A Different Fate by TammyDevil666

09/28/2014 07:40 pm
A Different Fate         
Loved it <3 Great job, 

07/13/2013 04:21 pm
A Different Fate         
Awesome!  Honestly never thought of that solution!


06/18/2013 07:54 pm
A Different Fate         
As fine a slice of 'if only' as I could wish for, good job.

06/07/2013 09:43 pm
A Different Fate         
Beautiful, plausible ending. Too bad you didn't work with Joss. I like your ending better

06/06/2013 11:52 pm
A Different Fate         

what a great tale! That would have been a perfect solution.

06/05/2013 04:30 pm
A Different Fate         
I always thought that it was daft for Buffy to send the Gem to Angel. Angelus would have had a field day with it! Excellent way of saving Spike from burning up!

06/05/2013 01:22 pm
A Different Fate         
Brilliant solution!  And so much easier for our heroes's  relationship without the suffering and angst.

06/05/2013 12:45 am
A Different Fate         
I hadnt thought of that,  very cool.  Would have been a perfect ending.

06/04/2013 09:46 pm
A Different Fate         
As soon as Chosen (and The Gift for that matter) aired I was screaming at Buffy for giving the ring to Angel. The giant forehead didn't want it and it really was too dangerous for him to have it. But he destroyed it!!! Spike would have lived if he had it.