Doesn't Matter by Sigyn

03/29/2016 12:49 am
Doesn't Matter         
I can totally see this happening. When she came back, Spike was the only person Buffy felt comfortable being totally open and honest with.
She needed someone to be quiet with. Spike let her.

03/27/2016 09:44 pm
Doesn't Matter         
"Isn't there... but is there."

Exactly. Read yoyur fic on Elysium Fields, and greatly enjoyed it. It built nicely, without any sleight-of-hand to paper over easy choices, and cocluded very well, indeed.
I'm very glad you like it!

03/26/2016 10:24 pm
Doesn't Matter         
Amazing fic regarding how maturing changes your perceptions.  Good for Spike just listening. 
He tries with Buffy, he really does.

03/25/2016 09:57 am
Doesn't Matter         
Wonderfully insightful, well done.
Thank you!

03/25/2016 01:20 am
Doesn't Matter         
Jagged edges in lies and truth, all around. Excellent voices, and a really compelling confession of innermost thought given to Buffy. It's easy to see her saying this if it means she can do so to someone who really isn't there.

Really great.
Isn't there... but is there. I wrote a very dark fic at one point (I'll post it here eventually) about what Buffy would be like if she hadn't had Spike to pour all this darkness into. If he REALLY wasn't there... there'd be nothing, and it would burn her. But there are a lot of lies in these truths.

03/25/2016 12:40 am
Doesn't Matter         
How ouchie for both of them. Loved Buffy acknowledging he'd made her smile, however briefly.
Spike is very good at making Buffy smile when she doesn't feel like it...