This Thing We Have by Sigyn

05/04/2017 08:53 pm
Just This         
What a super read, mature Buffy was a revelation and I particularly liked the missing scenes.  10/10.

02/11/2017 07:03 pm
Just This         
Love this so much!
Thank you!

01/15/2017 04:00 am
Just This         
Lovely story. Just the right mix of angst and worry and then, after some inevitable disagreement, the happy ending. So glad you put it on here where I could find it.
You're welcome! I'm hoping to get pretty much all of them here, eventually. Putting them up in chronological order, unless they're "just written", at which point, I put them up when I have them. This was supposed to be my Spuffy Swansong, my Very Last Spuffy Fic at number 12. ...
*has just posted story number 68....*
Yeah, didn't happen that way.

05/04/2017 08:40 pm
This Is Getting Out Of Hand         
Terrific storytelling.

05/04/2017 08:29 pm
This Is Madness         
Such honesty, very poignant moment for Buffy.

05/04/2017 08:07 pm
This Could Be a Problem         
I like how you are writing our protagonists so intelligently.

01/15/2017 02:02 am
This Could Be a Problem         
“Giles,” Buffy warned. “You’re going to want to stop talking now.”  

Love this! He needed to be cut off. 

(just started reading this and was going to wait to comment, but I had to tell you how much I love that line)
Yeah. Gotta punch that concept to Giles fast, before he gets balled up in it.

05/04/2017 07:32 pm
This Is Forever         
Such eloquence from Spike - wonderful.

05/04/2017 07:25 pm
I Can't Believe This         
She's all grown up!

05/04/2017 07:21 pm
This Is Terrible         
Wow, Buffy is certainly on the ball.

05/04/2017 07:18 pm
This Is It         
Great battle, very exciting.