Get Away by Sigyn

05/11/2016 03:32 pm
It's good to read of Spike's perspective and the moment that nailed it for him.   Being a demon,  he could just as well as given up now that he'd gotten what he'd dreamed of. 
He could have given up, as a demon. He could never, ever give up as William the romantic poet.

04/17/2016 04:00 am
Nicely done. Both of them.

04/13/2016 07:30 am
Very nicely done pair of character vignettes, showing the mountain of emotional distance both characters will have to travel if they ever care to understand one another--much less enter into a stable relationship.

I've read damn few longer tales that actually show them covering that distance, and moving through their respective epiphanies. One especially comes to mind: Magista's The Letter. It's harsh, and much of the traveling seems to be on Spike's side. Then there's Knifeedge's West of the Moon, East of the Sun, where most of the travel is Buffy's, though as it's a matter of assimilating past images instead of experiencing life in-the-moment, it has a certain distancing effect.

You might take a shot at it yourself, which is, I suppose, what I was getting at. If you feel like it, and want to waste a few years of your life.
You know, I think I have, I've written a lot of stuff on EF which I haven't posted yet here. I haven't quite figured out the best way of posting. I'm so, so glad you've been enjoying my stories though!

10/05/2016 07:09 am
Get Away         
Excellent fic! All your stories are amazing!
Aww! Thanks so much!