True Bloody Love by Sigyn

02/24/2016 01:19 am
True Bloody Love          
I like to see Harmony in a fic, and enjoyed reading his thoughts about her, how he uses her etc. Also found the idea that he wants Buffy sexually/romantically since he can't kill her, transfered the energy so to speak. 

Buffy can be such a bitch. Which she has every right to be, him being a vampire and all and going out of his way regularly to annoy her. Good thing he's around becuase she needs someone to take her inner bitch out on. Quipping to fledglings doesn't quite cut it
Nope, Buffy really did need Spike to beat up. I always thought that.

02/23/2016 08:03 pm
True Bloody Love          
Very believable. Can't help feeling sorry for Harmony in S5. Spike treated her so badly, even though she basically asked for it. Mind you, Spike received exactly the same treatment from Buffy in S6.... because karma.....
I actually quite like Harmony, so I'm never TOO cruel to her in a fic.

01/31/2016 04:02 pm
True Bloody Love          
Yep, Spike logic!
Ya-huh! Gotta be eternal devotion, there.

01/30/2016 04:59 am
True Bloody Love          
Loved this. Such a believable look at Spike's possible/probably reaction when he woke up. Good job!