Tenderness by Sigyn

04/27/2016 09:57 pm
Buffy's hard heart needed softening.  Always feel for Spike.
She's broken and scared and suspicious. But he loves her... he can't stop.

04/24/2016 09:22 pm
Sadly this is a completely believable look at Buffy.
Yep. Thanks!

04/23/2016 03:29 am
Awww, I was feeing so sorry for him, and then she did that.
Yeah, she gave him a... pick me up. As it were.

04/21/2016 03:21 am
That's one of your happiest short stories, you know. I like it. No sense of permanance, but a moment with something approaching understanding.
"my happiest short stories" is really stretching a point! But indeed, there is something there between them that isn't entirely pain.