Fell by Sigyn

02/04/2019 04:55 am
Chapter 10         
Great dramatic story and even by the ending with the vengeance wish taken back and her memories of the literal Hell On Earth she and Xander created there is still so much emotional stress for the character and your readers with the AR brought back as the finish.  Terribly sad ending but also with some light for her future as well as her memories of her relationship and experiences with Spike.  

08/04/2016 01:38 pm
Chapter 10         
Wow - what a read!  Absolutely gruelling but I just couldn't stop.  Some of your best work there, I think --   Kudos.
Yeah, this idea grabbed me while I was trying to write fluff. (Said fluff never got written.) Apparently fluff does bad things to the Sigyn brain. And, wow, thanks! I'm so glad you liked!

07/31/2016 04:21 pm
Chapter 10         
Absolutely wonderful!   So glad that there was a bit of residual memory when the wish reversed.  And what was that with all the wishing in the first place with them knowing about vengeance demons?!
Well, they weren't wishing TO anyone. Besides, it was only Xander, and he was only talking to Buffy. Buffy was just being accomadating. "Me too" isn't really a hard-core wish, it could just as easily be a, "Here, here's your bone, now shut up, Xander."

07/28/2016 06:19 pm
Chapter 10         
Almost didn 't read it cause #1, longish and #2 dark warning, but I'm glad I did. It reminds me of some of the very dark fics I read way back in the day before I decided I preferred my angst somewhat less... angsty. Well done and an interesting and novel premise.  Well done.
Do you know, this story came about because I was trying to come up with a premise that was fluffy? "I never write fluff" I told myself. "I should write some fluff," I told myself. "What can I come up with that's fluffy?" And I came up with THIS. *shakes head* Thanks for taking a chance on it, and I'm glad you liked it! Even my dark stuff, I tend to end on hope. Thanks a lot!

08/10/2016 05:27 pm
Chapter 7         
I really like this chapter!   Wondering if Xander and Anya ever discussed the "Buffy" fantasy ever? 
I'm sure Anya knew Xander had a crush on her. Thanks for reading!

07/28/2016 05:28 pm
Chapter 3         
".....just magically make money out of slayer strength the moment she popped up out of the ground, like some kind of magical mushroom, then this wouldn’t be such a big deal.”
This is an awesome line.  I love it, and I love Anya. 
Well, she's absolutely right.

08/10/2016 04:09 pm
Chapter 2         
This was a painful chapter to read.  Poor Clem! Totally understand that Buffy is in full on slayer mode with no one to talk to who understands her. 
Clem was doomed. Everyone is doomed. This is a dark story where everyone is DOOOOOOMED! She really needed that quiet place....