From the Personal Journal of Rupert Giles Volume 1 by ginar369

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 05:17 pm
Entry 7         
I would hope, if your Muse agrees, that you will some day elaborate on various points you covered here. It would be fun to hear some quips Dawn makes as her dateforces her to stake him.                                   When referring to the manager of a school. the spelling is P R I N C I P A L. A good way to remember it is, "The principal is our pal. You may have been mislead by auto=correct. I once read a story where the protagenist "whithered" under her lover's minstrations, when in fact she was writhing!

Or, at least, I hope so!
I have every intention in coming back to this series. I even have an outline for it! When inspiration strikes I will add more.  Thank you for reading and all your reviews.

03/07/2014 04:04 pm
Entry 7         

Excellent!    Would love to see futher journal volumes.    Looks like a happy ending for all concerned; but with the exception of Robin Wood.     Nice mixing of the Angel series events with Sunnydale happenings, especially how Wesley handled the Angel/Conner situation.    Much better than the series!

I hope you continue to write these kind of stories.    Although the series ended 10 years ago, I did not start watching it until I saw it in reruns on cable.    Now I'm sorry that I passed it off as "junk" the first time around!     I really fell in love with most of the characters, with very few exceptions (Angel, mostly), and wished there could have been some way of bringing them back.   Reading stories like yours fills that gap for me.    Thank you for sharing your abilities with all of us.

P.S.  You also get extra points for punctuation and proper grammatic usage.   (I've been told that I'm a frustrated English Teacher by many of my friends!)    Good work & thanks again.

Thank you so much! I do have more planned for this but other stories took over! I will be coming back to it though! You can thank my beta Leon Stryfe for punctuation and grammar!

03/08/2013 05:25 pm
Entry 7         

Excellent continuation of the "letters" series.  I like how you used Robin Wood and how you developed the relationship between Joyce and Giles. 

Thanks! I tried to use as many points in canon as I could. The only two unattached adults in the group and they never got together? Unless magical band candy was involved! I just had to do it.

05/20/2012 04:29 am
Entry 7         
Very curious to see if you continue this into season 7 and Angel season 5.


I'm cooking up an outline for it as we speak! I have another story almost done that I want to post first. But Volume 2 will be coming soon. Thanks for reading! I'm so glad you want to read more.

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 04:59 pm
Entry 6         
TextOh, dear! I hope Buffy doesn't have to make a permanent solution to the problem!
I don't think she would have much of a problem with it if it comes down to it!

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 04:51 pm
Entry 5         
TextGood. Although I really, really, really love Spike, I don't hate Angel. I'm glad he did something worthwhile. Also, it was completely in character for Cordelia to let the cat out of the bag about the choice Angel made. She has a big mouth;I admire her (sometimes).
I like Angel. As long he stays far away from people. Every single person he has had any sort of contact with suffers for the encounter. They die, get their bodies consumed by Gods, die... You get the picture.

03/17/2012 06:07 pm
Entry 3         
One point: "Every one, myself included, differed to Jonathon" I think you probably mean they 'deferred' to Jonathon.

I like the slightly impersonal watchery style. Very Giles.
Sorry must have missed that one! Thanks for the review.

03/08/2013 04:37 pm
Entry 2         

I'm glad that you bring in how resourceful and intelligent Spike is - I always hated the transition to the "dumbed down" treatment that the series used as a means of trying to make him more acceptable to interact with Buffy's inner circle. 

Yeah by season 4 they portrayed him as a bumbling fool. How someone who had a rep for killing slayers became comic relief always baffled me.

Buffy Convert
03/25/2014 02:50 pm
Entry 1         
I character! Giles manages to make the most exciting and terrible events rather amazed at yourability to write in a structure so true to the individual 
Between being English and being a Watcher Giles could make an action flick seem dry.

03/08/2013 04:23 pm
Entry 1         

Great start and Giles - I love this series; the letters format is such a wonderful way to write about these characters, especially for shorter works.   Wish more writers would create works in this format. 

Thanks! In a way it was easier, less dialog to handle. I'm so glad you liked it!