So You Think You Can Dance by slaymesoftly

Buffy Convet
04/18/2014 09:09 pm
Great as usual, bur a little too much like the series. By that I mean, both Spike and Buffy were so STUPID!!! But it had a great plot. I liked the "baby vamire" involvement there, too. Liked it when Spike said he missed ole tantrum-y Dawn!
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it - in spite of stupid Spike and Buffy. LOL Couldnt let it be too easy, could I?

03/22/2013 04:33 am
Interesting story, nice setup for sequel if you wanted
*nods* idea for sequel is in place, but I haven't had the time or inspiration to do much with it yet.  One of these days... :) Thanks for reading.

10/29/2012 05:04 pm
Thank you for another fantastic fic.  Your stories almost always put me in such a great mood.
Looking forward to the sequel - Iceland and honeymoon?
I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Yes, that's the plan, but I'm not working on it right now. Have to get Seasonal Spuff out of the way first.

10/06/2012 03:56 pm

So ends a tale, love a happy ending. Great fun..

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading.

10/05/2012 05:30 pm
Iceland's a good place for a honeymoon after they've killed the baddie. Lots of lovely volcanic hot springs....
Lovely :-)
Oh, great idea! Thanks!  :)

10/06/2012 03:43 pm

Great update, Spuffys' definately back on track. Yaaaaay...


10/04/2012 01:00 am
A happy giggling Buffy is just so much nicer!
Now that she has something to giggle about.... :)

10/01/2012 01:08 pm

I wondered how they were gonna broach the subject of what happens next. It's good to see Willow's supportive of their new relationship, they'll probably need all the help they can get.

Decisions had to be made - Willow's call just pushed it a long a little. :)

09/30/2012 05:11 pm
Buffy really has matured at last. Excellent!
LOL Happens to everyone if and when they have the time for it. :) Thanks for reading!

09/30/2012 04:52 pm
Buffy was just open and honest about her feelings! The world is going to end right? Hopefully they can actually make things work this time.
LOL  - Well, at least for the duration of this story they probably will. :)

10/01/2012 12:57 pm

Yay, actions speak louder than words. Super update.


09/26/2012 03:17 pm
About time! I hope she is able to see his point now. I mean after all those years of calling him an evil disgusting soulless thing it's natural for him to not believe she could love him now that he was back to being soulless. But Buffy being Buffy, I expect her to withdraw at least once before they finally become a permanent couple. She always second guesses herself.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

09/26/2012 02:55 pm
Aw, that was lovely.
Thank you. :)

10/01/2012 12:43 pm

I feel sorry for Amy, wouldn't like to be a teenager for the rest of eternity. Maybe Buffy and Spike should try semaphore or mime to communicate, words not of the good.

When you think about it, it wouldn't be a great experience - maybe she'd mature, but maybe she would just remain like that forever. Staking her would be a boon. ;)

09/23/2012 04:58 am
Oh yes more flirty  :)
Flirty and drinking.... could go either way. :)

09/23/2012 01:25 am
Well, at least now they're talking... and drinking... and DrunkBuffy does tend to be far more honest and straightforward... perhaps there's hope for them yet!
Oh, I'm sure there is.... :)

09/23/2012 01:04 am
Can we just tie them up and put them in a locked room with no weapons until they talk?! I swear those two are the king and queen of mixed signals and misunderstandings!
They are that. But things may be getting better....

09/23/2012 05:09 am
good chapter  
spike is  dumb butt :)
LOL  Seriously! I mean, he's the one with the list of favorite fights!

09/21/2012 12:48 pm

Guess you'd call that a eureka moment. Makes sense Buffy would try to show him how she felt, rather than tell him. Now to see how Spike reacts. Great update.


09/20/2012 10:35 pm
Talk about mixed messages... Buffy's just as good at that as Spike is!
*nods* They're definitely having some trouble with consistency, aren't they? *g*

09/21/2012 12:18 pm
Great to see Faith's still got her thing on, hope that's a private charter they're taking Smith on. Give them a chance to get to know each other better. So Buffy and Spike are gonna have the big talk, that's usually when it all goes pear shaped.
In my little world, the Council still has its own plane....

The talk may not go well....

09/20/2012 03:48 am
Love Faith and can't wait till Buffy gets Spike's attention.  :)
She might have to work at it a little bit....

09/18/2012 03:19 pm
Good advice from Faith. Who'd have thunk it?
Relationship advice yet! LOL She's mellowed...

09/18/2012 05:07 am
Can I just say how much I like Faith! Seriously though the brain of Buffy is a place no one should go without backup. It's a scary place. First she is upset because Spike is still hunting humans even though he isn't killing or at least not all the time. But it's okay for her to threaten someone with death by Spike? She's upset that he didn't come back to the house but she told him they don't have a future because he doesn't have his soul anymore. How sure are we that she doesn't have a multiple personality disorder? Cause she was like that in show, it's enough to drive a sane man crazy.
Well, hot and cold, mixed signals Buffy is pretty much what he's used to from her. In all fairness to Buffy, however, it was Spike (in this fic) who stayed away because he assumed the soul was a deal-breaker for her.  He never gave her a chance to get used to him without it again, and now he's been feeding for years and doesnt' want to give it up.  I don't think she's told him it's the lack of soul (although she slipped right into that thought process when he seemed to believe it), it's the lack of willingness to give up his lifestyle of "rarely killing" that is hanging them up now.  I think she may have become more confortable with killing evil humans when necessary, but that's not the same thing as knowing Spike may be doing it because he wants his blood warm and right from the tap. And she's probably just threatening when she says she'll kill Smith... probably... maybe.... :)

09/15/2012 06:32 pm

Well I wouldn't have had any problem killing him given he's already murdered and raped a child. Can't see him ever being safe to let loose. The worst sort of evil. The girls did good which will enhace their confidence and reputation. Brill.

Thanks. Yes, he's not likely to be let loose.  Trying to decide what's ultimately going to happen to him...

09/12/2012 07:32 pm
Will these two ever figure how to talk! I was hopeful after last chapter with the kissage, and now they go back to the distrust and distance. Love this story even tho I want to slap the two of them upside the head, lol. 
LOL I'm glad you're liking it, in spite of the behavior of the two main characters. Two steps forward, one back....

09/12/2012 12:44 pm
He must have been a useless watcher if he didn't know what a slayer could do, even without her powers. I wonder if he actually can tell them anything useful. And of course Buffy is still distrustful of Spike, even though she has allowed Amy to unlive. They really need to talk...
Pretty sure he was fired as soon as they discovered why he was interested in working with young girls.... But who knows? He knew how to make the drugs, so he may have something else to offer.

And yes, they do need to talk - but they don't do that very well, do they?

09/12/2012 02:44 am
She trusts him then she doesn't. Buffy is like a yo-yo! She lets vamp Amy live because she feels sorry for her. Did it every occur to her that no matter how scared Amy was she was only a week old fledge? Scared or not Amy should have been trying to rip Buffy and the rests throats out? Will it ever occur to her that not every vamp is the same? Some can control themselves? She can trust Amy but not Spike?
Still the queen of mixed signals - even mixier now that she's not got quite such a black and white view of the world.  Spike needs to take some of the blame, though.  He's so sure she won't want him without that soul...

09/09/2012 06:20 am
*happy sigh*
LOL Try to hold that thought...

09/08/2012 03:28 pm

Great  update, I think Spike should take over the motivational speeches from now on, he really knows how to work a crowd. About time Buffy gave Spike credit for being, well Spike. A unique entity in his own right. The bad guys won't know what's hit them. Bring it on. 

LOL  He knows how to work a crowd of admiring girls, anyway. ;)  Quite true about the bad guys not knowing what hit them, though. :)

09/07/2012 12:50 am

09/06/2012 09:11 pm
Did I read that correctly? I couldn't have! Buffy actually wanted to have a conversation about her feelings for Spike with Spike?! Holy Friggin Crap! The world's gonna end.
LOL Well, I'm sure she's hoping not, but just in case....

09/02/2012 11:21 am

Well if the girls manage to take on a bunch of vamps without their powers, its gotta make them a lot more confident in the future. Still I don't like the idea of them walking into the lions den. Wonder how they plan to deal with the human big bad. It's not like they can hand him over to the police.

Excellent grasp of what's going on!  Thanks for reading. ;)

09/02/2012 12:53 am
Ingenious plan, they shower every day and every day it seeps into their bodies. Buffy really shouldn't throw stones at Spike. I remember a time when she let an evil vamp go to save a bunch of humans. She gave her word to Spike that if he let those stupid kids go she would let Dru go. If you give your word to have to keep it no matter how distasteful it might be. It actually has nothing to do with a soul.
No, it doesn't. But in the canon world she was given, it does. No doubt she sees a difference between her letting a sick vamp go (temporarily) to save a room full of people and Spike letting a random vampire go free to undoubtedly kill victims somewhere else.

09/02/2012 12:44 am
Well, they seem to nbe making progress. Except that Buffy is still wearing her blinkers where Spike is concerned. I wonder if the big bad really was a watcher....
Buffy's blinkers aren't what they once were, but they're still canon blinkers. Souls matter, the only good vamp is a dead vamp, etc.

09/02/2012 11:10 am

Well it just shows some things never change. When will Buffy learn to think before she puts her stylish but affordable boot in mouth. Wouldn't be surprised if Spike's feeling used and abused right now, he never gets any credit. Super update. 

It wasn't the most tactful thing she could say - especially when she'd just basically asked him for help. *sigh* :)

08/26/2012 06:26 pm
an let the dance begin.  Those two are always one step forward, two steps back. 
Sometimes I wish I could just gag Buffy to stop her from running off at the mouth (although it is in character for her).  Spike is insecure enough as it it. 
A weakened Buffy - I could see Spike having his work cut out for him trying to protect her.
Indeed. I don't think they know how to do things the easy way. :)

08/26/2012 02:58 pm
So really the only difference Buffy can see in Spike without his soul since he fell for her is he has a sense of humor and is a flirt? Big fat hairy deal! Of course Buffy would fall back on that old line of no soul equals evil. So how does she explain what he was doing before she showed up? Helping the slayers find out they were losing their powers? He could have been killing them off left and right. He's calling her slayer again, that never bodes well. And Buffy is very good at sticking her foot in her mouth. Saying he is only there for muscle. What does a guy have to do to get a break with her?
:) I don't think she sees him as evil, just not the Spike she knew when he closed the hellmouth. And yeah, poor Buffy. Open mouth, insert stylishly clad foot. Kinda her MO, isn't it? :)

08/26/2012 01:57 pm
They were doing so well and then the bitch surfaced.  But a continuing conflict in stories is always good.  At least the girls seem to be more accepting.  
Well, yeah. If they just fell into each other's arms, there wouldn't be any more story. :) Pretty sure they'll work it out eventually.

08/26/2012 02:41 am
Oh, Buffy, Buffy, Buffy, will you never learn? Still taking for granted Spike's willingness to do anything she wants. It's beginning to look as if he was right to stay away!
Open mouth - insert stylishly clad foot. :)

08/26/2012 06:21 pm
A human that has a kinky obsession with women.  My first guess would be Warren (if it is a character from the actual show).  I could see his character enjoying controlling young vamp females.
Spike has a bit of his original edge back (feeding and not willing to stop). I like it.  Buffy did trust him without his soul in the beginning,  I hope the fact that he is feeding doesn't stop that.
Everybody wants to guess who the bad guy is. lol It honestly never occurred to me to make him be somebody we already know.  I think Buffy and Spike will have some things to work out...

08/23/2012 09:10 pm

Poor Spike, it's lucky he's got no expectations. Sooo it's a human behind everything. I wonder if he's woked out the formula for the drug used in the cruciamentum. Although that wouldn't explain how he can weaken Vampires too. Seems both Spike and Buffy are at risk. Good reason for working together. Super update.  

We'll find out in due time, I guess. :)  At least they now have a reason to work together. :)

08/23/2012 03:36 am

Hee - not sick sick - just sick in the head  :P


08/21/2012 02:32 am
AhHa!!  We have a "new" villain.  Is it Ethan Rayne or some leftover from WR&H?  Is this why Spike is not healing faster?  BTW, he never needed a soul anyway (IMNSHO).

Thanks again for your fab talent and sharing with us.
Thanks for reading! And no, the villain has nothing to do with Spike. He just got pretty badly mangled by whatever got to him in some adventure that happened off the page, so to speak. He's healing, just taking a while (remember how sick Dru was from what the mob in Prague did to her?). He's well on his way to being fine - which is a good thing, as we'll see in the next chapter. :)

08/20/2012 05:07 pm
“It’s been a long time. I know that. And if you don’t... It’s okay. I mean I know we’re not... not.... But dammit! Don’t act like we never were!

Talk about going back in time and connecting with the future - how many times did Buffy tell him that their relationship meant nothing to her, that he was little more than a sex toy that needed to be hidden.  How many times did she imprint his heart and mind with "your an evil souless thing." 

Even with all the great things that Buffy brought into his life some words have such power to hurt that they always remain, like ghost ready to haunt.   What a tragic and also heroic love these two have shared.

Your idea of Slayers losing their powers is interesting - especially with theme in the comic book timeline of powers lost and lives completely changed.

A great way to celebrate James Marsters birthday this August 20.
Thank you. :)

08/20/2012 01:41 pm
His soul is gone?? I don't care one way or another, but I feel bad for him because he went through so much pain and suffering to get it for Buffy. And Buffy who won't let herself love him without it. She probably won't even think about the situation the girls are in in comparision to what is going on with Spike. Here is a souled up human killing people getting them turned and trying to kill off the slayers. Plus he seems to be targeting young girls. Spike is feeding and rarely killing and from the sounds of it only feeding off bad evil people but still fighting demons. That makes him better than the guy trying to kill her. But Buffy won't see it that way. Humans are still good no matter what they do and an unsouled Spike is evil no matter what he does.

Of course Spike didn't want her to know he was back. He knows without the soul once she found out about it she would probably stake him. He never thought she loved him so what would stop her from trying to kill him? He probably just wanted some time to come to terms with it all and move on silently with no one the wiser.

The human makes me think of a crazy shanshued Angel/Twillight.
Oh, I doubt Spike would expect Buffy to stake him just because he lost his soul. But he certainly seems to have made the right call thinking she wouldn't allow herself to be with him.  So sad for both of them...

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the story. :)

08/20/2012 01:29 pm
Disturbing turn of events.   
May get better.... eventually.... :)

08/20/2012 01:06 pm
Well, that explains Spike's attitude - and of course Buffy reacted just the way he expected. Can't wait to find out about the creepy human guy...
Yep. Pretty much par for the course for them. Sad, but that's who they are - insecure vamp/judgemental slayer.
More info on creepy human guy coming up.

08/20/2012 04:10 am
His soul’s gone, Will. Gone and destroyed with the amulet. - Boy if only somebody had a really good friend who's majorly into magic who could fix this up. 

Please kill more slayerettes.  I really like that part.  Also, I'm sick. 
LOL Well, destroyed is destroyed, so I don't know if even Willow's up for that. (Although, since I haven't finished the fic yet and am having a hard time with the ending.... )

What have you got against the new slayers? LOL I'm really not planning to kill any of them off. Just so you, in case you're expecting it.

Sorry you're sick. I hope you feel better soon!

08/26/2012 06:13 pm
Looks like Buffy is going to deal with things the same way as always.  With agression and violence. 
Ah, she's just blowing off steam. "kick vampire ass" pretty much Slayer motto. :)

08/17/2012 02:31 am
awklol, i thought this was going to be about the slayers competing on So You Think You Can Dance  ...

but it seems really cool so i'll keep reading anyway :) 
LOL Nope, no dancing slayerettes. I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

08/16/2012 04:19 am
we’re sending girls out as slayers who probably can’t do it without getting killed - I don't suppose you could let a couple dozen of those poxy slayerettes get killed?  Great story!
LOL Glad you're liking it. Poor slayers!

08/14/2012 01:07 am
Awesome chapter!  I hope Spike spills everything in the talk.   And wondering what type of healing he needs...
Thank you. All will be revealed in due time. :)

08/13/2012 12:40 pm

Lovely update. I haven't read the comics, so i'm not sure if they ever established where the power used to call the girls came from. The Guardian of the scythe said it was created using donated power, so does that mean it's finite? If so it's stretched very thin. Really hope Buffy and Spike get a chance to talk, I assume Spike's still under the impression Buffy moved on with the immortal, damn Andrew. Things obviously aren't right with him. Can't wait to see what happens next.

This is taking place waaaay after the events of AtS season 5, so Spike isn't concerned about the Immortal. He has more important things to worry about. :)  There is nothing really comic-related in this fic (with the possible exception of there being a combined Watcher/Slayer Council based in England), so any similarities to comic story lines are completely accidental (or the result of my having followed the comics so long that I do treat bits of them as canon). I think a knowledge of the Angel comics might help with Spike background, but really not an important part of the story.

08/13/2012 05:05 am
Something is up with Spike. It almost seems like he is hiding something. Is his soul gone? After everything Buffy had said to him about being a disgusting thing when he didn't have it I could see him not wanting to let anyone know. If it is gone he probably figures Buffy would stake him no matter what he was doing. Now why would Buffy not tell Faith and Willow that Spike was back. She's treating him like her dirty little secret again. Why aren't the girls as strong as VI at the very least. I could see them not being as strong as Buffy but they should be the same the strength as Vi.
All perfectly good questions.... :)

08/13/2012 01:53 am
Getting even more interesting...
I hope so! :)

08/26/2012 06:08 pm
I alway liked Vi as a character,  so seeing her in a story is nice. 
Spike staying in vamp face even after seeing Buffy?  I wonder what's up with that.?
Great start to the story. I'll definitely be watching for more.
I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

08/20/2012 09:39 am
I think it's great that your are continuing to work with the Buffyverse characters - I have enjoyed reading your work ever since I started reading fanfiction.   Thanks ever for all the new Spuffy stories create for the fans to enjoy. 
It's getting a little harder to come up with stories - but as long as the comics keep going...  Thanks for reading. It's good to know  there are still readers interested in Spuffy.

08/12/2012 06:56 pm
Argh!  Tease!  Need more!  Exclamation point!!
Chapter Two coming soon. :)

08/12/2012 03:55 pm

Good start  and Buffy's an idiot.  :)  It must have been the brown hair that threw her off. 

LOL - well, in her defense, she's been thinking he was dead for a long time now. Finding him in a cemetery in Cleveland just wasn't on her radar. :)

08/12/2012 12:10 am
This looks like it's going to be another awesome story from you! Made my night to see a new one up. Off to a very interesting start!
Thanks! I hope you like it.

08/11/2012 03:14 pm
Looking interesting!  Why the scars still?  Wouldn't they have healed by now?
Not necessarily. We don't know how long it's been since he got those particular scars. This takes place well after NFA. Explanations and more questions in the next chapter. :)

08/11/2012 02:14 pm
Well, of course it was Spike. Can't help wondering why the junior Slayers are taking so long to heal...
I guess we'll find out eventually....
In Buffy's defense, she had no reason to think Spike hadn't been dusted many years ago. :)