A Very Strange Vampire by slaymesoftly

07/12/2016 11:56 pm
“You found me out, pet. It’s all part of being evil. Keep the Slayer away from the Hellmouth by shagging her silly several times a day.” Heeeeeeee

“I love you, Buffy. I know you don’t love me. Wouldn’t expect you to, truth be told. I’m a monster. One of the things you slay every day. I can’t forget that... and neither should you. Every minute of closeness you let me have is a gift. And if I ever forget to treat it as such, feel free to stake me on the spot.” Awwwww

Fun story :D

Probably more than a bit unlikely, but it was fun to write.

10/07/2013 07:53 pm
That was really good. I hope there's a sequel
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. No plans for a sequel at this time, though. :)

09/11/2012 02:57 am
Love this story just about as much as almost every one you wrote.  The only problem with it is that it leaves me without anything left to read. Please write something new soon 
LOL Seriously? Every one? You do know I've got like 90 + stories on here, right? There's a new one - it's up to Chapter Six so far.  Have you seen it? "So You Think You Can Dance?"  There are probably more stories on my website, because not everything I write is Spuffy, but if you only want Spuffy, they are all on here.

Thanks for reading and commenting so nicely!

08/10/2012 07:47 pm

What a wonderful story. Can't believe I hadn't read it before. Just the right amount of everything, like a perfect recipe. Thank you for a fantastic read!

Thank you for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

06/20/2012 06:17 am
very glad  i came back to visit. fine tale, thank you.
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked it. :)

06/08/2012 01:06 am

Brilliant! Loved it.

Thank you. I'm glad you did. :)

05/20/2012 02:59 am
very sweet...  love your spike.  your spike voice is always so very good.

Thank you. :) I'm glad you liked him.

sister cuervo
05/12/2012 02:27 am
Adorablely cute ending--they are the perfect Benedick and Beatrice, fighting and loving to the end.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them/it. :)

05/09/2012 03:16 pm

A great end to a fantastic story. Well done.

I've just looked through the list of Buffy fics i've read in the last 8 months and it seems that i've read 8 more
of your fics.

Anyway. Great job on this story.


Thank you. :)

05/08/2012 09:06 am
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! More..! Must have More...! (& a sequel! A Trilogy, even..!)

Ah, Spuffy luvin' -  As can only  be delivered by The Master of Spuffy!

Tragically, our beloved Slayer continues to swim in De-Nile; You'd think, given that the dreaded "Morning After" was neither an angst-fest (bar her usual shenanigans)  or that Spike was actually still there & wasn't ripping her to bits (literally or otherwise) would convince her! (~Smacks Buffy w/a Ball Peen hammer!~)  Well..? at least she isn't punching him out afterwards...

Thanks again for sharing your splendid works!


PS: If this is the end, then We, Your Fans demand a sequel! (~begins to chant insanely once more...~)
...okay, maybe begging will work. (~discreetly offers ridiculous bribe!~)
LOL  Thanks for reading and keep us all entertained with your reviews. :)

05/08/2012 12:51 am
Buffy is stil holding back. She's still having trouble getting past what happened with Angelus and can't seem to take in how different Spike is. She's getting there though...

Um... I thought I was in for a treat with 2 new chapters but you appear to have uploaded the same chapter twice... :-/
Oops! And now I've deleted a review. *sigh* I have no idea how or why that happened. It's all part of the plan computers have to make me insane lately.

05/08/2012 12:38 am
I envy her! All day shagging sessions with Spike. Bring it on.

She doesn't get it. He really isn't like Angel. Or Angel isn't like most vamps. Either way Angel was the one with the problem not Spike.
Yep. it's gonna be a very nice stay....

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

07/12/2016 11:49 pm
“Just so you know, she punched Giles unconscious after I killed Kralik. I thought she was going to kill him.” Headcanon accepted so damn hard! Also, Spike digging himself a progressively larger hole = hilarious. Awwww cuteness in the hotel room, I approve!

05/07/2012 03:08 pm

Awwwwww :3
A cute chapter.

Wow. Onw more to go, huh?
What are you going to do when this story is finished?

Glad you liked it.

I start posting my Seasonal Spuffy story on Friday, so at some point I'll post it here too. But probably not right away. I forget what the rules are about that.

05/07/2012 12:18 pm
Aw, sweet. Love Spike when he's being all gentlemanly.
Doesn't fit his chosen image, but at heart he's still William. :)

05/07/2012 01:51 am
Did she not pay attention when he was with Dru? I mean he did everything for her, he was kind and caring and down right courtly with Dru. How could she expect anything less?!
Well, she knows how much he loved Dru, but I doubt she's had many opportunities to see how he actually treated her. 

05/07/2012 01:06 am
Buffy narrowed her eyes at Giles. “If you think I’m too ugly to get a boyfriend unless he wants something from me, Giles, just say so.”

Hahaha -- loved  that line.  A break in Las Vegas will suit them just fine.
LOL Well, he has sort of implied that, hasn't he? I think they will enjoy their time in Vegas....

05/06/2012 11:56 pm

A happy Buffy makes us happy. Well...a happy Buffy, thats happy because of Spike, makes us happy.
So......yay ^_^
Great job

Happy readers make me happy. :)

05/06/2012 01:57 pm
Love it!
Thank you. :)

05/06/2012 08:47 am
And another near-miss!! Arrgghh! What's it gonna take..?! Oh, wait..! I know what it's gonna take - (~ begins to chant manically at Buffy & Spike!~) "The Master of Spuffy COMPELS You..!"  (Er..? Uhmm..? OK..! So..? Go on! Get to Compelling! ~doles out yet another bribe!~) 

Oh, how you wound your devoted fans, oh Master of Spuffy..! The Tension..! The Drama..!  (The utter & apalling lack of Lemons... ) But what's this..? Back to Vegas, eh? YES! If Sin City's charms cannot grant us Spuffy Luvin' then nothing can!

I do wonder - will the Slayerettes end up pulling one of their notorious "Interventions?" If so, put me down for either Xander-Bashing,(or failing that, have The Big Bad put the Gelled Ninny in a hurt locker!)

I have mentioned your wicked, wicked talent at cliff-hangers; It seems you've hit us w/one again! Bravo!

Rabidly (no worries, I got my shots...) your next installment...

I don't think the Scoobies are going to know about this until it's too late for an Intervention.  There will be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, but we won't have to watch it. :)

05/06/2012 04:28 am
OMG!!  This just keeps "getting better all the time."
Thanks. :)

05/06/2012 03:09 am
I have a feeling Giles will be finishing that bottle before the day is out. Harmony in LA a year earlier!  That should really drive them around the bend.
*nods* yep. He may even have to go out for another one. :)

05/05/2012 11:29 pm

Yep. Interrupting Spike's 'Happy Slayer Fun Time'. That's a smart thing to do.

Loved it. Great chapter. Some hot stuff too.

Its nice reading fics where Buffy hasn't been screwed around enough that she
runs from Spike.

Can't wait for more.

*nods* I think if he can catch her early enough, she wouldn't be so hard to reach. 

05/05/2012 07:18 am
“You mean kissing... without getting into a fight first?” She frowned. “Can we do that?”
What a great line, love it and this action-packed chapter too.  This rocks.
Thank you!

05/05/2012 02:51 am
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!! More! We MUST have more..! (~prepares outrageous bribe!~)

It is surprising, that Adam was taken down that easily - Or was it..? (If there was one this I ~LOATHED~ about the Initiative Arc, it was how they took Spike, arguably Buffy's deadliest enemy and made him a joke. {~Marches of to RE-crucify Joss!~} The Slayer of Slayers, youngest Master Vampire in council history, & they made him a walking gag-reel! Boo, I say..! BOO!!) Spike is, technically Master Aurellius. Such a vamp can never be a joke! Of course he turned the tide!

And finally! The Inevitable has begun!! (Or will, once the "interuptions" are dealt with! YES!) Once again, you show us all why you're The Master of Spuffy!!

Cannot wait to see what happens next!

More tonight. Only three chapters to go now. :)

05/05/2012 02:03 am
Okay even Buffy has to see that he has feelings for her. I mean he just took a crap load of bullets for her! Gem or not that was pretty amazing. Of course Spike copped a feel, he wouldn't be Spike if he didn't. She didn't seem to upset by it either.

Maybe she might learn something, like Angelus is the one with no self control unless he is tightly leashed! I mean seriously if all vampires were mindless killers who only pretented to have their human qualities, how in the world do you explain Harmony? I mean she thought about unicorns and going to Paris more than killing!

Spike kisses probably can melt your brain.
I'm pretty sure Spike kisses can melt the brain.  I'd love to find out!

Thanks for reading!

05/05/2012 12:27 am
Thank you!

06/08/2012 12:40 am
TextLove the growing relationship between Buffy and Spike. Love the trip to Vegas. Love the UST.
Yay UST! My fav thing. :)

05/04/2012 09:03 pm

This chapter was fantastic. Each one is better than the last. I can't wait for the next to see what
happens and where their relationship will go.
keep up the great work.


Thank you. I hope you enjoy the next one. It just went up. :)

05/04/2012 12:57 pm
Oaf - good word for Riley :-) Now it's off to do battle......
Battle coming up!

05/04/2012 09:15 am
Ahh, the dreaded "Slow Simmer" aproach - What a wicked WICKED method to use upon us poor, unsuspecting readers..! Yes, The Big Bad is (though FAR too slowly methinks..!) working his way into the Unfortunate Buffy's graces, but..? AH Hell, "We Want Lemons! We want PWP (or PW/OP! that'll work as well..!) & We DEMAND (Or rather I Beg, this of thee oh Master of Spuffy!)  now!"

You do have an amazing gift for tantalizing  your audience; Your "Romance on a slow burn" is truly something! (Frustraiting, most of all! C'mon! Buffy ~can't~ be that thick... Can she? Err..? Don't answer that...) What's it gonna take for our resident Slayer to wake up & smell the blood?

A slpendid addition to your wonderous collection of Spuffy greatness, this is sure to be..! Now get us to the Spuffy Luvin'!! (~Discreetly offers ridiculous bribe!~) or failing that, a heaping dose of either Riley-Bashing, or multiple agonies inflicted upon The Gelled Ninny (aka Angel the Pedo-freak.)!

LOL - just keeping it real... They'll get there... eventually. :)

05/04/2012 08:15 am
Aww, Spike is such a softie, even if he doesn't see it yet! And Buffy trying to make things stay down with more bedding... very funny :-)
Thanks. Wasn't going to work, but she tried. :)

05/04/2012 03:54 am
Prime oogling opportunity wasted! Just a quick peek under the sheets?! I wonder what Giles will find when he looks up Spike as a human? Can Buffy not see that Spike is falling for her? Seems obvious to me, he is trying too hard with the whole I still want to kill you stuff.
She was ogling - just didn't want to admit it. :)  Yeah, Spike's not very subtle, but Buffy's refusing to see it  Silly girl. :)

07/12/2016 10:46 pm
“everything about you turns me on.” bless lmao. Ahhh the banter and ust, it warms the cockles of my fangirl heart...
Nothing better than UST, IMHO. :)

05/03/2012 11:10 am
Buffy still has that blind spot where Angel is concerned. Hanging out with Spike is a much needed education... plus, fun!
She does. But the spot is getting smaller - one little revelation at a time.

05/03/2012 06:14 am
Poor Buffy, so many illusions crumbling away...  love it.
Welcome to the real world, Buffy... :)

05/03/2012 02:06 am
God forbid someone tell her that Angel ravaged her throat for no reason. That Angel is the one with the control issues. No one can bad mouth Angel to Buffy. She won't believe it, refuses to believe it. Because then she might just have to reconsider everything she knows about her first love and vampires in general. Did I see a little spark of jealousy there when the other girl was hitting on Spike?
Jealousy? Maybe... just a teeny bit. :)

07/12/2016 10:37 pm
Laughed at the nakedness and assorted banter. I can see why Buffy had issues with what he did, but hope Buffy will realise he did the best he could, especially not having eaten for days.
She'll handle it her own way. LOL

05/02/2012 01:05 am
Can I have naked sleeping Spike in my room?! I know what to do with him!

Is Buffy seriously going to complain that he feed without hurting or killing anyone and the blood was freely given? I mean seriously what does she want from him? She only told him not to kill to eat and he didn't. Vampire or not he does have eat.
These are some pretty big adjustments for Buffy to make in her thinking - it might take her a while to get used to having a less rigid view of the world. :) I think we'd all be happy to share a hotel room with naked Spike. :)

05/02/2012 12:47 am

Fantastic fic so far. Love reading it. Good plot and grammar.
Its nice to read a fic where Buffy has a more open mind and isn't beating on Spike most of the time.

Going to Las Vegas was a nice change from most fics where Buffys just stays around the Hellmouth.
And the development between them up to this point has been fun.

Buffy doesn't seem happy about the blood donor. Hope their night out isn't ruined.
I bet Buffy wouldn't think it was 'icky' is he was biting her instead. Well....maybe not right now. But soon...

Any chance of Buffy handing over the gem so they can spend some time in the sun together?
Actually, don't tell me. Not knowing is half the fun ;)

I'll be watching this story for updates like crazy.

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thank you for telling me so. :)  Updates should be one a day until it's completed.  That's the plan, anyway. :)

05/02/2012 12:36 am
Buffy is getting an education. Fun!
Well, if by education you mean, she knows what Spike looks like naked... and dressed up... :) Yeah, she's learning stuff.

05/01/2012 11:05 pm
Grade A1 banter, this is a cracking chapter.  I love the thought of Buffy spending all that money.
Buffy does love her shopping therapy...

05/01/2012 10:55 pm
This is such an entertaining tale!  I look forward to every new chapter you give us. 
Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of them.

05/01/2012 07:56 pm
I love this story! The way that the relationship between the two is developing is just fabulous! And the idea of those two in Vegas is unique. I hoping Buffy lets Spike wear the Gem to go outside with her. Can not wait for more!
I'm trying for a chapte a day until it's finished.  I'm glad you're enjoying it. :)

05/01/2012 12:16 pm
This looks as if it might be fun - but I wonder if Spike has any concept of what kind of monster he has let loose in the Hotel shops? And of course Vegas will have vampires too with all that 24/7 thing and not needing to go outside into the sun......
LOL Have you been peeking?

05/01/2012 03:57 am
You know Spike had to be kicking himself, realizing there was an entrance to the treasure. He spent so much time digging when he could have just walked in.

Very hot kiss. I wonder how long the heat between them will last before they give in to it?

Buffy and shoe shopping? She can spend every penny he has!
Can and probably will. lol  Oh, I think they'll fight it for a while longer. These feelings are pretty new and unexpected...

09/18/2015 05:03 pm
Nice way of patching in Angel's activities In WWII and connecting them to the Initiative.  That's one of my fave Angel episodes.  
It was a fun episode, wasn't it?  I don't remember when I started connecting the Initiative to the Germans in WWII, but I think I have to give credit to Lilachigh for the original idea. I think it came up in her wonderful "Why We Fight".

05/01/2012 10:59 pm
Good vibes all round, and well done with Riley, he is such a pillock.
Thank you. :)

05/01/2012 12:38 am
...And the dance has taken a turn.  Ah, the banter, the barbs & the snark..! It just wouldn't be Spuffy without it! & while we're on the subject, let's give it up for Giles! (Or was he having a ~Ripper~ moment there..?) Great stuff, all of it! Cannot wait to see what mischief The Big Bad gets up to in Sin City! Or will he be to busy w/the carousing & debauchery?! We ~are~ due for a few lemons, dammit! (~discreetly offers outlandish bribe!~ )  Well..? I'm wondering at least...

Eagerly (OK, rabidly, I admit it!) awaiting your next installment!

(~begins plotting to seize the rights to BTVS & hand them over to you~)

LOL - Next chapter is now up. :)

04/30/2012 01:39 am
Excellent! Now we have a Spuffy Road Trip to Vegas! Can't wait!
They're on their way!

04/29/2012 10:13 pm

I'm loving this! Keep going, this is great.

Thank you. "Keep going" is the plan. :)

04/29/2012 09:19 pm
Giles and Spike bonding! Yay!! Oh Giles Spike probably has a better education then you. Vegas Baby! I surprised the whole gang doesn't go. Anya would love it! I wonder which one had googled the slayer and watchers? What came over the communicator? Post fast!
LOL  - So many question, so little time...  More tomorrow.

07/12/2016 09:44 pm
"my own personal growly compass." I can understand his reaction, but this still made me chuckle! I kinda love the awkward cuteness after they escape...
Their relationship is a wip. LOL

05/10/2012 07:03 am
NICE work - totally enjoying this story - good to get back to their time of the TV Era in contrast to what is happening in the comic books.   Some outstanding Buffy-Spike snark exchanges - I am very much liking your Spike voice. 
I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for reading; I hope you like the rest of it.

04/29/2012 01:54 pm
If only Buffy had seen this before her and the gang could have shut Maggie down earlier! No matter that it made Spike safe to be around it was wrong on so many levels. Maggie was an evil human being.
Maggie suffered from a greal deal of hubris, but then she found out Karma's a bitch. :)

04/29/2012 12:35 pm
Your Spuffy banter is perfect as always and the UST ratchets up.....
Thanks! And yes it does... At least one of them already knows what he wants. :)

07/12/2016 09:23 pm
She sat back on her heels, embarrassed at how she’d run her face into his leather covered rear. “Are you being clumsy or kinky?” *snh snh snh*

04/28/2012 11:40 pm
Ah, the Spuffy Dance! (not to be confused w/that nightmare performed by Twinkie the Hyena AKA Xander) The tension mounts, as does the danger! One wonders if this will be what finally convincces the Unfortunate Buffy (so named, as she currently ISN'T w/Spike ) that there are indeed Shades of Grey...

Again, you capture the both of them splendidly! (but then, you are The Master of Spuffy! so it's a given that you would!)

Will Buffy be giving Spike the Ring back, given the dangers that surround them..? (You just know he won't ~ask~ fo it. Not if it helps her...)

Great Stuff! Cannot wait to see what happens next! No, seriously! I need mah fix!! 

Soon would be good - now would be better! (~discreetly offers bribe!~)

LOL Your reviews are such fun to read. :)

04/28/2012 01:20 pm
Wonderful chapter! Now she's seen what's going on down there, Buffy's not going to be nearly as tolerant of the Initiative as she was on the show. Never quite understood the attitude the writers gave her about them...
I'm not clear on why she was so tolerant, although she probably didn't know a lot of what was going on. So, when I'm writing season 4 stuff, I try to make sure she finds out what's happening down there soon enough to make an informed decision about Riley. :)

04/28/2012 04:48 am
Okay as wrong as it was for Spike to say it it was true the only way to keep Harmony quiet is to make sure her mouth was busy with something else. All I can say is if it had been me I probably would have taken a bite out of his ass! Spike terrified! That can't be good, I mean if a vamp like Spike is begging to be staked rather than let humans get him Buffy has to realize that the situation is serious. I only hope that Buffy did say that last bit too loud. If Walsh heard her they are seriously screwed.
This is early season 4 Spike. He's crude and rude and mostly evil... although he's obviously softening towards this slayer. :)

05/28/2012 07:52 am

I know I waited til chapter 3 to tell you how great this story is (like ALL your stories!), but this is the first one where I could actually read the two words in that anti-spam box, so I couldn't comment before!
You consistently create such a strong Spike--so true to his real character of the early years--humorous, slightly vulnerable, yet strong, edgy Spike.  You've written a fascinating plot twist from the show version, and I'm very intrigued.  I also love the humor you interject which is so absolutely spot-on for Buffy and Spike--such as how Harmony thought he was her boyfriend, and Spike replied that she believed in unicorns, too. 
I can't wait to read the rest of the story.


Thank you so much. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story too. :)

04/30/2012 02:29 am

I love Vampire Harmony who is pretty much the same as human Harmony.  Also, that was too mean of Spike to drag Buffy through all that treasure and not let her pick up a little bling for herself.  :)

Yep, being vamped really didn't change Harmony very much. lol.  Aw, they were in hurry. Give him time.... :)

04/26/2012 11:39 pm
Giles and Spike getting along is great. Those two had a lot in common if they would ever admit it. You know William went to good schools plus University and so did Giles. They like a lot of the same music and both have the same sense of humor.

I don't I could stake Harmony run her out of town hell yeah but stake her nah. She is too inept as a vamp to stake.
Poor Harm gets no respect. :)  I've always been disappointed that Spike and Giles didn't get along better. They did have stuff in common.

04/26/2012 11:37 pm
Love the bantering - both between Buffy & Spike and between Spike & Giles. And Harmony is so funny! More please...
More soon. Glad you're enjoying it.

07/12/2016 08:57 pm
"It’s not like I’ve got a demon in me" Ah, sweet, innocent season four Buffy... "stake-shooting penis substitutes" LMAO “Don’t bait the nice man who’s letting you stay in his house, Spike,” Buffy said, cuffing the vampire on the side of his head with no real intent to harm. “Spoil sport,” he muttered. “If I can’t eat him, at least I can annoy him. It’s only fair, Slayer.” Bwahahahahahaha Predictably, I love to pieces Spike accidentally admitting how attractive Buffy is, and Buffy being thrown by it, Buffy calling him out on the drama queen tendencies, and just all the fun banter
Thank you. They really are fun to write before everything became drama and angst. 

04/27/2012 03:30 am

Giles was more than a little creepy with that whole cutting on Buffy thing.  Ew.  And how is it that Buffy can trust Spike enough to go to sleep with him in the same room?  I'm sure Spike is up to something.  :)

*nods* I hated to do that to Giles, but I can see him going into "watcher research" mode and getting temporarily carried away. This is, after all, the man who was willing to put Buffy through a Cruciamentum.  He snaps out of these Council things pretty quickly, but he is who he was raised to be.

Buffy thinks she's watching Spike, but she is trusting him to some extent. I guess between having had a working truce before, never worrying about him getting into her house and killing her or her mother, and his not killing her when he had the chance, she figures it's okay. I don't think he's given up on his ring, but he's too smart to take on a healthy Buffy who's wearing it. :)

04/26/2012 09:43 am
Yes!! Another splendid chapter!! (& yet another example of your Mastery of all that is Spuffy!!)

So..! The Gem works for Buffy, as well as Spike, a very unique (& a never before done) twist. And a timely one, as it seems Riley & Co. have set their sights on both our beloved Slayer & Vampire. (& do my eyes decieve me, but did Giles have a Ripper moment there..? More trouble methinks..!) Great stuff! All of it! (But then it's you so..? Not at all surprising!)

Your grasp of the Spuffy dynamic, once again shines through! (That said, your works should come w/a warning! It's that addictive!) Cannot wait to see what happens next!


Will try to get the next chapter up tonight. I'm glad it's working for you.

04/25/2012 06:58 pm

What a fantastic, interesting, original story! Love your depiction of Spike and Buffy. Looking forward to more.

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

04/25/2012 01:43 pm
Oh, I am loving this! Unchipped Spike is already changing sides! Can't wait to see where you take them. I hope it's a long one.............
LOL - well, the chapters are pretty long....  Yep, poor Spike. He was already screwed and he didn't know it.

04/25/2012 01:24 pm
Of course Spike would ask for a truce. He is smart enough to know when he is out numbered and needs help. Spike's plans might not have worked but only because he was impatient not because they weren't good plans. Without the gem he is an easy target for all those soldiers. And Buffy is a ditz to think they wouldn't want to experiment on her! Those guys are going to tell their boss immediately that a tiny little blonde girl tossed them around like baby dolls. Simply because they are idiots and think she is a demon. Even if they find out she isn't she is exactly what Maggie is looking for. The abilities of demons with none of the drawbacks. Human with supernatural abilities the model for a perfect solider. 

Spike is a very strange vampire. He has his own code of honor as it were. If he says truce he means it.
He does. Might take Giles a while to believe that though....

07/12/2016 08:45 pm
“Maybe he’ll die from frustration?” This was very amusing, though Buffy throwing a guy at Riley? That was priceless!
Thank you. 

04/23/2012 09:34 am

My day just got considerably better seeing a new story from you.  As always, looking forward to reading more.

What a lovely thing to say! Thank you.  I hope you enjoy this one.

04/23/2012 04:09 am

Love the story idea.  Does the ring enhance Buffy's powers, too?  More please :)

We'll see.... :)

04/22/2012 11:35 pm

A terrific start - loved your Spike, dirty, sexy, and honourable (I beg your pardon, just adored that). Great move to have Buffy step in on the Initiatives action, does this mean they will investigate what a slayer is and does that mean Spike and Buffy both could be targets? More soon I hope.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I think the Initiative is going to want to know more about this girl who can throw them around and lets a vampire escape...

04/22/2012 02:49 pm
Interesting. I wonder if Buffy is going to give him the ring back. Talk about not fighting fair, those soliders don't fight fair.
This is early season four Buffy - do you think she is likely to give the ring back?  I'm pretty sure fighting fair against anything ( maybe each other) isn't important to the Initiative soldiers. :)

04/22/2012 12:14 am
More I say..! I demand it at once! Update! Like there's no tomorrow! Hourly, even! (~proceeds to chant maniacally!~) "The Power of Your Fans COMPELS You..!"

Truly an inspired begining - We MUST have more! (~discreetly offers outlandish bribe!~) We must also have copious amounts of Riley-Bashing & Even MORE Spuffy Luvin'!!! Your mastery of all that is Spike & Buffy again shines through!

This looks to be yet another winner, Oh Master of Spuffy. Cannot wait to see what happens next!
(~readies yet another ridiculous bribe~!)

LOL Thank you?  I think you'll have to bribe my beta. Good luck with that. :)

04/21/2012 10:08 am

Hi... Love this, it's a great start.  Love unchipped, evil Spike, he's so much fun.  Interested to see where the story goes.  (Oh, and gorgeous banner!)

It is a beautiful banner, isn't it? Always_jbj is so multi-talented!  I'm glad you liked the first chapter. Hope the rest of it appeals to you. :)

04/21/2012 06:53 am
Well, that is a questionable meeting with the iniative.  Don't turn your back, Buffy, I think you may have just made yourself a target...  Looking forward to more.  Update soon!
Yeah, I think Buffy may have burned a bridge there - but hey, in canon, Maggie wanted to kill her anyway.... :) I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

04/20/2012 11:01 pm

Interesting beginning.  Looking forward to more!

Thanks. I hope it lives up to it. :)

04/20/2012 10:23 pm
Oh! {sits back and gets comfy}  I think I'm going to enjoy this one! What a fascinating premise!
I hope you like it!

04/20/2012 08:54 pm
Oh yay!  New fic and a rousing opener.  I'm going to enjoy this.  So Buffy and Spike and fair fighting (at least until the attraction messes that idea up) and a semi-clued in Riley and company trying to interfere....gotta love the ingredients.

I think Spike would have stopped had she cried foul.  He did look on her as a warrior and his pride demanded nothing less than her best.  Wasn't worth it otherwise.

Thanks - if that doesn't work for readers, then the who premise goes poof! :)  Hope you enjoy the rest of it.