Together Again by slaymesoftly

10/27/2016 05:18 am
Chapter Nine/Epilogue         
Awesome fic with a perfect ending. Thanks.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

06/20/2016 01:00 am
Chapter Nine/Epilogue         

Nice ending, I'd say that's further evidence not all Slayers are created equal. Jess is an accident, waiting to happen. A few bangs on the head wouldn't stunt her development. Fun read...

LOL  Thank you.

06/15/2016 08:45 pm
Chapter Nine/Epilogue         
Ah lovely satisfying ending  -- particularly the contrast between mature Buffy and the brat!

06/14/2016 12:45 pm
Chapter Nine/Epilogue         
Aw, there's lovely.
But you've left me with some tantalising teasers. Girls with diluted powers? The less imaginative girls joining the army? Jessie challenging Spike and being utterly flattened? Is there to be a sequel? Please?
LOL Haven't planned for one. But you never know.

06/20/2016 12:35 am
Chapter Eight         

I do think that there's more to the process of becoming the Slayer, than just being a potential. Surely, you have to be chosen, not just next in line. Your touched by the divine, the champion of heaven. It gives you the authority to make decisions over life and death. Well at least in the demon world.
From the show, I always thought the girls were activated  by the stolen power in the scythe, which had to be finite. And not really drawing their strength from the real source of Slayer power, like Buffy and Faith. I haven't read the comics so I don't know if Joss explained that. But for me it always makes me wonder if they're little more than vigilantes.Food for thought eh. Loved the Spuffy.

Thank you. I think it makes sense that it might be weakened a bit. Not to mention, they are people and people vary from very smart to not so very smart....

06/12/2016 02:01 am
Chapter Eight         
Very nice. I think I still like the first chapter with its incredibly oily Drac (so much a skivver, a vampiric Arthur Daley) that you made quite memorable. But the whole story is a fine action tale, with good characterizations and excellent pacing.
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed.

06/11/2016 03:23 pm
Chapter Eight         
At last, the vital 'Talk'. Honesty and trust, such wonderful things...
Intriguing thought, that all the newly activated potentials' slayer powers are somehow diluted. Makes sense...
Long overdue talk.   It does make sense, doesn't it? All that power normally packed into one (or two) girl, suddenly shared among hundreds? Not all slayers were created equal anyway, so now the gap may be even bigger.

06/11/2016 09:59 am
Chapter Eight         
Refreshingly frank conversation with everything out in the open - you've given me great hope for them this time.
Well, they've had time to mature (in Buffy's case, anyway) and learn what's really important, so.... fingers crossed.

06/19/2016 11:44 pm
Chapter Seven         

Well worked out, liked it.


06/07/2016 08:32 pm
Chapter Seven         
An excellent battle, full of tension and very exciting.  I had a feeling fan girl would blow it.  Hoping for Spike's rapid recovery and understandings being reached!
Things seem to be going well now.... just have to decide exactly how well they're going to go. LOL

06/07/2016 02:26 pm
Chapter Seven         
Jessie reminds me so much of that Kennedy.... except for the crush on Spike rather than Willow thing...
Okay, they they've beaten the FE back... now what? Is Spike planning to vanish or can Buffy finally get through to him?
Can't wait...
We'll see.... Spike's plans tend to go awry when Buffy's involved...

06/19/2016 11:28 pm
Chapter Six         

I wondered when the other slayers would notice Buffy and Spike's new sleeping arrangements. Just shows how much things have changed that the girls think Buffy's not good enough for him.

I think there's some jealousy there, as well as misplaced loyalty to Faith.

06/05/2016 12:40 am
Chapter Six         
They're right. They have to get the fight out of the way before having the 'What are we going to do about us' talk... neither of them is looking forward to it.. .but I am!
The fact they they both realize there is an "us" to thrash out is encouraging... I hope!

06/19/2016 11:06 pm
Chapter Five         

Given how well these two know each other, they're both clueless. We might need a real life or death situation to get them to really open up. And on the subject of Spike's soul, how can Buffy not know why Spike would think it's a game changer. After everything she said about souless, evil demons. Super chappie.

Thank you.

06/05/2016 10:30 am
Chapter Five         
Why is Spike so sure the soul matters?  Well duh -- after all the years of banging on about it, I'm hardly surprised he does.  At least they're talking ...  a bit.
A bit. We'll see what happens...

06/02/2016 11:26 pm
Chapter Five         
So, Spike still has his defensive walls up. Hardly surprising since Buffy was only able to vocalise her feelings once he had the soul.
She's also a little more ambivalent than she'd admit. 
More please...
More pretty soon. The next chapter is probably postable, but the last two need lots of work (and the last one isn't even finished yet, never mind ready to post.

06/02/2016 10:10 am
Chapter Four         
Even though he's taking such care of her, it's sad to see the distance between them.
It is. But they're both kind of stubborn...

06/02/2016 12:32 am
Chapter Four         
I so love nurse Spike... <3

06/19/2016 08:45 pm
Chapter Three         

I agree with Spike the soul did make him a bit wimpy. He doesn't need it. Great chapter.


05/31/2016 09:08 am
Chapter Three         
It's sad that after all this time Buffy is still fixated on the soul.
Well, perhaps not as fixated as Spike thinks she is.... But, yes, it's a shock for her.

05/30/2016 11:52 pm
Chapter Three         
Oooh! Soulless Spike! Wasn't expecting that. And naturally, he thinks that Buffy won't trust him, and therefore won't love him.
Hope she proves him wrong soon!
She might have to work at it. He's been telling himself she won't want him for a long time.

06/19/2016 08:13 pm
Chapter Two         

Interesting start. Looks like they've got a lot of catching up to do.

They do. A lot of it.

05/30/2016 02:39 pm
Chapter Two         
Uh-oh. Things still very awkward between Buffy & Giles.
I always liked Graham more than Riley. He was prettier and actually had a non-cardboard personality, also seemed to be more realistic and more sympathetic. Glad to see he's still around.
And of course, Spike thinks Faith's death is is his fault. 
Look forward to the Spuffy Talk later.
Now for the Fight....
For some reason, Graham is the only one from the Initiative who usually appears in a positive light in my fics. Which I think is coincidence, but who knows? Maybe I noticed/liked him more than I realized?

Buffy and Spike still have some things to work through... but there's a battle going on so....

05/30/2016 11:07 am
Chapter Two         
Prickly meeting but at least there was no punching involved.  Graham still alive, is Riley too - I don't know the comics!
No punching. Not exactly the warm fuzzies Buffy might have expected, but... No comic knowledge needed. This is totally off canon except for the reference to Drac's help in Tokyo, and the reference to Spike's being tossed out into the sky (where his bugs picked him up in the spaceship). That's it. I guess the fact that the Army knows about vampires and slayers is comic canon - but not something you needed to already know. It's just the way it is in this story. Riley isn't here, so doesn't matter if he's alive or dead.

09/17/2016 07:31 am
Prologue and Chapter One         
“You’re running a bite house!”
“I prefer to view it as a quid pro quo situation...”


I still love that. Your Drac is so oily, like a politician, one who will use language to justify anything and believe it so. And the entire story is great one, as I think I may have mentioned, before.
Thank you! I'm glad you're still enjoying it.

05/29/2016 09:24 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
All business Buffy, she's making a fine leader.
She has her moments... Thanks for reading.

05/29/2016 05:19 am
Prologue and Chapter One         
The exchange between Buffy and Dracula had me chuckling all the way throuogh: his prevarications, poorly concealed lust, mercenary ambitions, and clear indications that he's got plans within plans within plans. And of course, her complete and understandable distrust of him. The dialog really flowed nicely.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

05/28/2016 01:51 pm
Prologue and Chapter One         
I only know the comics in the vaguest of ways from comments dropped by others, but I have no trouble following the story, except for not knowing what's happening with Spike. But then, Buffy doesn't either so I'll find out along with her.
Love the way that Dracula adapted to the new situation...
More please.
*nods* That's usually what I'm counting on. That there is so much conversation on LJ and other places about the comics, that most people have a rough idea what's going on - at least anything major or that got people so wound up they ranted about it. LOL Season 8 especially, because so many people had started out reading it and then bailed at different points along the way. I just kind of expect that most people know Spike showed up near the end in a steampunk spaceship manned by giant, intelligent bugs. And I just try to work any comic references in to a story in such a way that it won't matter it readers know the reference, or just think it's part of my made-up story.
Technically, I guess, I'd have to say this is set in the comics world - but it is only set there in the sense that it takes place many years after a few of those events - one of which I twisted to suit this fic.  Which was Spike. He did get saved, and in the last issue of season 8 he has been visiting Buffy on her fire escape (new back porch) from time to time. And then he becomes part of the gang by the time the next season begins.  So, this is really totally AU from comic canon except for Dracula and for Spike being around for the final fight.