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02/25/2016 03:31 am
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My heart aches for Spike. I want to cuddle him and tell him to hang in there...
Yeah, hang in there, Spike. In a year or so you'll go through emotional hell, get used, have your heart broken, go through pretty much literal hell, and completely change your sense of self! So... it all gets worse from here!

02/23/2016 07:12 pm
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Dark, but very believable reactions from Spike.
That's Spike for you.

02/15/2016 08:29 pm
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This is one of my favorite scenes in the show.  Glad you fleshed out what was going on with Spike.
Thanks. It's one of my favorites, too. I find many of the Bronze scenes to be very important, dynamically. Probably intentional on the part of the writers.

02/12/2016 12:22 pm
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You portrayed Spike's mental turmoil perfectly.

02/12/2016 04:14 am
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Very well done.    I could almost see those thoughts going through Spike's mind.   It helped that I had recently re-watched this episode earlier this week.    Definitely a job well done.
Thanks! I was really trying to just hide inside and watch. I'm glad you liked it.