If That's What it Takes by slaymesoftly

01/12/2019 01:11 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Loved It - and it's a very good way to end it - honest to both Spike and Buffy and excellent on all the characters.  
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.  I enjoyed writing it and giving them a relatively happy ending.

10/11/2014 07:22 pm
Twelve and Thirteen         
 I loved it.  Nice.  That was just nice through and through.
Thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Buffy Convert
04/06/2013 11:12 pm
Twelve and Thirteen         
TextLoved this story. Skimmed parts of it because I'd read it before. I can't wait to read more in the same series!
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Don't know that it's part of a series, though.... 

04/03/2013 12:26 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Great Story :)

04/03/2013 12:26 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Great Story :)

08/20/2012 03:10 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Loved your If That's What It Takes fanfic!  Great job.  Really found myself moved to alternate universe Buffy.  I think I prefer your version to the real one.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. :)

07/29/2012 11:54 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Another awesome fic. I'm so glad to see you're still writing Spuffy. So many of my go-to authors have left the fandom since I first discovered fanfiction 7 years ago. I'm a sucker for babyfics, so I was very pleasantly surprised to realize this would be one. And it's always nice to see Spike with a heartbeat, though I prefer it also come with fangs so getting both versions was nice. My favorite parts though were seeing Buffy get a chance to be normal like she's always wanted and supportive Xander. I'm so tired of fics that villainize him because overall that's not who he is. Yes he's prejudice against the undead and can be pretty hurtful about it, but ultimately he loves his friends and would do anything for them. So thank you for more amazing Spuffy goodness!
Thank you for reading and enjoying it!  *nods* I do think Xander could be very reasonable, and that's usually how I write him. (Not always, but usually...) :)

06/12/2012 07:55 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Really love this one.  Sweet and twisty turny...  and I like the way Xander came out too...  Just what I needed to de-stress.


I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading. :)

06/03/2012 08:34 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
NICE Spuffy Baby story - Nice touch with having Xander plans for the home additions.  He get such negative treatment in so many stories. 
I've used Xander as a bad guy sometimes, but I much prefer to  think of him as less bigoted. :)

05/25/2012 09:12 pm
Twelve and Thirteen         

Thank you for a marvellous read - as always.

A great ficthat managed to stay canon, even though totally AU!

Thank you. What a lovely compliment. :)

05/21/2012 07:23 pm
Twelve and Thirteen         
A great story - and I loved the budding resolution with the Scoobies, with some of Giles' trademark grudging acceptance and Xander planning an extension ;-). But now I'm sad cos it's over and I have no updates to look forward to!
LOL Well, I'm glad you enjoyed.  Nothing else to update for a while. :)

05/21/2012 04:22 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Just wait till I show everybody that my sister isn’t really a freak –   LOL   Fun story.
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading. :)

05/21/2012 02:40 am
Twelve and Thirteen         
Ahh!  I love a sappy happy ending with just the right amount of dangling conflict to make it interesting. 
It is a pretty sappy ending - but it's Spike and Buffy - we know the sweetness and light isn't going to last forever. :)  Thanks for reading.

05/21/2012 04:05 am
Ah Warren is a sneaky coward.  He didn't even save Andrew this time.
Didn't save anybody - but that's Warren...

05/20/2012 03:58 am
Xander seemed okay with Spike staying there. I wonder what he was thinking about with the basement? I hope Andrew and Jonathon realize that Warren just left them holding the bag for kidnapping, rape and a host of other charges.
I have my own mental image of what Xander is thinking, but it isn't going to be part of this story. :)

05/20/2012 01:47 am
The dialogue in this chapter is particularly neat!
Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

05/17/2012 11:27 pm
Warren doesn't know the chip doesn't work! He is a dead man. I wouldn't be surprised if he had a tragic action figure accident!

Willow seem surprisingly unconcerned about the chip being out. Does that mean she is going to try to "fix" it? I can't wait until Xander finds out! I can see him threatening Spike and Spike popping him one.

Buffy is going to let Anya have the nerds cursed!? That should be great. I can't wait for it.
"tragic action figure accident"  ROFL - wish I'd thought of that way to get rid of him. LOL

05/21/2012 03:46 am
Hmm Spike is thinking.  That can't be good.  :)

05/17/2012 02:12 am
She is the queen of mixed signals. Even when she knows what she wants to say she panics and screws it up. Spike isn't going anywhere now that he knows about the baby. Not even if she wants him out of her life. He will go back into the shadows and stay away from her. But he will stay around to look after them.

By the way I love that Bon Jovi song! (At least I hope you know the tile is a BJ song?!)
LOL - my beta is a big BJ fan, so a lot of my titles come from their songs. She gave me a list of them at one time, plus when she's helping me out with titles, that's usually where she gets them. :)

05/21/2012 03:39 am
Great chapter.  Glad X is taking Spike as Daddy reasonably well with a side of snark.  
There will always be snark - that's their relationship! :)  Thanks.

05/16/2012 02:01 am
Maybe the chip isn't working considering Spike's bouncer job?  At least I hope so when push comes to shove.   For once, I love Xander!
*nods* Xander's a pretty good guy in this one. All the Scoobies are pulling together.

sister cuervo
05/15/2012 02:51 pm
I can hardly wait to see where this is going.  Very intriguing twists. 
Thank you. I hope you like the rest of it. :)

05/15/2012 04:19 am

after you’ve eaten a good meal, you can go out to kill things  TOO funny


05/15/2012 01:01 am
Looking forward to the exploding head!
LOL Xander might surprise everybody. :)

05/15/2012 04:05 am

Love how they continue to fight. 

*g* They are who they are...

05/15/2012 03:46 am
“Fine!” she snapped. “Be an ass.”   LOL!   Nice makup scene, of course, missing the all important make up sex. 
Alas - they have some problems to work out first. :)

05/15/2012 03:33 am
Maybe you should tell him?   Oh yeah let's have that scene.  LOL.  Great chapter with B and S flipping through their usual fight and collateral damage. 
Thanks. Yeah, they have their issues to work out - and being B and S, it gets loud sometimes. :)

05/15/2012 03:22 am

Wow - that went to a really scary place when Willow was just going to get rid of Buffy's baby with a flick or her wrist (or whatever).  I would have liked to see more of that.  But will happily settle for Spike coming home.  :)

Yeah, I just thought Willow might have that sort of "I can fix this!" reaction. I don't dwell on Willow's magic issues in this story (and she is helpful at one point), but I don't want to ignore that they are there. Since she didn't have to go all dark to resurrect a dead Buffy, she's got a better shot at conrolling herself now.  But I've left room for her to stray at some future time...

05/14/2012 01:37 pm
I love Tara!

05/15/2012 06:01 pm
I love your sympathetic portrayal of Buffy and your Spike... 'S alright pet, nobody ever died of a hard-on'.... brilliant! :-)
Thank you. You know he isn't going to tell her he doesn't want to kiss her anymore. :)

05/15/2012 03:08 am

Hmm - you may have to write another story about what happened to the Human Buffy and William.  and Didn't the gang notice that they didn't have the Slayer and Spike?  Shopping for groceries.  hee. 

Ah, but human Buffy and Spike are just that - human Buffy and Spike. Not my thing. :) Kinda why I left it ambiguous as to what happened. If they were just inserted into that dimension the way Dawn was in theirs, then when they disappear, they'll disappear there and memories of them will go away.
Which gang? In the other dimension? They aren't the Slayer and a vampire there. In this one? Yeah, but Willow worked out how to get them back fairly quickly in her timeframe.  Do you mean after they came back? They came back just as they left. I'm confused by your question - have I left something unclear?

05/14/2012 01:24 pm
It's amazing that they were in such proximity for WEEKS and WEEKS on top of that before Buffy succumbed.  She has got to give Spike huge gentleman cred! 
Well, without that demon urging him on, I think there's a lot of William in there. And he's got no reason to think he can push Buffy when he's already getting more than would have been conceivable back home.  But we all know she can't resist Spike kisses forever. :)

Buffy Convert
04/03/2013 07:43 pm
Text  I read this quite some time ago, but sunce it is part of a larger universe, I re-read it. I hadn't remembered that Buffy was a dancer! Still, it's just as good the 2nd time around!
I'm glad you enjoyed it... again. :)  

05/14/2012 12:14 am
Here, you love me - that was so sweet.  Ask Spike to make me a margarita, por favor.  :)
LOL I'll see what I can do... :)

05/13/2012 11:05 pm
Interesting start!  If Willow doesn't fix it,  I wonder if they will forget where they came from?
Oh, she'll fix it eventually. Might take a while, though... :)