Let Me Explain by Sigyn

12/21/2017 07:18 am
Let Me Explain          
Something very Edna St Vincent Millay about Spike in this piece. Well written vignette.

03/05/2017 04:54 pm
Let Me Explain          
Oh, nicely done. I always worry a bit about "explanations" in fics, that they will be author inserts. Should have known you wouldn't do that.
Yeah, I actually suck at author inserts. It's so much easier to figure out how a character would feel about something than figure out how I feel about it.

10/26/2016 12:25 am
Let Me Explain          
Bittersweet - and Buffy was pretty decent to him there.
Yeah. It was, of course, about bloody time!

10/22/2016 03:47 pm
Let Me Explain          

Wow!  Sad, poignant and hopeful at the same time. 
I always found this a sweet little moment.