Fallen Angel by Sigyn

03/23/2017 06:55 am
Fallen Angel         
The Perfect Ending - and Spike makes, IMO, her perfect whipping post for all the ugly dark misery that she is lashing out against everyone.  

What a fucking mess they were together when they used what should be one of the most intimate and wonderful things that two people can share and do for each other.  

I've always been struck with how "fuck" is used so often as an expression of hatred, anger, frustration, denigration and so many other destructive feelings.  

05/14/2016 09:33 pm
Fallen Angel         
All too believable!
Thank you!

05/14/2016 03:46 pm
Fallen Angel         
Oh - owie. Owie for everyone, I'm not sure who I fell sorrier for - Buffy or Spike.  Well done.
No need not to feel sorry for both of them. This situation sucks.