012 04:53 pm
I love how sure Buffy is with her declaration.  Just waiting for the hammer to fall...
Which it inevitably will...

01/07/2012 01:44 pm
Makes a nice change for Buffy to be persuading Spike!
Interesting role reversal, huh? :)  No memories for Buffy means no preconceived ideas about what is and isn't possible. :)

01/06/2012 05:16 am

I love your premise of TBverse still in place, but it is so sad  - I feel very sorry for these two.  Great use of Clem and the series history of Willow and Tara.

Thanks. Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

01/05/2012 02:54 pm

Just found this, Joan and Randy are so cute together.

I'm glad you like them. :)

01/03/2012 10:30 pm

Great start, always liked Randy and Joan. Hoping they don't get their memories back anytime soon, be fun to see the gang in their new lives.

Thanks. They'll be without for a bit longer. :)

01/02/2012 10:59 pm
Wonderful! More please... 
Your wish is my command...

01/02/2012 10:58 pm
Text  Good story.  I hope that when they get their memories back, Buffy won't run away in horror.  It seems that Spike is preparing to have his heart broken.  Please update soon, I am anxious to see where you tke this.
I'm glad you're enjoying it. And thanks for the reminder that I have to put up another chapter!  *runs off to do so*