Destruction by Sigyn

02/03/2019 07:30 pm
Loved reading this again - and I SO WISH you would take up this and create one of your great sagas using the theme of Amara Gem Creation history, the PTB taking Spike's idea of the power of the gem and using it become a chosen warrior of PTB.  I think you could create a great Spike-Buffy journey using this as a take off point.   PLEASE think about it.  In the meantime I'm going to make this one of my Spuffy Valentine Banners for 2019 - hope you don't mind. 

05/28/2016 10:54 pm
wow.  dark.  dark and true
Yeah, I always liked Angel and Spike going at it.

01/09/2016 05:13 pm
Powerfully written!  Every sentence packs a punch.   The differences between Spike and Angel are clear.   Spike is right.  Angel revels in destruction.  It is his modus operandi whether he is aware of it or not. 
And he can't bloody STOP destroying anything. Bloody Angel...