The Gentleman Returns by slaymesoftly

05/18/2015 03:15 pm
Well, in spite of not being fond of dub con, I do like this.  I think it is actually more true to the nature of an evil creature of the night than "I've never raped anyone" pure demon Spike...  Even if it wasn't his favorite activity, evil demons are... well, evil. 

Thanks for an interesting take on an early series Buffy/Spike.

I'm glad it worked for you. The original story, being a semi pwp, it wasn't that important that Spike not be evil. Although I did have a hard time making him completely evil.... I'm quite sure he had his way with more than one woman/girl in his 125+ years as a vampire.   It became a bit more problematic as he and Buffy made their truce and began to develop a relationship, but I probably made her a bit more forgiving than she would have been in canon.

Thanks for reading.

05/18/2015 08:21 am
A fine read.
Thank you. :)

05/17/2015 07:51 pm
Aw, there's lovely. Shame they had to go back to Real Life.

Now I'm looking forward to the next sequel...........
LOL Glad you liked their happy ending.  Um... The Gentleman Gets Chipped?  Not sure that has much of a ring to it. LOL I think we're done with this verse now. But who knows? I thought I was done when I wrote the original ficlet so many years ago. :)

05/17/2015 03:40 pm
I do love a happy ending... hint hint... 
LOL I have actually paid work to do today. When that's done, I'll post the last chapter. :)

05/16/2015 05:26 pm
Love this story so much! 
Yay! :)

05/16/2015 12:42 am
Well, that went swimmingly.  I love it when Joyce gets her slayer on.  I have this theory... if she survived the anuerysm she would become a slayer in season seven when they activated the slayer...  she had this 'thing' we saw in her when she went after Spike...  she had big brass ovaries...  which are much better than balls, after all, they're tough AND protected.  Only a woman has those!

LOL  So very true. :)

05/16/2015 12:33 am
Oh dear.  The council bit off more than they could possibly chew.  never bet against Angel... or Angelus either.  wankers. 
They were very foolish.

05/15/2015 02:05 am
Goodness! Didn't see that coming!

Can't be sorry to see the back of Angel/Angelus though.

Love the way this is going!
:) Hope you enjoy the rest of it. Thanks for reading.

05/16/2015 12:23 am
Morton's?  so very banal.  so very much like the council.  sigh.
Seems safe. :)

05/14/2015 07:30 pm
So glad Giles came good. 


05/16/2015 12:10 am
I wouldn't take a bet against Joyce.  After all, she did survive a master vampire her first time out!
Joyce can be fierce. :)

05/12/2015 11:56 pm
Yay! I do likeTakeCharge Joycie!
Thank you. :)

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05/12/2015 04:15 am
Glad to see you continuing with this series. :)
Thanks. :)

05/11/2015 04:27 pm
Go Joycie!

Angel's a pillock.
Joyce is pretty fierce when trying to protect her daughter... Angel's always a pillock of one sort or another.

05/15/2015 11:49 pm
Oh dear.  Angel lies.  that's not gonna end well for him, is it?
Nor should it... :)

05/11/2015 01:28 am
Giles is going to be a prick again isn't he. Glad you are posting again I missed your stories so much I have to reread everything you have written.
Giles doesn't come out smelling like a rose, but he's not quite as stinky as he could be....

05/10/2015 11:21 pm
I love the idea of Joyce conspiring with Spike to keep Buffy safe. Just as long as Buffy gets to kill her Cruciamentum vampire herself, her self-confidence would take a knock if she had to be rescued.
Not to worry....