Hunted by Sigyn

02/24/2016 01:30 am
This is awesome. Preach it! and beautifully/powerfully written as well. 

Spike doing what he did so well. Telling it like it his advantage. Angel had his ways, Spike has his. And Spike saying "at least I admit I'm evil" is just as much part of his game as Angel saying he's not. 
It is part of his game, that whole evil line. Never could figure out if both of them knew how gravely they were misleading people...

02/23/2016 07:47 pm
Spike is very good at exposing the uncomfortable truths that others wish to hide from. 
Isn't he though?

01/25/2016 12:16 am
Oh, wow.  Honesty can be a bitch.  Another powerful one. 
Didn't need to lie, did he.

01/24/2016 03:34 am
Well done!  Thanks for sharing this one on here.  Poor Buffy.
Poor Buffy indeed. It's really annoying when people point out truths you don't want to know.