Though I Walk Through the Valley... by randi

10/17/2017 06:39 am
I liked this very much when you were first posting it chapter by chapter, then again when the entire thing appeared, elsewhere. The desolate ending seems to me the only appropriate one, given the way you've played the situation out. It also has a really fine current of dark irony, seeing that if Giles hadn't gotten Spike killed, the Oracles might have been approached after it all to bring him back. Nice job, with excellent characterizations all around.

Oh, thank you very much!  I'm really glad you enjoyed it, both through Seasonal Spuffy when I posted it there and at AO3.  I have to admit, I don't think I even contemplated the happy ending for this one; it was always going to be the despair-filled one.  I'm so very pleased that you liked the characterizations, too.  ^^ Yay!  Thanks again for such a lovely comment!

10/03/2017 04:23 am
Interesting - I remember the first few chapters well, but not the last ones, and definitely not this.  It's the perfect ending, I've got to admit, but my heart aches for Buffy.  Well done.
When I originally posted this, rather than post the epilogue separately, I included it with the last chapter.  I couldn't see the story ending any other way, so I'm very, very glad you agree that it's the perfect ending.  Even so, I feel bad for Buffy, too; she really got a raw deal.   (Most of the chapters were posted as part of one Seasonal Spuffy or another, so they might have gotten lost in the shuffle there.)  Thanks so much for your lovely comment!  Very much appreciated.

10/03/2017 01:46 am
Chapter 1         
Ah, I remember this fic from years ago.... and yet, I still teared up reading this chapter. Thank you for posting it here.
Yes, I started posting it for a Seasonal Spuffy, I think, though I don't remember which round.  I figured it was about time that I posted it here, considering that it was inspired by one of the challenges.  Thank you so much for commenting!