Leftovers by Sigyn

09/22/2018 10:52 am

04/09/2018 08:40 pm
Text "Angel came back, and was talking about vengeful spirits. He said he took care of it, and he’s all convinced that was it..."

 Even in this little throwaway sentence, you say so much.  ANGEL said he took care of it...but it was Buffy.

Thanks for writing so many great stories with such terrific insight.
Thank you so much for reading them! I'm very glad you enjoyed.

12/21/2017 07:07 am
Very nice. I like your ambivalent characterization of Buffy, and your Spike at the end of his tether. All hurts really good.

01/02/2017 07:47 am
I always enjoy these short works of yours - they are an excellent way to explore and make a statement on Buffy and all the characters.  
I love getting to the pith of a concept, and shortfic is really good way to do that.