Let the Sun Fall Down by TammyDevil666

02/26/2015 11:26 pm
Chapter 8         
Nicely done by the Scoobies, good to have their support.

02/26/2015 02:15 am
Chapter 8         
Great conflict resolution!

02/16/2015 08:22 pm
Chapter 7         
Just as things in Buffy's unlife are looking up... Looking forward to the vanquishing of the baddie. 

02/16/2015 09:11 am
Chapter 7         
Xander and his idiot pranks -- will he ever grow up?  Not sure who it is with the taser though there are several possibilites... grrrrrrrrr

06/05/2015 03:23 am
Chapter 5         
i keep waiting for the other shoe to drop...

02/08/2015 05:41 am
Chapter 5         
Huge relief with the outcome of this chapter!

06/05/2015 12:53 am
Chapter 4         
too quick

06/05/2015 12:49 am
Chapter 3         
that was rather simple.

01/31/2015 10:29 am
Chapter 3         
Hopefully Buffy's actions will save a whole lot of grief, she is adapting wel ... so far!

06/05/2015 12:46 am
Chapter 2         
seems too easy...

06/05/2015 12:29 am
Chapter 1         
this one feels different from the other 'turned buffy stories' the ones I tend to avoid like plague.

01/27/2015 12:44 am
Chapter 1         
loving this so far, can't wait for more.

01/25/2015 08:20 pm
Chapter 1         
This looks interesting.  Normally, I stay away from Buffy turned ficl but this start is intriguing. 
Yeah, I tend to avoid those stories like the plague and hardly ever want to write them, but I promise this one won't be so bad.