Sunshine and Shadows by slaymesoftly

08/06/2017 01:18 am
Chapter Thirty-five         
Another really good one. Thank you!  
Thanks for telling me you liked it. :)

07/25/2017 12:01 pm
Chapter Thirty-four (of 35)         
I really enjoyed your story and the way your characters develop. Thank you for sharing your hard work :)
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

06/05/2017 12:11 am
Chapter Thirty         
Can't speak for anybody else, but I'm greatly enjoying it. Update as you can; you're doing us all a favor by writing. And you finish everything you start, which is rare.
Thank you so much. :)  I really can't imagine abandoning a story (although it gets tempting sometimes). But I do wish I could write more often and keep the chapters closer to gether. 

05/29/2017 07:35 am
Chapter Twenty-nine         
Enjoying this very much. And as usual, what I find most enjoyable is a mix of strong plot, good character voicing, and briefly sketched but highly convincing characters you've created. I look forward to reading more. Thanks very much!
I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for taking the time to tell me so. :)

03/19/2017 10:19 pm
Chapter Twenty-six         
Was happy to see two new chapters at once, but it turns out it's the same one posted twice.
Oh, well.
No idea how that happened, but it's fixed now. Thanks for telling me!

04/23/2017 04:57 pm
Chapter Twenty-four         
TextReally good story
I'm glad you think so. Thanks for letting me know you like it.

11/23/2016 12:24 pm
Chapters Three and Four         
Nice to see them getting on!
Thanks. Hope you enjoy the rest of it. :) Thanks for reading.

11/23/2016 11:43 am
Chapters One and Two of thirty-five         
Lovely to read some old school Spuffy.
Very old school - season 2!