The Morning After... by slaymesoftly

03/28/2012 01:31 am
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Awww, that was so sweet!
I'm glad you liked it. :)

03/22/2012 11:56 pm
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More I say..!! I demand it at once! It is cruel & unusual beyond all meassure to leave your faithful readers with such a one-shot! (~proceedes to chant insanely!!~) " The Power of Your Fans Compels you..!"

I've said it before - I say it again. You above all others, are the Master of Spuffy. Now hit us with a follow-up!
(~discreetly offers bribe!~)

LOL -  I wrote another one today, but it's not quite as fluffy. And it's not posted anywhere yet.

03/22/2012 12:37 pm
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Went to read the Gryfndor_godess story afterwards so I could get the context since all I know of the comics is what I read here. (By the way, the link in your summary doesn't work, but it would if you removed the #cutid1 from the end)

It seemed a reflection of the wedding that wasn't when Spike tried to make Buffy jealous - and of course they always manage to give each other the wrong impression. Lovely! Hope they can now begin to COMMUNICATE!
Huh, I just copied it from my LJ post. Maybe you don't have to put that part of the url if you aren't linking to it from LJ) Thanks for telling me.

03/22/2012 08:32 am
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Super cute.  Some day they'll figure out how to play a normal couple.  Well, as normal as they can be.  Thanks for sharing.  :)
Ah, normal is over-rated. :) Thanks for reading.

03/22/2012 02:21 am
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This was an awkward set of emotions to get through.  So many strange barriers they've both erected. 
They are their own worst enemies sometimes. :)