Independence Day by pfeifferpack

07/06/2015 02:54 pm
Chapter 4         
I loved the independence declaration and I love the sister bonding.  I also love the way you linked her grief with Xander's and showed the commonality of their regrets.

I did think the ending felt abrupt, however.  While I liked it as the beginning of an ending something more was needed for the cherry on top.  Something that conveys the fireworks within, for example, or even a (one paragraph long would be fine) epilogue showing Buffy off with Spike finding slayers or something similar.  I think that there was enough of Buffy kow towing in the past that showing her charting her own course with Spike would not go amiss!  And it doesn't need to be much longer than this review!

Great to read you again!

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07/05/2015 02:47 pm
Chapter 4         
Ahhh.  I needed that for an ending and you delivered spectacularly!

07/04/2015 11:20 am
Chapter 4         
Absolutely divine, my dear, the perfect little pick me up!  Thank you so much.

07/04/2015 01:56 am
Chapter 4         
Great story, complete with a great ending. Also, love seeing my hometown in Spuffy fanfic.

07/05/2015 02:33 pm
Chapter 2         
Neat insertion to get that Music Man reference.  That is one of my fave quotes from Spike.