Lapdog by Sigyn

05/08/2016 06:03 pm
Lovely ending in all ways!
Thank you!

04/01/2016 03:16 pm
What an interesting premis - well done.  And Spike actually got through to Buffy for once.
Yeah, he got through to Buffy. Worked hard for a crumb... but that hug was worth it, I'm sure.

04/01/2016 02:51 am
First longish one and I almost skipped it. (Have to read enough long things for work - I think I've lost my ability to read more than a few thousand words at a time.) But I read it, and I loved it. Loved your Spike who has never lost his knowledge of what he is. And for Buffy to realize that she's, in her own way, a monster too. I was expecting a terribly angsty ending, but I'm glad you let Spike realize he was just sick (I'd kinda figured that out) and do something about it.
I used to never write long fanfic, and then people started asking me for them, and I was like, "I have fans? Who care enough to ASK?" So. This was one result. When it comes to children, I'm a sucker for saving them at the last moment. The brat was based off my son, who about that age at the time, and loved Buffy. All the accent, "Where Buppy go?" when I turned off the tv, and his inability to pronounce S's turning Spike into Pike (or actually it's closer to Bike, but I thought people wouldn't be able to follow that.) Yeah, I couldn't kill the kid.

05/08/2016 05:52 pm
Fantastic comparison of kid mentality with vamp mentality.  So true! 
Yeah, kids would be really scary if they were bigger.

04/01/2016 03:09 pm
I wonder if Buffy realises how hard Spike tries and how much he's changed.  Very poignant about the child.
He does try a lot for Buffy.

04/01/2016 03:01 pm
Wild Things         
Good to see Buffy having deeper conversations with Spike, she needs to open up.
Spike's helping her open up a little. A little. (Then of course she'll start screwing him and close down entirely... poor Spike.)

04/01/2016 02:58 pm
Scary Willow - she makes a great baddie.

04/01/2016 02:50 pm
Buffy's not exactly Queen Tactful is she?
Not when it comes to Spike, no.

05/01/2016 04:55 pm
So lapdog and kitty.  They're even LOL!

04/01/2016 02:42 pm
Kitty!  That's a cute picture.
It is. Very cute.

04/01/2016 02:38 pm
Interesting idea but I hope the nipper hasn't been turned.
Scary idea, right?