Nobody's Hero by ginar369

Kristjan P.R
06/05/2015 08:17 am
By The Light of The Moon (Ch 14)         
this is one amazing story. i have been looking for a vell written spuffy fic so thank you.

03/07/2014 02:02 am
By The Light of The Moon (Ch 14)         

Great so far!   I can't wait for the next chapter!!!  Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us.

Thank you!!

03/07/2014 02:00 am
By The Light of The Moon (Ch 14)         

Very good thus far!     I like the idea of Spike having the Scoobies on his side (mostly), while Buffy is completlely clueless. . .but then again, Buffy was always clueless where Spike was concerned!    It would be great if Angelus got out, and scared Buffy witless, but is stopped before he kills Ms. Calendar.   I would like it even more if Angel never gets the chance to claim that he isn't responsible for the things that Angelus did.    Angel is in my opinion, the WORST thing that could have happened to Buffy; he destroyed her faith in all males, and convinced her that Spike was a worse vampire than Angelus ever was!    I would really love it if Spike managed to embarass Angel/Angelus royally in front of everyone!

Also, Spike needs to buy a clue; he is moping for Buffy, while at the same time, his actions/non-actions are pushing Buffy right into Angel's arms!    At this point in time Angel is well over 200 years old, so he is acting like a pedophile going after Buffy like that!   Can you tell I don't like Angel much???     

Extremely good so far, and I can't wait for the next chapter!   Thank you for sharing your talents with the rest of us!


Thanks. Spike is his own worst enemy right now. I have plans for Angel, evil plans....

02/25/2014 02:15 pm
By The Light of The Moon (Ch 14)         
I see a fine dose of 'I told you so' looming, but Spike is wise to keep out of it all and prepare.  More soon please!
That will be coming. But yeah Spike figured it was going to happen no matter what he did so he is getting ready.

02/21/2014 04:08 am
Groveling and Pulling Away (Ch 13)         
You handled Jesse really well.
Thanks. I didn't want to kill him but he needed to go. I have enough people to wrangle!

01/14/2014 01:05 pm
Groveling and Pulling Away (Ch 13)         
Thank you for giving Spike a spring in his step after all the down stuff.  And I love the dreams Buffy is having. 
I like seeing him happy. Sami will help with that.

01/14/2014 10:09 am
Groveling and Pulling Away (Ch 13)         
All work and no play isn't good fo I'm glad Spike has found a friend... and where does Buffy get off suddenly deciding to be Xander's protector?  If it wasn't for her dreams, I'd be writing her off as a complete dud.
Well to be fair if you saw someone you knew to be a vampire with an unconscious human tossed over his shoulder you might think the worst too.

01/14/2014 01:29 am
Groveling and Pulling Away (Ch 13)         

I really enjoyed this story so far!     I hope you will be able to add to it soon.    This was the first story that I have read where Spike is sent back to the very beginning like this, and I loved it!       Other authors had Spike going back to when he was chipped, or found the Gem of Amarra, but never before Angel arrived.   

I have honestly liked Spike since the first time he showed up in Sunnydale, because he was really there; he offered help to Buffy during the Acathla mess, and actually fought on her side - Angel never did.   I never  liked Angel because he was never fought aslong side Buffy, he just gave her  the cryptic warnings and left.   Not much of a hero.   

Thus far, you are the best of the fan fiction writers whose work  I have read.   I sincerely hope to continue to enjoy future chapters and stories you write.

Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

Thank you so much. I have to disagree with you on one point. I am by no means anywhere near one of the best fan fic writers. I'm a novice and still learning. But your kind words mean so much. So thank you once again. The praise should go to my beta All4Spike. She is wonderful and makes this story better than I thought it could be.

I have a like/hate relationship with Angel. I can take him in small doses. But I prefer him far away from people. Any people. The choices he's made over the years caused so much pain and suffering to others that I honestly don't believe he deserves or even earned the title of Champion. A hero, a champion strives to alleivate pain and suffering not cause it.

12/30/2013 03:09 pm
Animal Magnetism (Ch12)         

Yipee the gangs almost complete. Didn't see Cordy's conversion coming so soon, but she's a strong character and will be a useful addition. And it's great that Willow now has a proper mentor who will ground her in the rules of magic. I suppose it was inevitable that Buffy would fall for Angel's tormented soul routine. This Buffy is very naive and without information to the contrary why wouldn't she believe everything he tells her. Although  this version of Buffy is infuriating in many ways, I do feel sorry for her. I understand why Spike and Gile's don't want to interefere but by not challenging Angel's lies they're setting her up for a big fall. One this Buffy isn't equipped to deal with, emotionally or slayer wise. At least the Scoobs are in better shape to deal with Angelus this time around. They don't have the same emotional ties to Buffy or Angel and they're much better warriors. Grest update, looking forward to more.


I always liked Cordy's no nonsense approach. She's Anya without all the sexual references! LOL. Spike much more than Giles is behind the Buffy and Angel 4ever plan. And yeah Spike's plan does mean that Buffy will be set up for a big fall. That isn't what he wants to happen. He isn't doing this so she will see him as the better man. He honestly believes that this is what she wants. But as most of Spike's plan go this one won't work out so well.

12/27/2013 09:17 pm
Animal Magnetism (Ch12)         
For a second there,  I thought Buffy could actually see through Angel but darn it all! (LOL)
That would have been entirely too easy!!! LOL

12/01/2013 08:01 pm
Eavesdropping and Young Love (Ch 11)         
I am loving this so far, I understand where you going with Buffy. The original Buffy has the weight of the world on her shoulders since she was 16 as you said in the previous comments, she had to grow up faster due to her responsibility as a Slayer. I am looking forward to when she realises that she wants to start being a slayer again. I get why Spike is being catious around Buffy and allowing Angel get the girl. But honestly, Angel never deserved Buffy and as much as I wanted to scream at the television at the cookie dough remark and the kiss, it was hard to watch, part of me thought that Angel believed it was him. It would be so Angel to think that. Angels character is nothing but a big ape, and I like the way you made him be so pushy towards Buffy, that will put her off wanting him around.. Also, I am looking forward to how you going to bring Cordy into it. When you mention about the Powers, telling Giles to gather the Warriors of the champion and the Slayer. I thought that was very smart, pairing them. But I do wonder who is the Disgrace? *Disgrace and Vengance*... either way all this to look forward to. I am so glad that you have continued writing this story and not leaving it as WIP. I have read all of your work on this site, and your one of my favourites. So please continue. 
First let me just say that was one of the kindest reviews I have ever had. So thank you. Do worry about it being a WIP I have plenty of chapters in reserve! RL has been kicking my butt lately and that's why I haven't been posting. But I realized that this is the one thing I can control so I'm not going to let stuff get in the way.

I'm glad you see where I'm going with Buffy and Spike for that matter. Self involved airheads (which Buffy was before she got called) rarely stop being self involved airheads without a major life changing occurrance. Spike giving Buffy an out from slaying means she doesn't have to change. But life has a way of messing up the best of plans. And Spike never was any good at planning!

12/01/2013 06:56 pm
Eavesdropping and Young Love (Ch 11)         

Poor Spike, you can't blame him for believing Buffy can never love him. As we all know, even if she wasn't going out with the immortal. She allowed Spike to believe she had moved on with another souless demon, rather than acknowledge she knew he was back. Alll that crap about snuggling on the sofa, that was really cruel, a low blow. And it actually really upset me that it was delivered by Andrew. Spike getting the brush off by someone who wasn't fit to lick his boots. No one seemed to question Andrew's conversion into the ranks of the Scoobies. But Spike proved himself again and again, and it never mattered. Still this Buffy is certainly not that of canon.She may be living her normal life, but she seems to be missing out on a lot too. Being the Slayer added an extra dimension to our Buffy that she's sadly lacking. She's having to make a lot of compromises that are chipping away at her real self. Still evil goes on and it's great to see Oz in the mix. I like him and Dawn as a couple, to me makes much more sense than Dawn and Xander. A great adddition to the group, can't wait to see them in action. Super update. looking forward to more.   

Buffy always ran hot and cold with her emotions it can be hard to tell what she really feels. Spike made that mistake once before in the bathroom and he's is determined not to make it again. So determined in fact that he is sacrificing his own happiness this time around. Yeah this Buffy isn't canon Buffy. Yet. It will be a slower road for her though. Dying at 16, even for only a moment, really changes a person. This Buffy didn't have that happen. She isn't relied upon to save the world every night. The maturity she gained from slaying is going to take a while.

There have been tons of romantic Dawn pairings that were a little odd. I've seen Dawn and Giles. Dawn and Xander. Dawn and Wesley.. And even a Dawn and Spike. Out of all of them I think Dawn and Oz works well. I'm glad you agree!

12/01/2013 11:55 am
Eavesdropping and Young Love (Ch 11)         
I didn't think it could be done but you've created a Buffy even more blinkered than the original... no wonder Spike is so down!  Really enjoying this/
The choices we make in our lives create who we are. Every decision has consequences good and bad. Those consequences shape the person we become. The Buffy from canon made decisions that shaped her into the person we love. But those choices came mostly from slaying. They were hard choices and because of them she grew up. Fast. You have to when your life and the life of every person on the planet is depending on you. This Buffy, thanks to Spike and Giles, hasn't had to make those same decisions. As a result it's taking her a bit longer to grow up.

I'm glad you are enjoying this!

11/30/2013 11:04 pm
Eavesdropping and Young Love (Ch 11)         
Oz and Dawn? Weird.  
I think they'd make a cute couple. But it isn't everyone's cup of tea.

11/15/2013 08:36 am
Suspicion and Distrust (Ch 10)         

So pleased with the update. Well it's taken time but glad to see Buffy finally beginning to question the choices she's been making. Can't believe she's stuck it out with Cordy and her band of bullies, Buffy's a hero. Wish Gile's wouldn't let the evil souless vampire comments just pass without a challenge, Buffy's let Angel into her life on the basis he's been cursed with a soul, whereas Spike's a self made champion. Hopeing she's gonna hea something that will make her think. She's stubborn but I hope not stupid. Great update.  

No Buffy isn't stupid but she is stubborn and trying very hard to do what she thinks her mother wants. She blames herself and the slaying for the divorce and hopes that by being a normal girl things will be better. She is going to overhear more than she wants.

11/15/2013 04:17 am
Suspicion and Distrust (Ch 10)         
So glad to see the update. I am loving it. Looking forward to more. 
Thanks. RL's been kicking my butt lately but things should be better now.

11/13/2013 10:49 pm
Suspicion and Distrust (Ch 10)         
TextI am so glad that this story is being posted. I love your writing. Please write more stories. Will Buffy come to her senses anytime soon please. This particular version of Buffy is annoying.
Eventually. Buffy is living firmly in denial. How many kids of divorce do you see pretending that every thing will go back to the way it was before? Add the fact that she blames the slaying on her parents divorce and you have a Buffy that just wants to run away from reality. She'll come around.

11/13/2013 02:31 pm
Suspicion and Distrust (Ch 10)         
Looking good.

10/11/2013 07:52 pm
Hot for Teacher Part 3 (Ch 9)         
Well I really enjoyed this. Hope you can continue looking forward to read some more

10/11/2013 07:51 pm
Hot for Teacher Part 3 (Ch 9)         
Well I really enjoyed this. Hope you can continue looking forward to read some more
I have twenty chapters in reserve right now so never fear. I just got a second beta and she is going over everything right now. Once she is done I will start to post new chapters. Thank you for reading!

09/28/2013 05:33 am
Hot for Teacher Part 3 (Ch 9)         
When are we going to get more Buffy?   After waiting this long (9 chapters) for the Buffy part to get going and hardly moving on her part  is wearing thin on me.   I really want them to get fighting verbally with each other, get on each other nerves, fight each other physically.   I found this story mostly dull and lacking because there is hardly any Buffy in it.

07/13/2013 10:34 am
Hot for Teacher Part 3 (Ch 9)         

I think as well as fighting lessons Spike needs to give Xander some man lessons. At least then he won't be at risk everytime he sees a pretty face. Great update.

Once Xander gets with his mate she'll keep him in line no worries!

07/08/2013 01:25 pm
Hot for Teacher Part 3 (Ch 9)         
That was so much fun!  Xander not making a fool of himself is a big plus... nearly as big as no-show Angel. 
I just couldn't make him someone's bug eating butt monkey!

richard kulisz
02/21/2014 03:00 am
Hot for Teacher Part 1 (Ch 8)         
# I don’t want anyone to hate Buffy. I don’t hate her. There were times on the show when I actively disliked her but I never hated her. I don’t hate her here either. I feel sorry for her and that was what I had wanted everyone reading to feel also.

That's because you're a Gaian personality type who values continuation. Buffy had a life which she was enjoying (a Gaian quadrant value) and she tried desperately to continue it (another Gaian quadrant value). And she had two romances (another Gaian quadrant value). She is a-okay in your book.

The fact she's a Narcissist with values: showiness, importance, special, melodrama (romeo & juliet), exhibitionism, sycophancy (to and *from* Willow and Xander), and much more. The fact that she's a *sociopath* incapable of empathy, that simply doesn't register for you. You may believe empathy is important but you wouldn't kill someone for lack of empathy.

Whereas I would. Because I'm not a Gaian personality type or any Neutral personality type. I'm Good. And I don't have level 3 values like romance, I have level 8 like Intensity. I burn strangers with my Presence. And just so you have an idea, level 8 Gaian has knight-templar. That's what I mean by Intensity. Knight-templars are intense people.

Except I'm not level 8 and I'm not Neutral like you. I would burn Buffy Summers to death for daring to exist. Her and every other sociopath across the world. All 200 million of them. To be Good is to despise Evil. And narcissists are Evil. Also extremely stupid. So are the 2 billion Right-Wing Authoritarians, they're Evil too and deserve to die for what they are.

And you? You're burning right now under the fire of Truth and Understanding. Except you're a Gaian, you don't value truth or understanding at all. The flames will seer over you, hurting and burning, and leave you unchanged. Still eager to delude yourself and others about the nature of Evil. Still believing that narcissists like Buffy Summers are a-okay even though psychopaths like Angel aren't. Even though both are sociopaths. Even when Buffy's xenophobia (her "love of humanity" is staring you in the face.

Oh and Spike? He's mostly a Gaian like you. With bits of RWA thrown in, like the mollycoddling / mama's boy thing. And the desire for achievement (slayer of slayers). And his always going after women above his station is extremely suspect. So I get why you're rooting for him. And I understand why you turned him into an emo (crank up romance two levels and you have emo). Even though I hate emo.

06/18/2013 04:19 pm
Hot for Teacher Part 1 (Ch 8)         
Buffy is trying to hang on to her girl from Hemery past but I have hopes she's starting to wake up to realityl  Spike is doing well to steer clear, while Willow and Xander are doing surprisingly well!
Desperately, painfully trying to hang on. That girl was happy. That girl was carefree. That girl's biggest worry was boys zits and clothes. Reality is starting to rear it's ugly head. The popular crowd is cruel and not that much fun anymore. Slowly she is coming around.

Buffy protected them early on. I understand why but once it was clear they were going to keep helping they should have been taught to fight and practiced on a regular basis. Spike expects everyone to pull their own weight and he's going to make sure none of them need to be rescued any time soon.

06/17/2013 09:10 am
Hot for Teacher Part 1 (Ch 8)         

Super update, sounds like Willow and Xander are really coming into their own. I think Buffy might be impressed when she sees them in action, hope it happens soon. Might realise what she's missing.

She is starting to feel a little lonely and questioning her decision right now. The popular life isn't holding as much appeal as it used to.

06/16/2013 02:01 am
It Begins Again (Ch 7)         
I love the way you write Angel as a creepy lecherous type.  In hindsight,  it's so much more apparent than when the show began.  Really feeling sorry for Spike at this point.  Buffy is going with her initial attraction to Angel and will soak up his dismissive remarks about Spike.  
I always thought it was creepy. It might have had something to do with the fact that I didn't find the show until I was in my early twenties and I had young daughters of my own. But even the first time they talked to each other what he said came off as creepy and kind of pervy to me. Angel got to her first (Spike so didn't help his case there!) so he gets to make the good impression plus bad mouth Spike. Spike is depressed, pissed off and tired right now and that makes him his own worst enemy!

05/31/2013 11:38 am
It Begins Again (Ch 7)         
i sort of really, really, really hate this buffy! why would she believe anything from a stalker rapist? spike has the right idea with giving up on her from the beginning, and maybe giles need to listen to him and do the same.spike, xander, willow and whistler can more than handle things. since he came early to help buffy(who doesn't deserve it) could he go save tara and bring her on board early or something? if he 's going to make someone life better atleast let it be someone who deserves it. maybe giles could get her to come there as an exchange student? idk how but she is a lot more deserving than buffy is of a second chance. 
I feel sorry for her. In a very short amount of time she went from a pretty typical teenager who's main worry was what to wear and what boys liked her to having to save the world from monsters. Her parents didn't believe her, she was tossed in a loony bin, mom and dad divorced, she was expelled, had to leave her friends, her school and everything she knew. All of that happened in about 6 months. She hates vampires and slaying it ruined her life as far as she can see.

Now here is Giles telling her that despite what Merrick had told her about her having a destiny she is replaceable. She's upset, confused and kind of pissed. If there were others who could and would take up her slaying duties why did she have to go through all those things to begin with? Why did she even need to be called? Then for Giles to tell her that a vampire is going to take over her duties? That sent her into a tail spin. Leaving with Angel wasn't a conscious decision, she needed to leave to try to figure out what was going on and he went with her. The fact that he was able to put his two cents in before anyone else has given Buffy a really bad first impression of Spike.

05/28/2013 02:40 pm
It Begins Again (Ch 7)         

Wow, Buffy is a complete moron in this fic.  LOL!!  She leaves with Angel even after Giles stated he had raped, tortured, and murdered a young girl.  Plus the knowledge that Spike hadn't even been with Angel for more than 2 weeks, and she's going to assume anything Angel says is correct?  The guy was stalking her, didn't help in LA so she burned down a gym and ended up in a mental institution, and now she's sitting down having coffee.  I honestly despise the Buffy in this story and wish she'd fall in love with Spike and he rebuffs her.  That is the least she'd deserve.

She's a sixteen year old girl, new to town with no real friends, trying to run from a destiny she doesn't want. So far Angel is the only one who has really tried to be friendly towards her. And like most 16 y/o she is great at hearing only what she wants to hear. Angel has a soul, that must make him a good guy.

Things are coming a little fast for Buffy to process right now. She really doesn't want to be the slayer, but the idea that she could be replaced so easily is off putting. One vamp introduced himself to her (granted he left some stuff out!) the other doesn't want to be in the same room with her. She knows nothing about Spike and his soul so she has to choose who to trust and right now Angel wins.

Don't hate her, feel sorry for her, she is a young girl who is overwhelmed right now and doesn't know where to turn.

05/26/2013 08:36 pm
It Begins Again (Ch 7)         

Silly, silly girl, I know she's young, but she sounds like a fool. She needs to see what Spike and the Scoobs have been doing while she's been sat on her arse. Super update.

She was kind of self involved but then what teenager isn't? From Buffy's point of view slaying has ruined her life. She was tossed into a mental institution, her parents divorced, she was kicked out of school and had to move from LA to a crappy little town where they want her to slay again. She's not having any of it right now.

05/05/2013 10:56 am
An Unwelcome Arrival (Ch 6)         

So Angel's arrived, that can't be good, though I am looking forward to seeing him get his arse handed to him. He's in for a shock this time round, Spike's a seasoned warrior and he's the wannabe hero. It's good Buffy's been having those dreams, she's less likely to become obsessed with Angel if she has a mystery dream guy to drool over. Roll on that meeting. I'm not surprised Joyce is suspicious of the Powers intent, she's nobody's fool. Looking forward to more, super update.

Angel may still be Spike's grand-sire but Spike has all the experience this time. Dreams or no dreams our girl can be stubborn when there are things she doesn't want to deal with. Joyce doesn't trust the Powers at all. She might be proud of her daughter but that doesn't mean this is what she wants for her either.

04/06/2013 03:17 pm
Secrets Told (Ch 5)         

Wow, could Buffy have been more of a bitch, she seems to be channeling Cordelia. Willow and Xander never saw this side of her in canon, can't see them placing her on a pedestal this time 'round. She has a lot of fence mending to do and also a bit of growing up. No Slayer does not equal no evil. Good to see Joyce and Dawn in the mix, Gile's is right they're sitting ducks and needed to know the score. Looking forward to lots of cocoa evenings. Super update.  

She's not the same Buffy we remember. She hates being Chosen but she's a little put out that she can be replaced so easily. (Exactly how Giles planned!) I know Buffy tried to keep Joyce in the dark in canon but I always thought that was such a bad idea. Darla was able to get to Joyce in canon because Joyce was clueless.

03/24/2013 02:53 am
A New Start with Old Frenemies (Ch 4)         
Please update. I have enjoyed every word and syllable. It's a complete change from other alternate and time travel stories, it so unique, you got me checking everyday for updates. 
Thank you so much! New chapter in about 2 weeks. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

03/09/2013 01:50 am
A New Start with Old Frenemies (Ch 4)         

This is such a great change from most of the other stories I have read - super nice to have something this different.  And I love your idea of the alternative D Buffy's Soul wanting nothing more than to connect again with her Spike.  Good Job!

Thanks! I'm going for a not quite time travel AU plot. Hope I get it right!

03/05/2013 08:45 pm
A New Start with Old Frenemies (Ch 4)         

Yaaay, super update. I can't wait to see how you get the Scoobs to bond with Spike. I like the idea of them being friends with him before Buffy. I know Spike always liked Willow and she was really sweet when he tried and failed to bite her. Without the death threats and kidnappings, Xander has little real reason for hating Spike. He loves super heroes and Spike's definately up there with the best. Looking forward to seeing how Buffy takes to being left out of the loop. She didn't seem to like it when she was told she'd been replaced. She seems to think that because she's having a break, so is evil. I wonder if she can stand aside while people are dying around her. Which is like every day at Sunnydale High. 

Thanks! I always thought that Xander and Willow could be friends with Spike if all the badness of the death threats and broken bottles never happened. Buffy really is living in fantasy land. Evil doesn't stop just because you want it to (human or demon!). She wanted normal.. So she's getting a big whomping taste of it and she isn't liking it very much. Not only that but she's still a young slayer and all new to this. She has very little experience so far and only the knowledge that Merrick passed on. So trusting demons? Not something that would come easily. You can stick your head in the sand all you want but sometimes fate yanks you back to the real world, eventually!

03/05/2013 01:37 am
A New Start with Old Frenemies (Ch 4)         
Love it!  I hope Giles's strategy works without too much distress.  
Some things change some don't. Life is never easy for the chosen one. Or anyone living in Sunnydale for that matter!

Richard Kulisz
02/21/2014 12:23 am
An Overheard Conversation (Ch 3)         
# A soul might make it easier to empathize, find pity, even remorse but it was no guarantee that ones actions would be for the good. Desire, hate, love and jealousy were the feelings that powered decisions.

Actually, pity, remorse, desire, and hatred aren't feelings but emotions. Of the rest, jealousy is the only feeling, assuming it isn't an emotion. Love is a value state of +2 or +3, not a feeling. And empathy is none of those things but a principle: the one in slot 'Good neg-polar Submissive'.

You see it goes like this. There are principles. When you assign a number to a principle it becomes a value. When the value activates it becomes a feeling. And when feelings collide THEN you have emotions. And what causes decisions? Values. 2 steps removed from emotions.

When you stick a finger into an electrical socket you get electrocuted. And you don't get electrocuted because light bulbs give off light when electricity runs through them. You get electrocuted because the nuclear power plant 1000 miles away is pushing electrical current through a long wire.

The mountains cause the weather, not the weather the mountains. And values are very much mountains, whereas emotions are mere weather.

The billiard balls respond to the geometry of the pool table, they do not create the pool table.

02/07/2013 04:27 pm
An Overheard Conversation (Ch 3)         

I love Gile's in this fic, he's really trying to make amends. I like his plan for reuniting the Scoobs. Buffy was their introduction to the supernatural world, so everyone was measured against her. Interested to see how Xander reacts to Spike the super hero. It's good to have Dawn in this timeline and if she's only a year younger than Buffy, she'll be able to be a real member of the team. Great update. 

He only has a blurry overview but he is trying! Xander was infatuated with Buffy when they had first met and he never really got over that in my opinion. That was what made him the jerk he could be and Willow had a hard time going against her crayon buddy. No one will be able to treat Dawn like a little kid in this one! She will be a full card carrying member of the Scooby's!

02/07/2013 09:29 am
An Overheard Conversation (Ch 3)         
Really loving this please update soon.
Thank you! Next update in about three weeks!

01/06/2013 01:30 pm
The Past Revealed (Ch 2)         

Spiffin update, so glad to see Giles and Spike bonding. Angel was really big on the 'im a champion of the powers' gig. Wonder how he's going to represent himself this time around. Looking forward to more. 

The Powers may not have sent him but he is still full of himself. The I have a soul thing gives him a big head.

Buffy Convert
03/23/2014 03:41 pm
Life's A Bitch and Then You Die (Or Not)         
I hope this gets through. I read something you wrote a few months ago & really enjoyed it. I'd already forgotten that you'd warned there would be Bangel because I was so involved with Spike's big plan. This will likely be the only "talk" you get from me. It's like dinner. A polite person praises each course; a REALLY grateful eater just keeps eating.
Thank you!!!!  I'm happy to know you will be 'eating'! LOL

12/30/2012 07:36 pm
Life's A Bitch and Then You Die (Or Not)         
This is looking terrific!   Poor Spike.  Too many downers...
He's really not a happy camper right now!

12/23/2012 11:37 pm
Life's A Bitch and Then You Die (Or Not)         
great story idea - looking forward to more.
Thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest.

12/22/2012 10:47 am
Life's A Bitch and Then You Die (Or Not)         

Spike's not thinking right. I know past events have got him down, but leaving  the field clear for Angel is not the way. He's the one that caused all the misery in the first place. Angel's already stalking Buffy and she's a child, he is not a good guy. Hope Buffy has some say in what happens. Great start.

He really isn't. But from his perspective those two will always love each other and he's tired of not getting the girl.

12/21/2012 04:31 pm
Life's A Bitch and Then You Die (Or Not)         
Nice opening chapter.  So little has been done with Whistler in depth that it will be interesting to see his interactions with Spike, and how they work through this.
Thanks. He picked the wrong horse last time!