Unsung by Peaceheather

02/08/2013 03:08 pm
If only. I never liked him. But somehow in your stories you get him to a place where I can actually like and even admire him. He's done it once before. Granted he didn't save the world but he did stop the school from being blown up by a bomb. But I think he was too high on the idea to actually learn from it back then. Not like he did here. For someone who's super power was to see what others missed he certainly dropped the ball in season 7. If he had been the guy you showed us here he would have stood by Buffy even after losing an eye.

I wonder if Buffy gave the amulet to Spike because at that point he was the only person she could trust. She might have still loved Angel but I don't think she really trusted him. Spike had been the only one she could count on that year. She knew he would see it through.

01/13/2013 02:34 pm
Loved Xander's insightful epiphany!   Also I like the terms sharp and brittle and what they entailed.  
I really think that in a lot of ways, Buffy was forced to grow up at the end of Season 2 and her friends simply weren't, and didn't catch up to her level of maturity until Season 6 when they finally suffered some real losses of their own.  Glad you like this version of Xander.  Oddly, I write Spike so much because I love him on the show - and I write Xander because I *disliked* him and want to see how great a friend he could have been.

Glad you liked!

10/31/2012 11:47 pm
What a wonderful Xander - with all his inante goodness and none of his pettiness on display. I'd like to think this conversation might have actually happened. Buffy could have used it that season.
Xander was on  his way here.  I realized that Season 7 Willow and Xander were finally in a place where they'd had to face the same kind of things that Buffy did at the end of S2, sending her love to hell in order to save the world.  The other two never really seemed to Get It, why that was so painful for her and why she couldn't just get over him - because he'd been evil, after all, so what was the big deal?  NOW they both get it and they're better people for it.