Forever and Always by TammyDevil666

12/10/2015 02:40 am
Forever and Always         
she seems as mad as dru... but that won't stop spike from caring...

believable outcome.

I never did know why the stupid writers wrote it like they did, but I guess they had to keep spike on the show, so they couldn't get them back together... but it wasn't true to who spike was. it was kind of like when giles left b/c of ASH needing to be in England... the writing left people doing things they'd never actually do...  but i could see buffy giving up if she found out Spike didn't even bother to call her... how could she not feel abandoned, especially after sunnydale was such a mess with everyone abandoning her... 

08/13/2015 02:48 pm
Forever and Always         
It oozes depressing but I'm glad you ended with a note of hope for the future.