Covered by Sigyn

01/08/2016 01:55 am
Not sure if it's a first chapter or a completed piece, but liked it a lot either way!
It's completed -- forgot to flick the button the first time. I'm so glad you liked it!

01/03/2016 05:41 pm
You voiced exactly what I felt about Drusilla in the latter part of S2.  She took control showing that she was not completely crazy.  It seemed to be something she could control as the occasion needed it.    Looking forward to the next chapter.  
Oops! (Forgot to mark that one as complete) I write a lot of oneshots, and I'm putting them up here in semi-chronological order. I say semi, 'cause if I write another one that comes out of sequence, I'll squeeze it in all anyhow. But yes, I always felt Dru was getting better, and once she was capable of being without Spike... she let him go. Don't know if it was altruistic on her part or not, (don't know if she could know, given her saint-like/evil-demon/insane-woman state) but that's what happened.