I Would Still Have Loved You by slaymesoftly

02/27/2018 06:11 am
Chapter 29         
I so enjoyed this - it's a great time travel/resurrection story and I am very glad that you made the decision to go with the length required to meet your standards of excellence.  Wish the sequel was completed now.  Well, I will just have to await each new chapter and I know that I can trust you not to leave us waiting for  very long time between new chapters.  

This is a second reading as I wanted to read both first and second parts together - 

BTW - good that you are using only the five note breaks for scenes as I am listening to this story, even with the AI voice, while working on huge files clean up project - some writers use full line breaks that make the Voice AI Read a lot more troublesome.
I'm glad you enjoyed the second read. Posting the next chapter of the sequel now. 

LOL I have absolutely no idea what any of the BTW stuff means, but I'm glad my story works for you.

01/25/2017 07:01 pm
Chapter 29         
I understand your foreword on this that this was a good place to end it considering how far in the future you would have to go.  Looking forward to the next tale in this series. 
Thanks. It just would have gone on forever and become so unwieldy if I'd tried to take it all the way back to the future.

01/06/2017 06:56 pm
Chapter 29         
I'll look forward to the new story - it's a treat to see Buffy and Spike really working together.  Thanks for writing.
Thanks for reading and commenting. New story may take a while... but it's in the works (mentally, at least)

01/04/2017 06:28 pm
Chapter 29         
And that's Jonathan neatly dealt with. :)
Love the little bit of talky clearing the air, and the Spuffiness to round out the story.
Looking forward to the S5 story....
Thanks. Don't hold your breath! It could be a while. :)

12/17/2016 10:13 pm
Chapter Twenty-eight         
You nailed Faith but glad to see that Spike could see through her bravado.
Well, even in canon, they were often pretty similar. No secrets there. :)

12/13/2016 12:52 pm
Chapter Twenty-eight         
That went surprisingly well for all concerned!  Excellent.
Thank you. :)

12/12/2016 12:52 am
Chapter Twenty-eight         
Neat way to deal with Faith. Now she's Angel's problem. Tee hee.
Yep - hope he's ready for it. :)

11/18/2016 08:44 pm
Chapter Twenty-seven         
Positively heart warming to have them on the same page -- long may it last!!
Thank you. Let's hope so!

11/17/2016 06:31 pm
Chapter Twenty-seven         
You already know how much I  love this.... :)

11/12/2016 05:53 pm
Chapter Twenty-six         
Interesting bit regarding extra dimensional magic!  Good thing they were on it.  Wonder how many more close calls will they get?
It's hard to tell. They no sooner take care of one thing, then something new pops up! This changing things isn't as easy as they expected it to be. :)

10/31/2016 12:30 pm
Chapter Twenty-six         
'Energized' works for me!

10/30/2016 09:34 pm
Chapter Twenty-six         
All seems to be going well so far....
So far, so good. 

10/18/2016 07:25 pm
Chapter Twenty-five         
Well that could have gone worse and of course Xander had to be his annoying self but trust Anya to put everything in perspective!
I love writing Anya. :)

10/17/2016 02:27 pm
Chapter Twenty-five         
Under the circumstances, that went better than it could have done.
*nods* All things considered. I didn't want to make Xander the next problem. :)

10/17/2016 02:48 pm
Chapter Twenty-four         
Grr.  Riley's still an SOB..
He is what he is - and he isn't in love with Buffy yet in this timeline, so less likely to believe what she says.

10/05/2016 06:30 pm
Chapter Twenty-four         
I think Riley is going to be more trouble -- ugh.
He may try....

10/05/2016 04:16 pm
Chapter Twenty-four         
Whew! Great Spuffy lovin'. 
Willow is still a little flummoxed, but she's making a real effort to be accepting. Good for her!
And Riley is really annoying me. He thinks that just because he's interested in Buffy, that she should be equally interested in him, and let him into all aspects of her life? They barely know each other at this point! Something tells me that he might cause trouble...
Riley really hasn't grasped the change in his situation, it seems. I think he's figured out Buffy has cooled off a lot, but he still thinks he's in charge of things vis a vis vampires and demons. Slow learner...

09/28/2016 05:53 pm
Chapter Twenty-three         
Darn it!  Riley's still around to be a sticky wicket...
For now, he is. :)

09/27/2016 09:52 am
Chapter Twenty-three         
Ooh what a tangled web - can't wait to see how Xander reacts, happily there's not much more damage he can do with his big blabber mouth ... I think!
Maybe he could use it to apologize to Buffy and Spike?  Nah, that's probably a bit too much to hope for. *sigh*

09/26/2016 02:52 pm
Chapter Twenty-three         
Well, Xander won't be as much of a loose canon when they tell him, but now it looks as though Riley is likely to become a real problem.
Excellent idea to bring Anya in!
Hee! Thanks. We'll see....

09/28/2016 05:09 pm
Chapter Twenty-two         

Hoo boy Xander can be very controlling.  Where does he get off knowing all of Willow's acquaintances?!
He's feeling a bit left out, now that Buffy and Willow are college girls. :)

09/17/2016 12:53 pm
Chapter Twenty-two         
Thank goodness Willow talked (or rather, wrote) some sense into herself...
Poor Xander, so totally out of the loop and resenting it. And Anya is so observant that she's getting suspicious.
They're going to have to tell Xander & Anya very soon, or the situation is going to become unearable. 
Yep - really no way to avoid it. Just hoping it's not going to be too late...

09/17/2016 12:39 pm
Chapter Twenty-two         
So Willow took her own advice thankfully, could be the turnaround she needed.  Now for Xander ... good luck with that!
Xander may require a little soothing... and scolding...

02/14/2018 06:49 am
Chapter Twenty-one         
TextI am having trouble understanding your time travel explanations about whether they will remember each other when they hit the future. Why wouldn't they? they going forward together to the future so it should be alright. And then there is Winston. Would not his future be totally different than the future they came from? And I could go on but right now that will be enough. JUst to mention this is the 2nd reread.
They should be, but the trouble with writing time travel is it's hard to avoid those paradoxes - if you change what you're changing, and it had a lot to do with where you are now, will you still be there after the change? And yet, if you aren't there, then you won't be sent back and the change wo't happen, and.... yeah. It's one big annoying loop of if this happens, then that didn't, and if that didn't, then you don't need to do this...
Winston's future was different from their's, and it was based on something they did when they first got there that they didn't even notice or do on purpose. And of, course it's getting more different by the day as they continue changing things. None of them - Buffy, Spike, or Winston are returning to the same world they left. Winston understood that and accepted it when he agreed to go back and help them. I'm assuming his world wasn't all that great either if he was willing to give it up to make sure they accomplish what they need to accomplish.  Perhaps we'll learn more about it in the next installment. :)

09/17/2016 12:11 am
Chapter Twenty-one         
Poor clueless Angel.

So delighted with the Spuffy feelings talk!
Yay! Thank you.

09/10/2016 04:25 pm
Chapter Twenty-one         
Angel came, Angel clunked, Angel left.  Perfect.  And topped off with a nice bit of honesty and domesticity ... I have great hopes for them.
They've got some work to do, but who knows? As long and as well as they've known each other, they really have never had a relationship like this before. Going to take some getting used to.

09/10/2016 01:27 pm
Chapter Twenty-one         
I would have preferred Buffy to punch Angel on the nose, but kicking him in the knee was almost as good. :)
He's really going to put 2 and 2 together from what they said, isn't he? I wonder whether he's going to make 4 or 5, and what he might do about it?
And yes, to live together happily, both Buffy and Spike are going to have to rein in their rampant insecurities. That's going to be hard!
I suspect Angel will figure it out eventually....

09/04/2016 06:32 pm
Chapter Twenty         
Love the bickering and oblivious Harmony!  Ugh on the appearance at the end LOL!
LOL Had to happen sooner or later, didn't it? :)

09/03/2016 07:16 pm
Chapter Twenty         

09/03/2016 06:36 pm
Chapter Twenty         
How nice of Angel to come for a visit, the cherry on the cake that was Harmony!
LOL  What's an evening out without encounters with exes?

08/29/2016 05:03 pm
Chapter Nineteen         
Getting more and more annoyed with Gile's attitude.   The best thing about this chapter was the banter at the end. 
Well, Giles is having to make some major adjustments, not just in his thinking, but in his place in Buffy's life. Give him time. :)  Glad you liked their chatting. :)

08/29/2016 12:39 am
Chapter Nineteen         

08/28/2016 11:20 pm
Chapter Nineteen         
Winston keeping Giles guessing is good fun -- an interesting character.  Hoping Spike and Buffy enjoy a little time for themselves in their new home.
Hee! They're so domestic it's boring. I'm trying to give them something interesting to do. :)

08/27/2016 07:36 am
I have always loved your work! I am so happy to see Spuffy being kep alive and kicking in 2016! Please update soon! This is yet another great one from you! 
Thank you. I'm working on it. :)

08/12/2016 08:08 pm
Ooh cliffhanger!  We really need to see that letter. Hopefully, it smacks Giles somewhat off his high horse.
We can hope. He's kinda got his nose out of joint, though....

08/12/2016 01:59 pm
I love that Giles sees Buffy and Spike's confidence, in themselves and each other, as arrogance and in Buffy's case, misplaced trust because her heart has led her astray.
Typical reaction from the Giles of that period, not having witnessed their gradual maturing and the experiences which have led them to this point. 
Can't wait to see what he wrote to himself, and his reaction to it!
I'm glad you agree that he wouldn't have appreciated them at that time. :)

08/11/2016 10:47 pm
Good to see Giles is as crotchety as ever - I wonder if his future self letter with smooth things out a little...
We can hope....

07/19/2016 07:53 pm
Chapter Seventeen         
It will be really strange if Willow does not connect with Tara.  I am sincerely hoping that that will not be the case. 
Well, she's met her already, the question is, will she be smart enough to want to be with her? And will Tara be willing to be with someone so arrogant?

07/18/2016 10:00 am
Chapter Seventeen         
Winston is a very interesting chap, and a fine addition to the tale. 
Thank you. :)

07/12/2016 01:51 pm
Chapter Seventeen         
I love Babble!Buffy!
Shame she had to delay giving Willow the letter. Hope that's not a Bad Thing.
Winston's future seems interesting... now I wonder how much will have been changed for him...
We probably won't know how much has changed for him (or anybody) until we get there, will we?

07/04/2016 03:16 pm
Chapter Sixteen         
Enjoyed!   I trust that Winston's presence will be elaborated more on later? Also looking forward to Buffy's talk with Riley.
Yes. Since Winston is stuck there (probably), he's going to become better known.

06/27/2016 11:41 pm
Chapter Sixteen         
Let's hope that's the end of the Initiative - pity it's not au revoir Riley at the same time.  Buffy and Spike coped with the horror really well, slip ups not surprising under the circumstances!
If you think about it, it would not be as easy thing for him to revisit that place. Wonder if Buffy can calm Riley down without blowing his mind even more by telling him she time-traveled....

06/27/2016 11:15 pm
Chapter Sixteen         
I hope Willow heeds the letter from her future self. I dread to think what might happen if she doesn't believe it.
And now for some awkwardness with Riley...
Hopefully, she will believe it is from her future self and take heed.

06/27/2016 11:31 pm
Chapter Fifteen         
Big trouble looming with Willow - always my favourite baddie!
She can be sooooo bad if she's in the wrong mood. :)

06/21/2016 12:14 am
Chapter Fifteen         
Wow, Willow is being pretty truculent and high on herself.  Fantastic chapter!  Wondering why Winston was sent back?   And I'm not understanding what equation was taken out?
We will learn more about Winston, but what he was saying was he was hoping to take Willow out of the equation. To prevent her from resurrecting Buffy - or whatever other dark magic she may get into. Leaving Buffy and Spike with only Glory to worry about and relieving Spike of his duty to prevent Willow from bringing Buffy back if it still goes badly. 

06/12/2016 11:51 pm
Chapter Fifteen         
Oh dear.. .Willow, you're not helping yourself now.... and inevitably there will be consequences....
For someone....

06/05/2016 01:20 pm
Chapter Fourteen         
I love they're being so frank with each other ... if only ...
Indeed. :)

06/05/2016 12:15 am
Chapter Fourteen         
I wonder who is watching them... and what they've seen... and whether it's going to lead to a 'review' such as in Checkpoint.
We'll see what we'll see.... :)

05/27/2016 05:30 pm
Chapter Thirteen         
Charming domesticity after the departure of the elephant in the room.  Love it.
Thank you.

05/27/2016 12:40 pm
Chapter Thirteen         
I almost feel sorry for poor bemused Riley. But only almost...
And another dose of reality for Joyce. On the whole, she's taking it rather well!
She may have a little meltdown later... but she's hanging in there when Buffy's watching. :)

05/16/2016 11:52 pm
Chapter Twelve         
Lovely Joyce reaction, very in character, and hopefully their plans will cover all eventualities...
We can hope!

05/15/2016 11:14 pm
Chapter Twelve         
Something tells me Joyce is going to have to sit down with a wee drinkie (or perhaps not such a wee one) and think big thoughts while all this sinks in...
LOL She very well might....

05/16/2016 11:44 pm
chapter Eleven         
Lovely interlude - just what was needed!
Thank you. :)

05/09/2016 05:13 pm
chapter Eleven         
What a wonderful way to get distracted.  Sounds as though they're going to be running the gauntlet...
Having to hide for a while could work out nicely for them. :)

05/06/2016 11:43 pm
Chapter Ten         
All in all, Buffy's handling this really well - perhaps a bit over-optimistic re Riley -  maturity is making a big difference.
She's really a very different person by this point in her life. Which may take some adjusting on the part of her friends and family...

05/06/2016 06:28 am
Chapter Ten         
I've been holding off reading until now, because I really prefer getting the full effect of a completed story (though I've made a few exceptions). I do really like the way you've preserved the tension here, what with a still-active Initiative, a very dangerous witch with self-entitlement issues, and Spike not having the Ring. (Or does he? I must have missed it, but I can't recall it being given to him.) It's interesting watching the future pair try to work out permutations of their actions. Well written, as always.
Um - I don't think you missed it. I think Ch 11 is when Buffy finally gets to the ring and gives it to him.   Thanks for reading - I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

05/05/2016 12:22 pm
Chapter Ten         
Time travel makes my brain hurt, but I can't help but be fascinated.
What can we change? What can't we change? What shouldn't we even try to change? Have we changed too much? What have we forgotten altogether?
And once the changes start taking effect... what will happen that we weren't expecting?
Can't wait...
Makes my brain hurt too. LOL  It's those unintended consequences that they have to worry about. Sometimes it's better the devil you know...

05/08/2016 05:02 pm
Chapter Nine         
I think after a bit more Giles's head will be spinning after all the dropped info sinks in that he's too shocked to utter a "Good Lord".
LOL I suppose that's possible. :)

05/06/2016 11:17 pm
Chapter Nine         
Such a very proper Giles, you've got his voice spot on.
Thank you!

04/29/2016 02:19 pm
Chapter Nine         
I do love it so much when mature, knowledgeable Buffy and genuinely helpful and supportive Soulful Spike utterly flummox earlier season Giles. It's one of the best parts of Time Travel fics. :)
LOL He's going to have some mental adjustments to make for sure. :)

04/25/2016 07:33 pm
Chapter Eigh         
Loving this!
Yay! :)

04/25/2016 12:16 pm
Chapter Eigh         
That was a sweet bit of homemaking with them both being so agreeablebut then the downer from Giles.  At least they had a couple of easy hours.
Easy hours may be a little harder to come by than they'd hoped, but they'll make some time here and there. :) Thanks for reading!

04/28/2016 07:26 pm
Chapter Seven         
Uh, that was kind of in Riley's face a bit? No way our heroes could have foreseen his reaction this time like this. 
No. I don't think it occurred to B uffy that they aren't quite in the same place in their relationship as they were when he first saw her fight in her timeline. Can't blame him for being suspicious.

04/21/2016 06:03 pm
Chapter Seven         
Ooh lovely trouble.  It will be a sad day if they can't outwit Dumbo.
:) We'll see. He may be a little too busy to worry about them for a while. :)

04/19/2016 05:09 pm
Chapter Seven         
Hope Willow really has 'got it'...
Well, the secret had to come out somehow...
I hope that the kerfuffle did start with Adam being destroyed. It would be inconvenient to say the least if he survived.
So happy Clem got out! 
And Riley really is a poophead, even after he witnessed Buffy & Spike taking out the demons, he still thinks she's a 'thing'. Nifty trick with the fyarl demon, Spike! 
Buffy, go get Spike's ring now. Riley will have it in for him too now, so he needs it! 
He might need it. Better safe than sorry... ;)

04/21/2016 05:58 pm
Chapter Six         
That call with the commandos was too close.
Might not have gone well... but there were two of them. ;)

04/12/2016 07:40 am
Chapter Six         
Can't help but think of Oliver - "Please sir, I want some more."  Nice chapter.  
Thank you. :)

04/11/2016 07:40 pm
Chapter Six         
Yeesh! What did they think Buffy was when they netted her?
Yup, Buffy has to break up with Riley before she can be with Spike. She's not the kind of girl to cheat. They haven't got serious yet, (or at least Buffy hasn't) so it shouldn't be too hard.

You might want to check the chapter. The first part of the Author's note at the beginning seems to be missing, then about half way through, a bit of Buffy's dialogue at the end of the exchange with Willow outside the dorm seems unfinished...
Buffy doesn't really need to break up  with Riley - but she has to figure out what to do that is going to cause the least change to the time line.  It would be Spike Buffy feels like she's cheating on (there go Riley's chances of getting laid - lol), but she's going to try to let Riley down easy.  
Thanks- yeah, when I copied I missed the first line/sentence. Thought I gone back and fixed it, but I guess I didn't. Ditto for that extra random J on Buffy's line. No idea where it came from. Typo on my part that I only caught on later posts. *sigh* Guess I'd better check them all.... Thanks again.

04/21/2016 05:37 pm
Chapter Five         
Good plan ...  though I can see that maybe nothing will stop Willow's hubris not it's already started.
Alas.... :)

04/08/2016 12:19 pm
Chapter Five         
Like your alternative to the My Will Be Done Spell being turned against Adam - Hope you have an update very soon. 
One a week - give or  take. Trying to remain at least two or three capters ahead of posting.

04/06/2016 03:44 pm
Chapter Five         
Well done Spike for realising he'd over-reacted and coming back, and well done Buffy for actually apologising for your own over-reaction and unfortunate words.
Unfortunately, Willow is still in denial and is just as arrogant about her magical abilities as ever. She's going to need very careful handling.
Well, that sounds as if it should work perfectly...
Yep - Spike and Buffy are probably going to be okay... Willow? Remains to be seen.

03/30/2016 04:05 pm
Chapter Four         
Giles' mind is well and truly boggled, but at least Willow has had a reality check... and has a Really Good Idea. 
I almost wish she had finished saying that Xander's head would explode. tee hee.
And Buffy opens her mouth and put her foot in it up to the elbow... She's going to have to aplogise for that.
Apologies all around.

03/30/2016 03:27 pm
Chapter Four         
Oops, looks like everyone's a bit stressed out!
They're a little edgy.....

03/30/2016 05:04 am
Chapter Four         
Oops,  a sticky wicket already in this timeline.  Spike really needs to simmer down especially knowing the consequences at stake. 
In all fairness to him, Buffy's mouth went off before her brain.  But they'll be OK. :)

05/28/2017 09:55 pm
Chapter Three         
Great chapter, my only thought is that Giles may not have been so willing to sleep with Spike in his house unrestrained. But I really like how they are bringing him into the fold.
It's going to take some doing, I'm sure. But Buffy and Spike may have some help on their side soon. :)

03/24/2016 07:32 pm
Chapter Three         
What a team they make - wonderful interaction that feels really authentic.
Thank you. :)

03/23/2016 12:53 am
Chapter Three         
Poor befuddled Giles...
Spuffy nookie! Excellent!
Uh-oh, wonder if Willow has done the spell, and what she's making happen to whom...
Yay Buffy for standing up for yourself and exerting your authority!
Sounds as if a planning session for the Initiative is on the cards...
Everybody has some adjusting to do, for sure.  Willow might be a little easier to handle, but not all that much....

05/28/2017 09:36 pm
Loving how this is starting!! Lmfao "no shagging the big lump"
Thank you. I hope you enjoy the rest of it. :)

04/08/2016 11:09 am
Enjoying this very much - 

03/16/2016 10:51 pm
It makes a nice change to have Buffy and Spike of the same mind and no doom and gloom.  Bewildered Giles is a treat too.  Love it.
I'm glad you're liking it. Thanks for reading. Buffy and Spike will probably have their moments, but right now they're still really happy to find each other again. :)

03/16/2016 05:25 pm
I love this so much! I admire Giles' equanimity under such pressure. He's taking them at face value and not showing his doubt of Buffy's judgement, the way he came to do after the Angelus period. Something tells me he's still in shock.
Of course, Spike's upcoming explanations will probably make that even worse and boggle his mind entirely....
Well, he's taking them as much at face value as he can, given his suspicions about Spike.  I'm sure as he comes to believe them, he'll be even more disturbed at what they know. :)

04/08/2016 10:43 am
Prologue and Chapter One         
A new time travel story - looking forward to reading it.  I'm always pleased to read your work.  
I hope you enjoy it. :)

03/15/2016 11:38 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
Sparkling repartee -- love this.  It's great to have a bit of fun!
I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. :)

03/14/2016 07:51 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
Love time travel fic!  Good for Buffy not flying off the hook at Spike not telling her of his status.  And I think Giles needs to be in on this before he offs Spike.   He must have noticed that Buffy seems more mature. 
You'd think so, but she has to call his attention to it in the next chapter. ;)

03/11/2016 10:43 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
Clever idea. I've read "Spike and Buffy on the same mission from WR&H/The Council meet up" pieces before (who hasn't, here?), but not with a time travel element involved. Will be interesting to see how you play this out.
Yeah, I'll be interested to see how i do that too... LOL Thanks for reading.

03/11/2016 07:15 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
Ooooh! Time travel! I love time travel stories, and this sis the perfect timing to avoid Buffy/Riley and to have Spike accepted!
Except for one person somewhere, Time Travel seems to be a popular thing. Gives me a headache, but... :)