Pet by Sigyn

Nina T. (trilliumjente)
11/17/2016 07:09 pm
I re-read this amazing and beautiful story of yours again yesterday, and it made me cry during the last couple of chapters, as always. I don't think I have ever read such a wonderfully touching exploration of unconditional love as this. You are a gifted writer, and I enjoy all your stories, which display the same perfect mix of fantasy and real-life emotional truths that the show employed (perhaps even better, especially in this story). I read a lot of Spuffy fanfiction, but there are only a few authors who just nail it for me, because they are true to the characters, write tight storylines, and write with maturity and good grammar and spelling (nothing pulls me out of a good story as immediately as misspelled words or misused apostrophes, unless it is moon-eyed, teenagery puppy romance). Of all the talented fanfiction authors out there, you are probably my favorite. Are you still writing new stories? I think this is my favorite Spuffy fanfiction of all time. Thank you for writing and sharing it.

11/29/2015 04:24 pm
Wow!  Such intricate, deep soul searching from each of them and it was sorely needed for both of them.   Amazing!   Truly enjoyed this fix!   I just hope that Buffy managed to move Spike from his risky position in the room. 
I think they sorted it out. After all, she's the slayer, and he's no fledgeling. I think they can keep him alive. (And his coat is right there -- he can always throw it over his head!) I'm so very glad you liked this fic, and thanks for all the reviews. Sorry it took so long to respond -- didn't catch them all at first.

11/28/2015 05:21 pm
Bad timing on Buffy's part in insisting on THE BITE so soon after dumping that info on Spike with his mind going around and around.   You did a fantastic job of pulling together the realities of past and present. 
Well, it was a little intense, but I thought she needed it. Maybe it helped Spike too, given his revelations after.

11/24/2015 04:18 pm
"He couldn't give her what she needed so he took everything else away."  Wow! Finally, some relief for Buffy.
Well, she's free now, but... there are repercussions to all this.

11/21/2015 03:37 pm
Sick but  Drusilla sees everything.
Yeah, she's a clever one.

11/10/2015 04:08 pm
Even though Buffy has experienced Angelus,  I find it astounding that she was so ignorant about this part of him.   It kind of hits home that she is still putting Angel on a pedestal subconsciously. 

I think she just thought Spike would have told her before.

11/06/2015 08:11 pm
This is one of the most powerful chapters ever!  It went from eroticism to shock in an instant.  Love the imaginative language "bon bons and pomegranates" and  "cracks of vermillion" especially. 
This chapter kind of... yeah, this one hit me, too. It's gonna get really dark in a  minute.

10/30/2015 03:00 pm
Loved the kick to the blood doll! Glad to see that Sarah has crossed an important hurdle which could possibly prolong her life.  I really do not think the sex was particularly disturbing as there was an effort to give pleasure.  As she said, she would have welcomed it if she were in her own body. 
Gotta get that creep out of her face, eh?

10/26/2015 04:31 pm
Feeling just a bit awkward being the current lone reviewer on the board.. but I just have to say that this story is AMAZING!    I love that Buffy/Sarah is getting to Spike and I hope she survives the next 10 days. 
This story was posted on EF a while ago, and there's a lot of shared readers on EF and BSV. My bet is, most of the prolific reviewers already caught this story there, but I thought the readers here deserved a chance to see it, particularly given the huge amounts of bloodplay in this story. I'm glad you think this story amazing. I did spend a lot of time on research and... well, I put as much energy into this novel (let's be frank, that's what it is) as I would into one of my published works. It just seemed an important story to tell properly. Shame it's so tangled into the characters that I can never sell it, but hell, great gift for fandom, eh? Thank YOU for reviewing! There's about fifty people reading the story here (unless you're clicking on each chapter fifty times -- unlikely) and that's more than enough for me. I'm chuffed either way.

10/20/2015 05:48 pm
You really have a way with describing how demonic Drusilla truly is in her insanity. 
Ain't she creepy?

10/17/2015 10:22 pm
Looks like Sarah has a hard row to hoe to survive...
Long and slow.

10/15/2015 09:25 pm
Good bonding between Buffy and Nikki.  I hope they find a solution around Crowley.  
I always thought these two slayers would get on. Hell, she got on with Faith before she went all evil on her.

10/14/2015 01:47 pm
Oh, boy. Vengeance is a bitch.  Buffy really should have listened to her instincts.   The sense of suspense is palpable.  Thanks!
Well, she didn't want to get between Spike and his closure... consequences are a bitch, aren't they.

10/11/2015 04:34 pm

An amazing first chapter!    I particularly like the depths of emotion and the explanation of the closeness to the surface of the demon.   Looking forward to the meeting with Crowley.

Thank you very much! I'm a big believer in Spike with his depths of emotion, but still very demonic. The meeting with Crowley gets... creepy.