Christmas Berries by slaymesoftly

12/10/2012 05:38 pm
One Shot         
There were some proper Christmas tingles in there!  CHEERS!
LOL Glad you thought so. Happy Christmas!

12/10/2012 03:16 am
One Shot         
I want the meltdown!

12/08/2012 03:43 pm
One Shot         
Mmmm.   Warm and satisfying. I love snuggly Spuffy!
LOL Snuggly Spuffy is the best! 

12/07/2012 06:54 pm
One Shot         
Great, now I can't lose the silly, happy grin from my face and it's all your fault
LOL  Sorry? 

12/07/2012 12:29 pm
One Shot         
Aw, sweet. If only...