Blood of the Sire by BuffyMeetsSpike

07/20/2014 09:58 pm
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What a wonderful journey to get to this place!  So glad to see ground rules set to put everyone on the same page.   Was there/will there be a sequel?

03/23/2013 02:32 am
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This was a pretty good story, wonderfully thought out
Thank you so much! I appreciate the feedback!

07/13/2012 06:00 pm
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Absolutely satisfying read.  Thanks so much.
You are quite welcome!

05/22/2012 06:44 pm
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Please, please give us a sequal where Spike hunts down that dirty demon and gives him a lesson in pain. How sneaky and not honorable to poison a vampire instead of challenging him properly...

Loved the dynamic between Buffy and Spike. It was nice for her to get to know him on the drive. Now it would be nice to see what they can do together.
It's hard for me to think of a good sequel for this one. I'll definitely have to give it some thought though, because you're the second person who wants to know what happened to the bad guy.

Glad you enjoyed!

05/20/2012 12:05 am
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I enjoyed this a lot as I\'m a fan of any story that focuses on Buffy and Spike and gives minimal attention to the Scoobies. The dialogue is well done with the characters sounding like themselves. My one criticism is there seems to be a lingering plot thread. What about the creature who had Spike poisoned? Shouldn\'t Spike and Buffy hunt him down once they return to Sunnydale? Might be a good idea for a sequel.
That is true, I sort of forgot about the demon. But sometimes I like to end a story instead of drawing it out. I always get to a point where, yeah, I could write more, but I run the risk of rambling. So I stop myself before I ramble. But you are right, it could be a sequel. 

Glad the dialogue worked for you. Thanks so much for the reivewl 

05/19/2012 01:13 am
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This sweet story was just what the doctor ordered for one ailing Spuffy-ite.  Thank you for a well written, well thought out story with just enough angst and not too much.

Loved the way Spike stood up for Buffy.  Loved the way she slowly realized what she felt outside the hothouse that is Sunnydale.


So sorry you've been ailing. Glad I could be of assistance.

Thanks for the kind review. Sometimes you really do need to get away to get some clarity and perspective. 

05/15/2012 05:05 am
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Excellent! Dead on characterizations & a great story.
Thanks ever so!

05/12/2012 11:52 pm
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Seeing Buffy and Spike united and strong makes for the perfect ending to what has been a great trip, thanks for all your hard work.
You are quite welcome!

05/10/2012 11:27 pm
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I enjoy your storys so much. What are you going to wright about next?
Thank you so much! I've got a post-Bargaining story in the works, because there are just so many ways that coming back from the dead could go wrong and I just need to explore them!

05/10/2012 04:59 pm
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Sorry for no reviews for a while, but have now read the last 4 chapters and all I can say is wow, terrific read especially loved the Dru stuff - blonde hair/blue eyed minions would be just what she would do, cos she would try to repilcate Spike but no-one could replace her daddy. Buffy/Spike interaction was really good and always rang true. So glad I got to read it all eventually. (real life justs gets in the way sometimes!).

Don't worry - I feel like it took me forever to WRITE the thing, since that stupid paid employment kept taking up my precious writing time, LOL.

Glad you liked it!

05/08/2012 12:10 pm
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Very satisfying ending. Or rather, as with all the best stories, a very satisfying beginning. :-)
Thanks so much! I really appreciate all the reviews!

05/08/2012 08:48 am
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I liked Nurse Caryn advice to Buffy I'm glad Buffy took something from that. Great story loved Buffy standing up for herself & happiness. Still think Willow should have to move out, but you did a great job.
Yeah, I toyed with kicking Willow out over the phone. I think Buffy would rather do something like that in person though. Glad you liked it!

05/08/2012 08:06 am
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Good she told everyone and they reacted in character but will accept it. It's so nice how close and comfortable Buffy and Spike has become.

They needed to know, and I think they would deal in this situation. Glad you liked it!

05/08/2012 07:57 am
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I really enjoyed this story, and it's a really satisfying ending.  Sometimes I do think you're a little harsh on Willow and Xander, but I always enjoy your writing, it's great Spuffy every time, the way they get to know nad trust one another.  Please write more! 

I do tend to rag on Willow and Xander, don't I. I should give it up for lent some year :-)

I am so glad you enjoyed it and liked the ending. I'll try to get to work on the next story soon!

05/08/2012 06:56 am
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Another phenomenal story from you.  Really enjoyable.  Hope to see more from you!
Thanks so much! I am so glad you liked it. Hope to start another one soon. 

05/08/2012 04:16 am
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Buffy finally grew a pair! Will wonders never cease. I loved Dawn's response, I bet the neighborhood dogs heard her! Telling Willow to go along or get out was wonderful. Tara of course is just happy that Buffy was happy. And Xander was the best. She put him in his place and hung up on him. Perfect.
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your taking the time to review my stories.

05/07/2012 08:01 am
End of the Road         

Good work on Spikes feelings about Dru, a sad feeling. And now that Spike is healed, Buffy will have to figure out what she wants. And she seems to have done just that now she have to tell Spike the good news. Later she has to tell the Scoobies but after all she has done they shouldn't be that surpriced. 

Poor Dru. She needed to go, but sorta seems unfair to dust the terminally crazy in some ways.

I think you'll like the next chapter though.

05/05/2012 06:37 am
End of the Road         
This has been a huge test of their relationship and there are so many fine home truths in this chapter, for both of them. Can't wait to see if and how they reach an agreement, as they surely must...
Thanks so much for the review! I will post the next and last chapter very soon, so you shouldn't have to wait for long. 

05/05/2012 01:28 am
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Yes! I knew it! Spike to the rescue, I am sorry that Dru's dust though, I really like her. I wonder what Buffy will do with the unbiased opinion she got? Will she listen to the advice or not? Can I just say I love that nurse. :)

I think I see some angst on the horizon. Spike is going to do something stupid isn't he? He is going to push before Buffy is ready and all hell's going to break loose.
Seems like a lot of people are secret Dru fans. Ah well, maybe her crazy self can be at peace at last.

Not too much more angst - the story is nearly complete!

05/05/2012 01:07 am
End of the Road         
Aw, poor Dru. I'll admit I have a soft spot for her. She could be so innocent dspite her evilness. Now then, time for Buffy to make a Big Decision and stick to it despite any and all objections....
Yeah, I sort of felt bad dusting her. But, it had to be done.

I think you'll be pleased with the next chapter!

05/02/2012 08:27 pm
Dru may be crazy, but she can still kick ass! Guess Spike was right to be worried.....Why didn't Dru feel that her Wiliam was near?
Rembember the amulets, good reader. They both had them. 

05/02/2012 04:55 pm
Come on, Buffy, if you can cope with rush hour traffic like that you can try to get round Dru's mojo... now!
I'd rather face Dru than Boston rush hour. At least Dru takes you out reasonably quickly...

05/02/2012 07:55 am

Good chapter, how will Drusilla react to Spikes situation.

Wait and see! Coming soon to a fan site near you!

05/02/2012 02:11 am
Shit! Can I hope that Spike comes to the rescue?
Of course you can hope! :-)

05/02/2012 02:00 am
Oh dear... Buffy should have known that Dru is no walkover. Come on Spike, time to make a supreme effort and get in there....
Dru always was surprisingly strong and vicious, despite her willowy looks. I'll try not to leave you hanging too long!

04/30/2012 08:27 am

I'm so enjoying this.

I'm so glad to hear it!

04/28/2012 10:39 pm

All right.....first things first....have you ever driven in Montreal?.....'nuff said!!::))     That being said, I feel Buffy's pain...I never liked driving in Boston either; too many one way streets!                               My problem is this.....I've been waiting anxiously for them to get to Boston and to "get" Drusilla; and her blood, but then I realized, the story would be almost over and I don't want it to be! I absolutely adore the relationship you have built up between Buffy and Spike! It's them, united against the world, relying on each other, comforting each other and confiding in each other. It's just lovely and I hate to see it end. Hopefully you have something else in store for our intrepid wanderers. I wait with bated breath!! ::))

I have never had the priviledge of driving in Montreal, so I will take your word on that.

I hope that you won't be too disappointed when it does end, but there are a few more chapters to go, so there's more Spuffy to enjoy. 

04/28/2012 02:24 pm
More amazingness! Boston my favorite city to visit, driving in, not so much, I feel Buffy's pain!  Love that she was a bit jealous, yet understanding about the whole killing Dru, she did some growing up on this road trip, huh? Love the way you portrayed Dru, I actually feel kind of sorry for what is going to happen. That being said, can't wait for the showdown!
The good lord invented the MBTA for a reason in my opinion.

Glad you like my Dru - I find her a bit of a challenge to write. Except when my kids are fighting - then I find madness to be only moments away...

04/28/2012 12:27 pm
I fully sympathise with Buffy having to drive in the city. I learned to drive in East London Docklands, with all the buses and huge container lorries and all the narrow twisty streets and lanes {shudder} Mind you, it's not much better in rural Devon where the lanes are narrow with high hedges either side and you never know whether there's going to be a combine harvester or a herd of cows around the next bend....
Sorry for the ramble... Spike is naturally torn about Dru's potential fate and now she has become closer to Spike, Buffy is sympathetic. Nice. Dru could never guess what is coming next!
I've always lived in cities, but I think a herd of cows would be more annoying. It's not like they have anywhere to be...

But even given my long time city dwelling status, I gotta say that Boston drivers are nuts. However, since I couldn't beat them, I joined them (buahaha). 

Glad you're enjoying. More story coming up soon!

04/28/2012 12:33 am
At least they found her. Now the problem is going to be getting her to help. Spike must really be desperate to let Buffy drive in Boston!
Got that right. And I speak from experience when I say that Boston drivers are about the scariest I have encountered. 

07/13/2012 05:25 pm
Exquisite chapter.  Between Tara (go Tara!) and Buffy (woo!) and Spike AND Buffy (aww!) I am a happy camper.
So glad you enjoyed?

04/25/2012 06:22 am
Oh, but to have a "friend" like Spike......a girl could dream!  Love this chapter, and I think the Willow part definetly fits this chapter, Buffy needs to get over this approval from eveyone else thing, and get admit to what she wants. 
True - Buffy totally needs to learn how to work with the Scoobies without them ruling her life. 

I want a Spike shaped friend too!

04/23/2012 03:54 am

Hee a trifecta of Willow ass kicking.  I loved it.  Hasn't Tara had just about enough of her?  Love the story.

We came, we saw, we gave Willow the boot to the head she richly deserved. Glad you like it!

04/22/2012 10:56 pm

Friends - a good start to a new chapter in their relationship. I like the way you have written Tara, if there was going to be one voice of reason it should be her, Tara could have been the balance in the scoobies if JW hadn't killed her off. The conversations have a nice ring to them, I can hear the intonation in my head of both Spike and Buffy. Loving this fic and looking forward to Drusilla's appearance.

I am so glad you are enjoying it. Dru will be arriving soon as I get these term papers graded!

04/22/2012 02:37 pm
Finally someone called Willow on her bullshit. Where does she get off decided what is best for someone else? I could understand her making decisions for others if it was a child of hers. But Buffy isn't a child and she certainly isn't Willow's child but Willow treats her like one and so does Xander. That isn't how friends behave, not real friends at least. Go Tara! I always knew she had it in her, she seems so shy and meek but she has an inner fire that she rarely unleashes. I love the Dawn stare of death. It always amazed me how they treated Spike in season 6. I mean all that summer when Buffy was dead it was perfectly fine for Spike to patrol and watch Dawn. But now that Buffy is back Spike is back to being a soulless killer worse than the gunk you scrape off your shoes? And they think Buffy should treat him that way too. He is dying, okay dislike him for all the bad he did for a 100 years. But also don't forget what he has done in the past few years. He has helped them and stayed after Buffy died and they seemed to be able to forget it happened. They would have probably been dead many times over if he had left when Buffy died.
I never quite forgave Joss for killing Tara. She had a better head on her shoulders than most of the Scoobies. But the beauty of fan fiction is that I can put words in her mouth.

I never did get the whole problem with Spike either. Ok, evil vampire, but an awfully helpful evil vampire. Besides, Buffy is the Vampire Slayer, right? I never got why they couldn't just let her be the judge of the vampires.

04/22/2012 12:23 pm

At least things seems to be better and better for Buffy and Spike.

We'll just have to see how that helps with Dru...

04/22/2012 09:30 am
Nice slapdown for interfering Willow, I hope it lasts.  I love to see Buffy getting stronger like this and Spike telling her he won't take any more crap didn't hurt.  Nice chapter.
Thanks so much! A good Willow smackdown is a good way to start the day...

04/22/2012 12:41 am
I knew Willow wouldn't be able to let it rest. Thank goodness for AssertiveTara! And the Willow situation gave Buffy the incentive to be honest with Spike about her feelings at last, and Spike rediscovers his backbone and refuses to be 'used' any more. A bit of straight talking works wonders! Can't wait for them to find Dru at last....
So glad you liked it! I wasn't sure if the scene with Willow fit here or not, but it felt right, so I left it. Whew!

07/13/2012 05:17 pm
Aw, mush. :)
Just a little :-)

04/17/2012 03:13 am

Come on Buffy mess it up!  You know you want to.  :)

I don't know... I think she can learn.

04/13/2012 04:44 pm
I love seeing them getting closer like this, in such a sweet way that is still in character for both of them.

Indiana is not boring, though. :)
I have driven from Chicago to Boston so many freaking times in my life that I could skip Indiana and Ohio entirely. However, I do have some wonderful relatives in Indiana, so I shall amend it. Indiana is interesting. I-90, however, is the most boring road in the entire state. 

04/13/2012 12:52 pm
My only disappointment?  I wish the story were done NOW!  Keep up the good work and thanks!
You're welcome! I promise, I am writing as fast as paid employment and family commitments allow!

04/12/2012 06:05 am
They are doing so well together.  I hope they can keep this up.  It was great that Spike was able to tell Buffy about his mother. 
Glad you're enjoying. The conversation possibilities with someone who has 100 years of stories is pretty fascinating to ponder. 

04/11/2012 11:52 pm

Closer said it all, beautiful moments and secrets revealed, terrific chapter -  religious convention made me think of Drusilla is she nearer than we think?

No, sorry, Drusilla's still in Boston. I just remembered a road trip where I couldn't find a hotel room due to a religious convention, and it was so totally random. I mean, I was in some place that no one would ever think to have a convention, and there was barely a hotel room to be had. Just had to turn that memory into part of the story. 

04/11/2012 03:53 pm
She's falling for him and she doesn't realize it.
All part of my plan... :-)

04/11/2012 01:41 pm
Aww... I love the growing closeness and the fact you're taking it SLOW! More please...
Glad you like it. I'm working as fast as I can, but it is serious crunch time at work, so please have patience!

04/11/2012 09:10 am
I love how they are being open and honest with each other... closer indeed.
Buffy really lacked someone she could be open and honest with a lot of the time. I enjoy imagining Spike in that role. 

04/11/2012 08:11 am

I really enjoy how they get to talk and interact.

Thank you! It's fun to write. 

04/11/2012 04:52 am
Heh loved Spike reminescing about the "good" times.  He's still a pig.  :)
Yeah, but he's a pig who is an amusing hottie, so we keep him. 

Buffy Convert
07/09/2012 01:33 pm
TextEvery time Buffy takes a bath, I think poor Spike! I reealize he has nothing to feed the B.O. germs, but still...
Yeah, but the awkwardness involved in Buffy giving Spike a bath in this stage of their relationship would probably be more than either of them could stand.

Although she could send him over here. I'd take care of him...

04/06/2012 01:23 pm
Love roadtrip stories, and this one has had me hooked from the start! Read this the other day, and it's stuck with me, so I just wanted to come back and let you know  :)
So glad you're hooked! Hope to keep the chapters coming - if only that pesky paid employment would stop interrupting!

04/04/2012 09:53 pm

Good conversation - nice for Buffy to realise how little she knew about Spike when he was William, this fits nicely into the story giving us a look at what they might have talked about if they had ever had the chance.

Glad you're enjoying it. More good discussions in the works!

04/03/2012 02:25 pm
Wow they really are getting on well, here's hoping it lasts!  I love how Buffy is learning so much about Spike's history.
They never did get a chance to talk in between punches in the show. I always wondered what they would have talked about. 

04/03/2012 02:09 pm
I love the way they're actually TALKING for once. I guess there's not much else to do in endless hours on the road. Gotta love a road trip...
Yeah. I got a soft spot for road trips...

04/03/2012 12:55 pm
Splendid chapter - please keep them coming!
Thanks so much! I hope to be able to spend a little more time on the story this week!

04/03/2012 08:13 am

The good part of a road trip, they have all this time to talk.

I hope people don't mind all the conversation! I promise there will be action, but I do like them to have a bit of time to actually get to really know each other. 

04/03/2012 04:15 am
I'm glad to see them getting along so great. Maybe she will learn about Spike and see him in a different light by time the trip is done.

I still have a bad feeling about Willow. I hope Tara is smart enough to check the results of any locator spell Willow does. Because I can see Willow messing up on purpose. She didn't want Buffy to do this to begin with.
I can tell you're just aching for a Willow smackdown, LOL. 

If it seems right, I'll put it in, just for you. But only if it fits. :-)

04/01/2012 12:38 am
Road Trip         

I think that Spike would be full of tales of all the places that he had seen so I like the idea that Buffy would listen to him tell her about it (he was good at telling Dawn stories after all). I like the way the two of them are are coming together but don't know where it will end up. Kinda want a long road trip for them to get closer but also want them to get to Drusilla to find the cure. Good writing, ready for more when you have the time!

I have been traveling and dealing with a family emergency, but now that I am back home and things have calmed down, I finally have time to get back to the story. Expect another chapter shortly, and thanks again for the reviews. 

03/25/2012 04:16 pm
Road Trip         
I love how Buffy is really looking after Spike and defying the wrath of Scooby.  Nicely done.
And I love how I finally have internet access after a week of visiting my technology challenged father, so I can say thank you!

03/23/2012 01:39 pm
Road Trip         
A road trip always brings people closer and it looks as if they're developing the warm trusting relationship they bypassed before. Perfect!
Thanks so much!

03/23/2012 11:56 am
Road Trip         
Why do I have a bad feeling about Willow? There is this little voice in my head that says she is going to do something to mess this up for them. Maybe purposely mess up a locator spell? Or do something else, just because she doesn't like this idea?

Buffy and Spike actually spent hours together having a nice conversation! They were actually getting along! Yay!
I still don't know what Willow's going to do (which, as the author, I suppose I should know, but whatever."

I like writing conversation between Buffy and Spike, so look for more of that!

03/23/2012 08:09 am
Road Trip         

Such nice interaction.

Thanks so much!

07/20/2014 05:52 pm
Location, Location         
Xander so needed that talking to!  Thanks for giving Buffy a backbone 

07/13/2012 04:55 pm
Location, Location         
Woo-hoo!  Grownup Buffy FTW!  Xander can be an ass, but at least he does, genuinely, care.  I especially like that he recognizes not having seen angry, determined Buffy in a long time - it's an indirect acknowledgement of just how messed up she was.
Xander was my least favorite regular character. I have to remind myself not to bash him to the point of unbelievabiliy.

07/08/2012 09:12 pm
Location, Location         
TextI've greatly enjoyed this story, I have cataracts and some other boring problems so It's really great to have the larger print. I haven't reviewed the story chapter by chapter because I just wanted to read the next chapter.I kinda feel bad that Willow's such a bitch, but I suppose if everyone was nice, there wouldn't be a talt to tell.
This is true - no conflict, no story.

I don't have the cataracts problem, but I do wear reading glasses over contacts, so I too appreciate large print!

04/13/2012 04:17 pm
Location, Location         
Good for her, telling off Xander.  And, believe it or not, good for Xander, who can be a bit thick but *does* have enough heart to recognize that he would do the same for Anya.
Glad you liked it. Xander really got o n my nerves during season 6.I so wanted him to redeem himself at some point. Not quite sure why it took him so long to manage it. 

03/24/2012 01:23 pm
Location, Location         
Buffy did so well standing up to Xander, her determination is a treat to see.
Glad you like it! Xander has 'Needs a Smackin' sort of permanently tattooed on his forehead, doesn't he?

03/22/2012 06:53 am
Location, Location         
i'm impressed. please keep going!
I am working on it! Hope to have something new up by the end of the week, paid employment permitting.

03/19/2012 09:37 pm
Location, Location         

Looking forward to the next chapter with Buffy driving Spike cross country, let's hope her night driving is better that her day driving!

We shall see!

I'm really looking forward to writing about the road trip. A road trip is how I met my sweetheart. Maybe it will work for our heroes too...

03/15/2012 03:32 am
Location, Location         

I love this Buffy.  She is strong and speaks her mind.  Your character death warning worries me.  This is a great story. 

I am so glad you love this Buffy. Hope it's still true to the character!

03/13/2012 12:11 pm
Location, Location         
Wonderfully real reactions from everybody. I absolutely love that Buffy is standing up for herself and Spike.
Thank you so much!

03/13/2012 11:13 am
Location, Location         
Why is it that her two best friends give her such a hard time about her life but their significant others are okay with letting her make her own choices? Xander is way to concerned about what goes on in Buffy's pants.  And Willow is a pouting child, when they ask her to do a spell she balks but she is okay with doing a spell against her friends without their consent. As much as I would like to see Buffy, Spike and Dawn go on the trip together I have to agree with Buffy. Besides the whole missing school Dawn would be in a lot of danger from Dru so it wouldn't be safe to bring her. But I think she should stay with Tara. Tara can keep her safe and make sure she goes to school. You know Willow will do something stupid without Buffy in the house and she would put Dawn in more danger than Dru would. Tara at least cares more about Dawn than magic unlike Willow.
Yeah, Dawn needs to stay home. I'm hoping to explore what happens when Spike and Buffy are stuck together in close quarters and neither fighting nor sex is going on. 

03/13/2012 08:07 am
Location, Location         

Time for a roadtrip, nice. This could be a turning point for Xander, he should be able to think about this in a right way, but it could also go badly.

I don't think I'm going to waste a lot of time on Xander. I'm interested in what Buffy and Spike talk about all the way to Boston...

07/13/2012 04:44 pm
Ahh, nothing like an explosive release of tension.  Okay, that sounded dirty, but the concept still applies.  Buffy *needed* to get all that out in the open.  Good for her, and good for you for making it believable enough that I got teary-eyed.
Thanks ever so! There were so many points in the show where I wanted to scream "Tell them what you feel already!!!" I try to get those things to happen in my stories.

04/13/2012 04:03 pm
Wow, this was loooong overdue.  I'm so glad to see Buffy letting it out, though.  She'll be healthier for it and it looks like Willow at least will get a clue and be the friend that she needs to be.
Well, the clue train always comes slowly for Willow. But there is hope...

03/13/2012 01:49 am
Good Heavens Gwendolyn!  Great chapter.

Buffy was seriously considering seeing if his head would fit in the fryolator  -  Yes - please dunk his head in boiling grease!  The fans need this!

I know how Buffy feels. I used to sling burgers to put myself through college. There were a few coworkers I could have cheerfully deepfried. 

03/08/2012 11:48 pm

Nice insights to where everyone is at this point. I especially liked Buffy getting it all out, Giles and Willow needed some home truths and it was touching how Spike felt about Buffy's admission. Reading your fics is so therapeutic after a work day, thanks.

I am so glad to help out with a long work day.

My own long work days have prevented me from posting as fast as I would like, but I am plugging away at the next chapter during every free moment!

03/08/2012 06:16 pm
YES! Finally she told two of them off! All that's left is Xander and maybe yelling at Angel one more time! Maybe now finally Willow will get it. She just does whatever the hell she wants. Now she might think before she pulls anymore crap on Buffy.
So glad you liked it! And yeah, you know me so well, but a little Xander yelling is definitely in order. 

03/07/2012 07:19 am

Loved Buffy's outburst. Looking forward to Spike's reaction.

I am doing the polish work on Spike's reaction as we speak, er, type. 

03/06/2012 09:59 pm

YAY!  Go Buffy!!!

So glad you liked it!

03/06/2012 09:07 pm
Wow, it needed to be said, or um, screamed, at some point.  Feeling very cut up for Willow and Buffy.
They'll both survive in the end. I think...

03/06/2012 12:51 pm
Typical 'intervention' from Xander & Willow and believeable reaction from Giles. Thank goodness Buffy finally got so pissed off she was honest with Willow. I wonder if Spike still has something of Dru's that could be used for a locator spell? Looking forward to Spike's reaction to Buffy's rant, and whatever plan they come up with...
I will make sure Spike's reaction and the plan get committed to the computer ASAP!

03/06/2012 12:10 pm

Good work on Willows thoughts. Willow means well, but she wants everyone to be happy with everything and that's not possible. But it seems like she could be able to change her ways. Giles is acting like expected, he had to suffer because of Angelus and Drusilla, so of course he has a lot of personal issues about this.  

Willow does mean well, but absolute power does that whole corrupting thing, doesn't it?

Thanks for the review. Glad it's working so far!

03/06/2012 10:15 am
Go Buffy!  I'm glad she's straightened Giles out ,  bIut  doubt Wilow will ever understand that she's not the fount of all knowledge when it comes to how Buffy should live.  She's really good at sponging off her though.
Glad you liked it. I was unsure about the interaction with Giles at first!

03/06/2012 09:30 am
I think Giles and the others tends ignore that Buffy is still a girl with alot on her shoulders. She want to go to college and have life, but besides her duty as been a slayer having to take care of Dawn and herself is just as important what they want to neglect what she has to do and just be a slayer. How about the council do their duty and pay Buffy like they pay Watchers. Willow needs to get a job to help out if wants to continue to live in Buffy's house. And Xander nobody feels sorry for you, because when it c comes to Buffy relationships he get vocal so why couldn't you just tell Anya how he felt. Liked the way this chapter ended can wait for more!
I think I like watching season 6 so much, especially when I'm stressed, because I can say to myself, "Life may suck, but at least it doesn't suck as bad as this chick's does." LOL. 

Glad you are enjoying it. I will get straight to work on the next chapter. 

03/06/2012 04:41 am
I am enjoying this plotline a lot. I especially loved the yelling of willow and the complete snark of giles. I know the reasons why they had to write a story line of giles leaving but the reasons were totally screwed. I don't know anyone who would have left a person they professed to love in the condition that Buffy was in. I like authors who do not excuse the leaving. So hurry up and update soon.
I am so glad you are enjoying it. Giles leaving irritated me during the show, and when he came back in Season 7 it was even more annoying. Is she the chosen one, or not? And if she is, as you claim, Mr. Watcher, then for God's sake get off her back already!

I will type as fast as my fingers and regular paid employment allow!

03/01/2012 03:55 pm
Constants and Variables         
Wow, Angel is so helpful, hope it bounces back on him big time.  I do like how Buffy is sticking up for herself at last.
Glad you like it Lou! I'm working hard on the next chapter, so hopefully it will be done soon. 

02/29/2012 11:33 pm
Constants and Variables         

good chapter, great writing - Willow's behaviour is in character and I always like it when Tara's character is trying to help, the voice of reason. Spike's reaction to the phone call between Buffy and Angel was just right, and the connection between Buffy and Spike when he drinks her blood is warming to the heart. I like the way this story is going, so thanks again and more soon? please?

Thanks so much Mazza! I'm glad you find everything to be in character. I am working as fast as children and paid employment allow!

02/29/2012 02:23 pm
Constants and Variables         
I have a bad feeling about Willow. She is going to do something and it wont end well. Oh she'll say she was doing it for Buffy's own good. But we know how well that turns out. Because as we all know Buffy is obviously too stupid to think for herself and Willow has to think for her.

Calling Angel was useless as far as getting help. If anything he will just try to mess things up. Because if Buffy is relying on a vamp that isn't him it has to be dangerous. Angel can't and won't see change in anyone but himself. He refuses to acknowledge it because that just means that he has to face up to the fact that he had to be cursed and shown a innocent little girl to change his ways and Spike did it with no help or encouragement at all. Which makes Spike the better man (vamp) and we can't have that.
Not sure how bad Willow is going to be this time around. But I'm not sure how helpful she's going to be either. 

Angel never could get his brain around the simple fact that Spike was not him. I think until Spike kicked his but in Destiny, he always had this major superiority complex. But don't worry, he won't play a huge role in this story. 

02/29/2012 01:27 pm
Constants and Variables         
Something told me Angel wouldn't be willig to help, although I'd forgotten that he would be in the middle of the Connor/Wes/Holtz drama. Time for a brilliant idea, because Buffy can't continue to feed Spike on her blood every day, she is wilting away....
I wouldn't say she's wilting, but this is clearly not a long term solution. Brilliant ideas being written as fast as possible!

02/29/2012 08:10 am
Constants and Variables         

Buffy has a lot to figure out. Angel was of course not willing to help, but to be fair, after Wesley took his son he should have trouble with trusting people.

It was a bad time for Angel. Not sure if he would have been any more helpful without the whole Connor debacle, but Buffy really had no way to know unless she tried. 

She'll have to find another source of information!

02/27/2012 08:14 am

The Buffy/Spike interaction is good and it's nice that she realize how much Anya is hurting. Now they know what they need, but how to get it? And will he have to drink the blood or will it be like when Spike used Angel to heal Dru?

Glad you like the interactions.

As for how to get what we need, well, we don't want to spoil the tale...

02/26/2012 09:24 pm

So now all we need is Drusilla, and how to find her. Nice lead up to the solution, the girls working together even if Willow is being kinda difficult. Thoughts of "naked Spike" almost stopped me reading - easily distracted just like Buffy! Good read.

LOL - sorry to distract you with thoughts of naked Spike.
Thanks for the review. That tricky little problem of how to find Drusilla is going to be fun to write about...

02/24/2012 10:18 pm
I knew this was coming, but it still had huge impact! I can't wait to see how Buffy manages this one.   Also, poor Anya.  She does get the short end this season in canon.  Loved it, can't wait to see where it goes.
Thanks so much for the review! I'm working on the next chapter as fast as I can!

02/24/2012 01:43 pm
So some research has actually come good! Yay! Willow might be being a bit sceptical, but at least she's helping. Now to figure out how to find Drusilla. Just as long as this doesn't involve Angel getting pulled in to the proceedings... that would not be Pretty...
We shall have to see. How does one find a single vampire in the whole world?

02/24/2012 01:52 am
Wow Willow is being kind of cold isn't she. I mean not an ounce of sympathy for Anya or Spike. Xander's hurting? He caused the hurt, how about the woman he left at the altar? And Spike I mean she patrolled with him all summer. Not an smidge of sympathy for a guy wasting away. I don't think finding Dru is going to be easy. And she probably wont want to help. Spike did tell her to get lost the year before.
Finding Dru will be the challenge.

Willow's not completely unsympathetic, but it always seemed like her loyalty to Xander was her fallback position. She spent a lot of season 6 very caught up in her own problems, which distracted her from her usual good nature. It made her more annoying, but more interesting as well. I always like a good flawed character.

02/20/2012 08:24 am

I forget to say that it will be interesting to see how they will make Dru donate some blood when they know they need it?

That will be the hard part - getting to Dru.

02/20/2012 08:21 am

It's good that Buffy seems to understand how Spike thinks about this. Willow seems nicer in this story, but then Spike is in a bad shape and that makes it harder to be mean about it. Even Xander was a little bit nicer.

Yes, but wait until everyone figures out what needs to be done to help him...

02/19/2012 03:40 pm
Nice to see Xander and Willow being their usual caring selves and lecturing Buffy on what she should do in her own house.  I think it's going to take more than slayer blood to fix poor Spike.
This is true! Glad to have you along for another story!

02/18/2012 09:51 pm

memories of sculpted muscles - mmmm, but then the true picture of how Spike looks now hits Buffy, and she still can't admit why she is helping him. You have Xander behaving as we would expect him too, ( I always felt he got off too easy for leaving Anya at the altar) but at least Willow is willing to help. Good dialogue, description and depth - more soon please. 

Thank you so much! I am working hard on the next chapter.

Xander. Ah, Xander. I really wonder if I am capable of writing a whole story without ragging on him just a little.

No, I don't think I am. I always found him incredibly annoying. I kept rooting for all the demons he seemed to attract.

02/18/2012 05:10 pm
Wanna bet Xander calls Giles or Angel. I loved the line where Buffy tells Willow that it's her house and she can have who she wants in it. Hell I would have kicked her out and had Tara stay after she broke Dawn's arm.  Poor Spike, he is really sick and I really don't think he wants to hang around for anyone other than Dawn. She at least is helping him because she cares. Buffy cares she just can't and won't admit it.
It's going to take a while for Buffy to come around. But then, that's part of the story...

02/18/2012 12:10 pm
Good for Buffy for standing up to Willow & Xander.
It was necessary. And it seemed true to the way she was by that point in season 6 - really coming out the other side to a large extent and starting to get her strength back. 

02/17/2012 11:11 pm

Excellent - I like the way you've worked in Dawn and that she isn't a brat 24/7.  Also that Buffy let Dawn and Willow know about Spike without the predictable explosion.  Sort of sad that Buffy decided she ought to stake Spike before she decided to help him though  :)

Well he did beg her to end his suffering, and he was pretty horrible looking.

But our Buffy pulled through in the end. 

02/16/2012 08:31 pm

I loved that Spike could still snark at Buffy before asking her to kill or cure him. The fact that she got the stake out to dust him and then realised she couldn't was beautifully written, my eyes watered. I am actually quite pleased that you have given a positive angle, I think the Dawn and Spike relationship (sister and brother) needs airtime! Curious now as to which scoobies will help Buffy.

Thank you so much Mazza.

Hopefully the next chapter will be up soon (once I get these pesky job related things out of the way). I remember being struck by how much Dawn really missed Spike, at least before everything went south in Seeing Red. Dawn definitely needed a friend.

As for the Scoobies, we shall see!

02/14/2012 04:29 pm

A very good Dawn in this cha pter.

Thank you kindly!

02/14/2012 01:08 pm
Thank goodness for Dawn. Now hopefully Buffy will gear up the research and actually try to do something positive for Spike.
I think some research is definitely in order. She won't desert him. 

02/14/2012 06:05 am
This is totally gutwrenching.  Poor Spike.  Thank goodness Dawn has been there for him.
Glad I've hooked you! 

02/14/2012 02:28 am
You made me cry! You just have to love Dawn (maybe it's just me) she hardly ever pulls her punches. Spike needed a friend and it was great to see Spike yell at her for putting herself in danger. That's his Bit and he wouldn't want anything to happen to her because of him.

Spike begging to be staked was heartbreaking. And Buffy what is wrong with her? To even have the thought much less ask him if he was doing this to get her back? Seriously? She really thinks she is all that and a side of bacon. Ego much?

I can't wait for more!
You do gotta remember, Spike's done some nutty things in the past to get Buffy's attention, so I could sort of see her being skeptical at first. But Buffy is a good person at heart, and she won't let him down. 

02/17/2012 10:58 pm
My brother's keeper         

Terrific story B Meets - I would have like to hear Buffy explain (and lie) to Dawn about what's been going on with Spike.  :)

It won't be lying so much as... omitting the full truth. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement!

02/13/2012 01:07 pm
My brother's keeper         
Is Buffy missing Spike just a little? I can understand Spike not wanting to go crawling to Buffy for help. They weren't very nice the first time. And since she broke it off with him I can't see him thinking she would help him.
She is a bit, but both of their pictures are next to stubborn in the dictionary...

02/13/2012 05:11 am
My brother's keeper         
Well, I didn't have to wait long for a new story, thank goodness!  And I like this one immensely so far.  Spike is so stubborn!  This looks to have some angst.
Glad you like it so far.

I should probably check that I put in the angst warning. I like angst so much that it never occurs to me to warn anyone about it. 

02/12/2012 06:37 pm
My brother's keeper         
Okay, where is the "LIKE" button ;-)  Keep it coming, please!
Will do! Glad you like so far!

02/12/2012 06:23 pm
My brother's keeper         

What a happy day, you promised another story soon and you followed up. Terrific start, I kinda like it when Spike is in peril cos it keeps us guessing what he will do. Nice to see Buffy wondering how she would feel if she didn't see him again. I bow down to your talent, honest, my head is nodding at the screen!

Rise, my faithful reviewer! 

Thanks so much for the encouragement. It really spurs me on.

02/12/2012 03:30 am
My brother's keeper         
Nice start!  I'm intrigued already, and would really like to see how this is going to play out. 
Thank you ! I am working on it as fast as I can! I have it mapped out - just need to get the thoughts onto the computer.

02/11/2012 05:18 pm
My brother's keeper         
OK, you've got me hooked...
All part of my diabolical plan... :-)

02/11/2012 12:17 pm
My brother's keeper         
Oh dear me, what trouble is he in for. This is well written and I am eager for more.
Thank you so much! I figure most of my stories I'm beating Buffy to a pulp, so it was finally Spike's turn to suffer a bit. 

02/11/2012 04:14 am
My brother's keeper         
Ooooh, a very compelling opening. I look forward to seeing where this goes!
Glad I've got you hooked! I'll hopefully have more up shortly.