Trials for Joyce by ginar369

12/19/2012 05:24 pm
Chapter 13         
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

12/15/2012 12:04 pm
Chapter 13         

Well things are finally looking up. Spike and Gile's seem to have come to an understanding and Buffy is seeing Spike for the champion he is. I see lots of Spuffy in their future.  

Giles  finally came around. It took a little time but he and Buffy are starting to see Spike in a better way.

12/10/2012 05:36 pm
Chapter 13         
Ahhh an optimistic ending, just what I like.  Thanks for writing.
Thanks! I thought it was just too cute and it seemed like a good place to end it.

12/10/2012 04:43 pm
Chapter 13         
Really loved Giles sticking up for Spike.  We need more of that in fic.  Loved the "not a date" bit" too!
Well if he didn't he would have to explain his part in all of it! It's one of those what they don't know won't hurt them kind of things! Little sisters have that ability to fluster their older siblings.

12/10/2012 03:51 am
Chapter 13         
Yum a date with mud and demon slime
For a slayer on a hellmouth that's probably a pretty good one!

12/10/2012 03:45 am
Chapter 12         
Hee loved hearing from Cordelia and the Spike/Giles cranky team is great.
I love Cordy, she cracked me up all the time. Spike and Giles make me laugh too. You just know that Giles always wanted to laugh when Spike would make a joke. He just had to play the stuffy old watcher though.

12/05/2012 11:21 am
Chapter 12         

Nice to see Gile's and Spike working together, lets hope they can get the job done. Great update.

Giles has finally accepted that the Powers took the chip out for a reason. But you know Spike, how well do his plans actually go?

12/03/2012 05:56 pm
Chapter 12         
Oops.. let's hope Giles and Spike can rise to the occasion with some excuse or other, not easy when you're sneaking around with hypodermics!
Stealthy they are not!

11/28/2012 12:55 am
Chapter 11         
Your written description of the action sequence was spot on!   It's good to see Giles warming to Spike more as you go along too.   Looking forward to Spike's plan. 
Thanks, although I can't take much credit. A lot of it was from the episode transcript.

11/21/2012 08:21 am
Chapter 11         

Given his new status I think Spike's fully justified in taking things into his own hands. Just hoping Buffy sees it the same way.

You know those humans, they think they know better.

12/10/2012 03:35 am
Chapter 10         
Hope you've recovered from the hurrican nightmare.  
We lost power for a few days but other than that we were fine.

11/11/2012 11:01 pm
Chapter 10         
Eee, can't wait for the hurt/comforty goodness!
You are the queen of that and I am sadly not anywhere near your caliber!

11/07/2012 07:14 pm
Chapter 10         

I've always loved Spike's speech to Glory, pity the scoobs didn't get to hear it. Progress though, this time they're off to save him. Hope Buffy gets to tend his sexy wounds. Great update.

I loved it too. He was absolutely certain that Buffy would win against Glory. Granted he could have been just saying it to piss her off. But I think he had that much faith Buffy.

12/10/2012 03:30 am
Chapter 9         
I really hate snakes.  
Oh there not so bad. Spiders are the worst. I hate those little buggers.

10/28/2012 12:37 pm
Chapter 9         

Finding out Joyce is really healed should go some way to convincing the Scoobies Spike really is a champion. Now he's just got to survive Glory. Great update.

Some are more easily convinced than others. Spike's tough he'll survive.

10/24/2012 04:39 am
Chapter 8         
Love Glory's Toady Demons or whatever they are.  They're so very very gross.  
Who wouldn't want creepy little minions at their beck and call?!

10/24/2012 04:33 am
Chapter 7         
 Poor Dawnie!  
Sucks to be her right now.

10/24/2012 04:29 am
Chapter 6         
Oh too bad Spike couldn't beat up Riley before he got killed.  Hee to Buffy kicking Spike's door down and getting some harsh words from Mom.  
Ah but if Spike did it Buffy would be out for his dust. This way Riley's own stupidity got him killed. Every once in a while Buffy needed to be reminded of her manners.

10/24/2012 11:37 pm
Chapter 5         
That went well!
I love a good Angel smack down, verbal or otherwise.

10/24/2012 04:23 am
Chapter 5         
Loved Spike wrecking the Hyperion (not that it wasn't pretty much of a wreck anyway).  Also loved Cordelia clipping Angel on the back of the skull.  And Xander getting a much deserved punch in the nose.  
Angel seemed to mess up the hotel on a regular basis! Cordy never did put up with much BS from Angel and she was always willing to put him in his place. And Xander deserved it!

10/14/2012 02:12 am
Chapter 5         
Well, lets hope Giles doesn't decide to be as big an ass as the other two. Can't wait for more.
Some times he can be a little slow on the uptake. But things are brewing so he will just have to adjust!

10/24/2012 11:31 pm
Chapter 4         
Not the kindest of explanations!  And Angel is going to be thrilled when he hears about his demotion.  Excellent!
Kindness wasn't in his job description. Only the journey.

10/23/2012 04:36 am
Chapter 4         

Good twist having Spike get his soul back - that's bound to be terrible. 

She put so much stock in being soulled that it was almost unreasonable at times. This seemed the best way to give him one so she would even look at him!

10/08/2012 02:29 am
Chapter 4         
So Angel's no longer a PTB champion, can't wait for his reaction to that bit of news. Really hope Buffy is starting to finally see the true worth of both of the vampires. After all Spike just saved her mom, Dawn AND stopped an apocalypse. More soon please!
I might have missed it, cause lets face it I have never been a big fan of Angel's, so I don't remember who told him he was a champion for the PTB. I always thought a champion was someone who did something because it was right. Then they earned the title of champion. A person is redeemed by the actions that make them a champion. Not the other way around. Angel was being called a champion before he did a thing. He didn't help against the master, he created the acthala incident and he staked a few vamps against the mayor. Hardly seems enough to be a champion.

Buffy is a fickle girl so it might take a while!

10/24/2012 11:12 pm
Chapter 3         
Great fun.
Thank you!

10/23/2012 04:32 am
Chapter 3         

  Nice touch having Spike give Buffy his coat.

It's his prized possession. He figured Buffy might freak if she knew where he got it. But it belonged to a slayer and he wanted her to have it if he didn't make it.

10/18/2012 01:49 pm
Chapter 3         
Fantastic chapter!  And bonus for Angel getting messed up. 
That's always my favorite part too! I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reviewing.

10/24/2012 11:08 pm
Chapter 2         
Oh Xander, I do hope he's cruising for a bruising.  You've caught the useless git to at his obnoxious best!
I will take that as an accomplishment!

10/23/2012 04:23 am
Chapter 2         

Yes - let Xander take a swipe at Spike! 

Yeah well Xander was all manly when Spike was chipped. It's easy to be tough when your opponent can't fight back.

09/30/2012 03:13 pm
Chapter 2         
I registered just so i can leave comments to your story. Cant wait for more. I love your story so far.
Thank you! I am flattered that you thought so much of my story. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy it!

10/23/2012 04:13 am
Chapter 1         

interesting start and nice that you cut off the posibility of Buffy being the Champion.

I wanted Buffy to see that Spike could do good without that all important soul.

09/26/2012 03:14 pm
Chapter 1         
Great start  Seems like it will be a great story.  Can't wait to read more.
Thank you so much! I hope it meets with your approval!

09/24/2012 02:20 pm
Chapter 1         
I'm liking this very much and look forward to more.
Thank you so much for reading. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

09/24/2012 09:10 am
Chapter 1         

That's a very novel and interesting turn of that horrible "Joyce death" part of BTVS, I'm hooked. You're doing great, looking forward to more.

Joyce's death always got to me. By season 5 she had adjusted to the slaying and could have probably been a good influence on them. Thanks for reading!

09/24/2012 07:08 am
Chapter 1         
This is an awesome premise! I can't wait to see where this goes.  The Riley interaction in this little what if story will obviously be different, and I wonder how his little jealous problem that he has around this time will play out when Buffy allows Spike to be her Champion.  Even if this is for Joyce it will be almost like Buffy is choosing Spike, or saying she trusts him more to do this.  I also like that however vaguely this premise brings light on the good side of Angel.  Its refreshing as a lot of Buffy/Spike stories love to make Angel the bad guy and so they focus on all the bad that he has to control.

I hope you upate this soon as I am excited for this story.
Just a word of warning! It is a challenge response so there are certain things that had to happen and Angel being a jerk was part of it. (I do have an idea for a story where Angel is actually decent to Spike and helps him! But it's only in outline stages yet.)

As for Riley, I never liked him. Ever. Besides his attitude towards women, the fact that he could walk past those cages and see sentient beings in pain and it didn't bother him in the slightest, he actually went out and captured more to be tortured! Well lets just say I wanted to beat his corn fed face in.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it.

09/24/2012 02:20 am
Chapter 1         
Great start, I have always asked myself why Spike wasn't more involved when this happened. I look forward to seeing how this goes.
Thanks. Well I did play with the timeline a bit. But I think after 'Crush' Buffy wouldn't have appreciated his help. So at least here Spike keeps his mouth shut about his feelings for her for now.