Everyone has Secrets by Lilachigh

04/15/2018 09:35 pm
8 The Portal         
Curiouser and curiouser! Just catching up on a few chapters, but I guess this is as far as it goes for now.

02/23/2018 03:32 pm
Just a Touch         
What have they gone and got themselves into now?
How very intriguing!

09/23/2017 01:56 am
5 Finding Jan         
Oops? I have a secret suspicion about the cat, but I'll wait to see if I'm right.

04/10/2017 06:17 am
4 Parenting Pains         
Update - can't wait - I'm very excited about this new story.  
Thank you so much for such kind comments.  I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I feel very guilty at not having updated for a while but hope to get back to it soon.  Thank you again for all you say.

04/10/2017 05:58 am
3 Guardians         
Was wondering about that cat - wonderful story thus far.  
So glad you are enjoying the story.  Hope to update very soon.

12/04/2016 09:13 am
3 Guardians         
As if looking after Dawn wasn't tough enough!

04/10/2017 05:49 am
Chp 2 The Decision         
This is so sad - the tragedy is the RL has children that have been left with miserable people or who have parents that should never have had children - 

09/14/2016 04:11 am
Chp 2 The Decision         
Oh... dear. Why do I think I know where this is going?

04/10/2017 05:36 am
Chapter I The Letter         
So glad I paid a visit - I'm gotten out of the habit of visiting this site where I was so active at one time.  I miss all the great discussions and activity shared between all the devoted Buffyverse fans and the writers.  

Another "so glad" is that I saw this story listed in the updates - Tara remains one of my favorite of all the Buffy characters and I am happy to see that she is remembered and we will discover something new about her.  Plus, Spuff - nothing could make a more lovely night of reading.  I have been one of your fans for a long time.  Thank You for all the awesome stories you have created and continued to create for us to enjoy. 
Thank you so much for all your kind comments.  I've been very tardy in updating all my stories but hope to do better in the future!