The Unwilling Hero by slaymesoftly

03/17/2014 12:58 am
Chapters One - Four         
Is that a good "Oh My!" ?  :)  Thanks for reading.

11/25/2013 04:37 pm
Chapters One - Four         
As always, love the fun dialogue and interactions.   I got the ending to justify the title but you left us hanging. Will there be a sequel?  Really need some turnabout on Riley.  What a jerk!  
LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really just needed to get to a place where I could call a halt in time for Seasonal Spuffy. I may continue it for the next round, or even before then if I get bored or get a plot bunny I haven't already done.  Thanks for reading. :)

11/23/2013 08:56 am
Chapters One - Four         
You are my favorite author. I have been following your stories since you began. This story as all the others captures Buffy & Spike as we love them most. You always get them perfectly. Thank you and please keep writing Spuffy. I will be watching for a sequel to this story.
Thank you for your kind words. :)  I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and I'm sure it will be continued at some point. :)

11/15/2013 08:17 am
Chapters One - Four         

Super fun fic......

Thank you.:)

11/13/2013 10:52 pm
Chapters One - Four         
Good interaction and storyline. Spike seems a bit to friendly for this time, but who cares? It makes a good story :)
LOL  It really is difficult to posit Season 4 Spuffy without making both of them a bit OOC for the time.  But it's a popular thing to do. :)

11/13/2013 09:41 pm
Chapters One - Four         
Great read, well worth the long wait. Love the bickering and the tenderness. And can't help hoping there's more to come - definitely calls for it.
Hee. Thank you. I'm glad you liked them.  The may be more, but probably not until the next round of SS. :)

11/13/2013 04:30 pm
Chapters One - Four         
Love it! Can't help wanting more though...............
LOL  Thanks. Who knows? Could go further, obviously, but this was all I needed for SS.  Maybe for the next round I'll add to it. :)