The Reason by TammyDevil666

09/03/2014 02:03 pm
The Reason         
I really enjoyed your story. I hope you will feel well enough to continue writing while going through chemo. I have enjoyed and read everyone of your stories.

05/24/2014 09:33 pm
The Reason         
Great to see you back, and with such a sweet tale.  It sounds like you're fighting quite a battle, and I hope the waves of support and good wishes winging to you through the ether will help you know we are thing of you, brave woman that you are.

05/24/2014 04:58 am
The Reason         
Sweet!  On a personal note, stay strong.

05/24/2014 04:12 am
The Reason         
Welcome back.  Best of luck with your treatments.  This was a nice little Spuffy day brightener.