Giving Thanks by stuffandnonsense

12/02/2018 03:34 pm
Epilogue: Friday, November 30th         
Such a SAD story but wonderful - excellent work you had me wanting to cry for all three of them and their aunt. 
Thank you so much! And thank you even more for appreciating it, even though it is sad.

03/11/2015 01:02 pm
Chapter 5: Monday, November 26th - The Hospital         
Spike is so whupped, and Buffy is supersnot mode is slowly sliding downhill I fear.
This is my attempt at canon, so it was never going to have a happy ending. Gone still has to come after.

But I genuinely don't see it as Spike being whupped and Buffy being supersnot. She's dealing with the world of awful, and he wants her to stop hating him. And not because he's noble, but because he wants sex. I don't believe in Saint Spike....

02/04/2015 06:16 pm
Chapter 4: Thursday, November 22nd - Thanksgiving         
Nice depiction of the trainwreck that is a Buffy-Spike conversation.
Thank you!

01/06/2015 09:22 pm
Chapter 2: Wednesday, November 21st - Aunt Lolly's         
*snerk* This can only continue to go more and more wrong.
Tee hee

01/04/2015 11:42 pm
Chapter 1: Wednesday, November 21st - The Drive         

Wow.    A bit on the graphic side for me, but the endomg cut like a knife!   I really hated Buffy through most of Season 6, especially whenever she said the very thing she knew would hurt Spike the most.   Words like "you're just convenient" and "I'm using you, and it's killing me" definitely come to mind.    She never thought of his feelings, no matter how awful she was toward him, but he hated to ever hurt her, even with words; she knew that, and she still abused him as much as she liked.   Season 6 made me wonder which of them was supposed to be the monster.   Thanks for the sad/sweet ending.   And thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of us.

Aw, thanks so much, but this isn't over! There are more chapters coming.

My other story, Family, is my season 6 catharsis, if you want something slightly less PWP-ish that exorcises some season 6 ghosts.

01/03/2015 11:45 pm
Chapter 1: Wednesday, November 21st - The Drive         
This really isn't dark.  It's HOT!!  Frustration does things to people.    Love it!
Bless you

01/03/2015 05:15 am
Chapter 1: Wednesday, November 21st - The Drive         
Ah, this is on the dark side. Haven't read anything like that in quite a while.
I needed an outlet for dark thoughts....

01/03/2015 05:04 am
Prologue: Saturday, November 17th         
Well, a new one (to us?) and off to an interesting start. Not fluffy, huh? Well, neither were their lives much of the time.
New one to everyone

I wanted to be clear about it not being a happy rewrite. This is canonical, with all that that entails.