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12/02/2018 07:37 pm
Set III: questions 31-35         
Perfect ending - 
What a lovely thing to say. Thank you!

08/20/2015 06:52 am
Set III: questions 31-35         
It seems to me that quite a few Buffy-Spike dialog stories just rehah angst without anything much to work off. You've found an imaginative angle, what with the questionaire, and for all that it could have easily degenerated into something simple, fluffy, and smutty, you've produced some unusual depths and character insights. Thanks for that, because I'll certainly keep reading.
Thank you so much. It was actually really hard for me to stop it from degenerating into something violent and angry, so I'm very, very glad to hear you felt it could have gone the other way! It was always really important to me that this story not include sex: I find I need a heroic suspension of disbelief to swallow Buffy and Spike falling into a healthy relationship - or bed, for that matter - within five years of Seeing Red. This story was also at least partly inspired by wanting to see what they would be like once they'd grown up a bit. The TV series did the growing up theme incredibly well, but that meant they could never really get there and be grown-ups. These people have done that.

08/09/2015 08:02 pm
Set III: questions 31-35         
Lovely ending. You got them to such a good place. Well done.
Thank you!

05/31/2015 06:46 pm
Set III: questions 25-30         
This is magnificent and disturbing... I'm assuming that Charlie is Charles Gunn and that he's a vampire?  i love charles.  I really didn't want him to die...  sigh. 

more soon, right?

There was an abandoned arc in the Angel comics where Charles Gunn was an unsouled vampire trying to do good, but then time was set back so he was never turned.

I'm being purposefully vague here about who Charlie is, but it struck me as highly likely that, at the very least, they'd know one other vampire that, like Harmony, basically didn't change at all post-turning.

05/13/2015 10:37 pm
Set III: questions 25-30         
And then....?   I love this. The do make wonderful friends because they have so much they've shared and know each other so well. The easy affection here makes me smile. And like Buffy, I'm hopeful....
There will be one last chapter for the last 6 questions. There may also be a sequel, because I wrote vast swathes about the loft in edit #3,000,002....

I have, in fact, been working steadily on this chapter since long before I posted the last one. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for loving it.

12/02/2018 05:19 pm
Set II: questions 13-18         
This questionnaire idea is a great plot element for exploring their history with clarity and truth - wonderful story and exploration of both characters.  So glad I decided to read this.
Thanks so much! I'm very glad you decided to read it too, and even gladder you took the time to review.

05/31/2015 05:01 pm
Set II: questions 13-18         
people who have conversations like these... they discover real intimacy....
Exactly what I was going for Thanks for your review

02/26/2015 10:44 pm
Set II: questions 13-18         
Nice addition. They're getting there, aren't they?  It's so sad that after all this time, they seem to be together, and yet they aren't happy about it. I hope they workd this out.
Thank you! I always felt like they'd need a few years of just *being* before they could start to deal with anything, because it was hard and bad and awful, even if there was love there, too.

This is my cheery fic, honest

05/31/2015 04:25 pm
Set I: questions 1-12         
complicated doesn't even begin to describe these two, does it? 
I've always felt uncomfortable with spuffy stories set within 1-2 years after Seeing Red, and struggle to believe anything under 5. They had to make a friendship happen first, before anything else could, and they both had to grow up. So, this.

02/21/2015 04:08 pm
Set I: questions 1-12         
Totally loving this story and seriously disappointed that it's not complete.  Please, please, please finish the story!
Thanks! I only started writing it a week ago - wait a bit before you get too disppointed!

02/15/2015 08:59 pm
Set I: questions 1-12         
There's to be a "Set 2" I hope?  Well done.
Thank you! Set 2 is almost done; Set 3 is in the works.

All 36 questions are publicly available by googling "Dr Aron's 36 questions to fall in love".

02/15/2015 10:32 am
Set I: questions 1-12         
Wonderful repartee -- I loved it.
Thank you so much!