The Vamp Around the Corner by Rebcake

06/07/2018 07:16 am
Chapter 3         
Super Nice - wish there was more. 
But there is! The sequel, Buffy and the Bloodmoble, is still a WIP, but it's pretty close to done. 

08/31/2013 06:30 pm
Chapter 3         
Interesting way to start a friendship.

Well, even if they didn't know it before, they're fighting on the same side, and we all know that feelings can develop in the workplace!

Thanks for commenting!

02/19/2013 03:32 am
Chapter 3         
over so soon?  So sad.  I was hoping for that big fight  
I wrote that fight! I was thinkng of making this "a choose your own ending" fic, but cooler heads prevailed...

I can see more happening in the 'verse, but it would probably be prequel-ish. Thanks for reviewing!

01/12/2013 09:45 am
Chapter 3         
What a great story! Lovely. I loved it.
¡Yay! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it, and that you let me know!

01/11/2013 04:04 pm
Chapter 3         
Really love this story! You left me wanting more!
I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know!

I don't have any present plans for a sequel, but there may be some "prequels" at some point...

01/10/2013 12:24 am
Chapter 3         
Great! So many questions answered! I like this more mature Buffy who makes her own decisions. And now, of course, I have more (different) questions...
I haven't decided for myself if this Buffy is more mature or just less damaged. But yes, she's a bit more willing to make her own judgments on the personal stuff, since nobody has really got to her before.

I'm happy that your questions were answered! If you new questions have to do with what happens next...I don't know exactly. Buffy is about to fall hard for the first time, and that's always a little scary. But this Spike is unlikely to toy with her, so it should turn out okay. o/ Thanks for commenting!

06/07/2018 07:00 am
Chapter 2         
Always love reading works with Spike having money in contrast to his poverty stricken Sunnydale life mode.  Buffy and this totally accepting family of her Slayer life is a wonderful change from the series.  
I'm on the fence about whether I like Spike to have money in fic.  If it makes him a "perfect boyfriend", then it's a little much. However, in this fic, he's more likely to reason things out and less impulsive, so it seemed to me that he'd take advantage of the Treasure of Amara, at the very least. Especially as he's trying to live an integrated life. It's hard to blend in if you're squatting in a crypt.

I really wanted to explore a more emotionally healthy Buffy, and it seemed to me that having support from her family (and a less neglectful dad) were key to making that happen. Spike is the one with grief and abandonment issues, but I believe Buffy can help him out with that.

01/09/2013 11:56 am
Chapter 2         
I'm wondering whether Buffy staked Angel in L.A. which might explain why he looks familiar and Spike now has no family. That wouldn't explain what happened to Drusilla though, and who killed the Master as Buffy was in L.A. instead of Sunnydale. As we have Dawn, does that mean that Glory is hanging about somewhere? And I don't remember you mentioning Buffy's watcher. I have lots of questions...
Whoops, Spike's given himself away in a similar fashion to Angel in canon. What's Buffy going to do now?
All will be revealed in the next chapter, going up today. Well, all except the Glory business, as this story cuts away before she makes her appearance. As for the lack of Watcher, Buffy rather firmly fired the Council after her Cruciamentum, and has been going it alone-ish for a couple of years. (That's because they sent Wesley instead of Giles. Can you blame her?)

Thanks for commenting! I'm pleased that the story is making you wonder...but I do hope you aren't left wondering anything else by the end!

01/09/2013 12:44 pm
Chapter 1         
Hmm.  This is interesting.  Vamp, right?  No tingles for Biuffy?
Heh. I get this a lot, but I've got to say that Buffy's tinglies are largely a thing found only in fic, not so much on the show. In the very first episode, Giles tells her she ought to have them, but she uses other means to identify the vamp in the room — his (carbon) dated outfit. She also doesn't notice Angel is a vamp in months of association. This Buffy is a bit more all-business, and hasn't had a chance to pal around with any vamps. Things move fast in LA...

Thanks for reviewing, sweetie!

01/08/2013 07:59 pm
Chapter 1         

I like it, hope to read more.

And more you shall have! The next chapter is up, with the conclusion going up tomorrow. Thanks for commenting!

01/08/2013 01:48 pm
Chapter 1         
Original and intriguing. More please.
Sure thing! I'll put up the next chapte later today. Thanks for the kind comment. I always like to be original! And intriguing!

01/08/2013 03:03 am
Chapter 1         

Cute story - this is how they rope you - first its the laundry, then the homecooked meal, and the sexy neighbor and the next thing you know ...

Hee! You're so right! It must all be part of Joyce's nefarious plan to spend time with her daughter! Thanks for the kind words.

01/08/2013 01:36 am
Chapter 1         
TextI like it a lot! So far sounding good.
Oh, good! I will put up another chapter tomorrow, never fear!