My Boyfriend Has Fangs by slaymesoftly

01/23/2016 08:22 am
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So good need more
Thank you. :)

01/20/2016 10:36 pm
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Loves me some fluffy Spuffy goodness!
We aim to please....

01/20/2016 01:48 am
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Cute thing, with great voicing. I've no idea where you could take it, plotwise--you're the best judge of that, and you do great action plots!--but it could maybe move forward by having Buffy or Spike meet the various Scoobies at different times, and get their indepth reaction to the pairing. Just a thought.

Of course, you probably shouldn't listen to me. If I'd written it, it would have been a soporific mood piece with an alarm app set to wake the reader every five minutes. So my opinions are suspect.
LOL  Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, it could go either way - more interaction with other characters, or just taking on the Trio together.  We'll see...

01/19/2016 12:57 pm
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This is like when Buffy and Spike get away together, without the acctual getting away part. It was nice seeing them having a place for themself.

I think they needed a place like that - other than his crypt.

01/19/2016 11:43 am
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Happy smiles here -  such a treat to see an authentic possibility truly working out.  Lovely ...
Thank you. :)

01/18/2016 02:59 pm
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Oh... as usual... if only..... 
That little question mark on the 'The End' intrigues me. If you have a plot bunny for a continuation... pleeeease go with it!
I don't so much have a bunny as just the feeling that this didn't really go anywhere yet and obviously a different relationship with Spike would change the rest of that season, so it's possible there will be other ficlets when I think of something from the season that it would be fun to twist with them being a couple.

01/18/2016 09:27 am
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Cute vignette. :)