Dear Diary by ginar369

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 02:19 pm
Chapter 4         
When I saw that there was a second chapter I was so glad! I loved this! I've really enjoyed both stories in this series, but one thing bugs me. I don't think Spike would ever trust Giles with the gem. Maybe if he didn't completely trust himself, he would've given it to Joyce. 
No he didn't. But it was a show of good faith. If Spike can get Giles to trust him then half the battle is won in getting the rest of the gang to trust him.

03/07/2014 03:09 pm
Chapter 4         

Very good!   Love the diary idea, and really like Dawn.    Nice touch having Angel actually do something for Buffy rather than just a cryptic warning for a change!   Good job!



09/08/2013 03:26 pm
Chapter 4         
This is a great condensation of events from the eyes of an adolescent!  Also love lthe changes you made. 
Thanks! When Dawn was introduced to the show we were all told that everyone's memories and events had been altered to include Dawn. But some of the scenes were a bit hard to imagine with Dawn there so I tried to fit her into those events. Doing it from her point of view gave me some leeway in fitting her in. I'm glad you liked it!

02/24/2013 05:27 am
Chapter 4         

Love your ending - I loved everything; a very spiffy spuffy series.

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

06/06/2012 03:34 am
Chapter 4         
Unfortunately, I have always hated dawn and feel the greatest mistake Joss made was to NOT have her killed off in S 5.  But, keep writing, to each their own.
I always loved Dawn. Sorry you don't like her. But thank you for reading and reviewing.

05/20/2012 03:49 am
Chapter 4         
Really liked this...  Dawn's voice felt really authentic.  I enjoyed the little kicker at the end...  Angel not horrendous and actually good for something! 


So glad you liked it! I always had a soft spot for Dawn so she got a starring role.

02/24/2013 05:21 am
Chapter 3         

I really like this second story - your Dawn text if so good and I love how you take us through the series and from all the great fun stuff from the beginning to the Joyce being ill. 

Thanks! I just love Dawnie and had to show her thoughts on everything that happened.

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 01:19 pm
Chapter 1         
Oh, this is great! I can hear Dawn's voice with every word! I like that she is so...I want to say 'real', but I don't mean the others aren't realistic. I guess it's because she seems more sensible than the others. Maybe because she wasn't taught to hate vampires. Racial, or in this case, species, I guess, hatred has to be taught.
I would think the way that Buffy tried to shield Joyce would have applied to Dawn too. With Buffy keeping Dawn in the dark like that Dawn didn't have any preconceived notions. And yes hatred has to be taught no matter where or towards whom it is directed.

02/23/2012 04:40 am
Chapter 1         
I can totally picture Dawn sitting on her bed writing in her diary. 
You have her character pretty spot on.  Well done.
Laying on her stomach feet dangling off the end of the bed writing away about all the tibits she managed to hear. Thanks for reading!