"Me and a Gun" by Athenewolfe

04/02/2017 09:44 pm
Me And A Gun         

Grrrr on you for coming up with a way to take out Buffy like this.   Good writing but just so horrid…

05/27/2015 01:02 am
Me And A Gun         
Oh god. 

02/18/2010 05:08 pm
Me And A Gun         
oh my... this was sad..
now i'm off to read the sequel cause i can't wait to see how the nasty man gets what he deserves...

07/25/2009 07:32 am
Me And A Gun         
honestly i would've thought that buffy would rather just die than get raped and then die. other than that, great story, very angsty. i'm looking forward to reading the sequel.

BecomingChosen Girl13
02/02/2008 06:37 pm
Me And A Gun         
I'm not to big on the angst, but i really liked this one. Will be reading the sequal. Good work..

09/20/2007 02:48 am
Me And A Gun         
What can one say to such an excellent piece - powerful work.

07/05/2006 04:16 am
Me And A Gun         
Wow! really good. What else could he do, couldn't loose her again. Going to read sequel now, just hope he gets that B*#@!#D! Thanks for the good read.
Thank you - I am glad that you liked Me and A Gun. I hope you like the sequal just as much!

05/02/2006 07:33 am
Me And A Gun         
wonderful story, hauntingly painful and sad...gotta go read the sequel now
thank you I am so glad you liked it!

02/15/2006 01:49 am
Me And A Gun         
ohhhh poor Buffy, Poor spike
thank you! I love this story - dark as it may be

11/04/2005 11:12 am
Me And A Gun         
Oh very sweet. ( yeah I know sweet? but yeah.)
Thank you! This was a plot bunny that wouldn't let go. I have a sequal to this that is being co-written called Twists of Fate by TashaAthenewofe. Thanks for reviewing! HUGS!