All ABout the Mission Part @ of the IWSHLY series by slaymesoftly

04/17/2022 08:45 pm
Chapter Twenty-three and Epilogue         
loving this

11/21/2019 08:17 am
Chapter Twenty-three and Epilogue         
I really enjoyed this! I love how you gave everyone their moment to shine, especially Tara and Anya who often had to take a backseat to the original Scoobies in canon. I absolutely adore both Max and Winston and hope there is more backstory to come for them. You really managed to walk the line of altering the past and maintaining the status quo in a way that kept both the characters and readers guessing which way things would go. Off to read the next part.
I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for telling me so!

03/27/2018 05:38 am
Chapter Eighteen         

03/07/2018 05:33 am
Chapter Sixteen         
Thanks for the update - 

I really like your treatment to reconcile the expectations and emotional reaction to the vampire vs human male from Joyce - having Spike be the one who speaks the words that Joyce wants to say is excellent resolution.  

11/21/2019 06:57 am
Chapter Fifteen         
Oh man, do I love that a partial claim is the explanation for Buffy being hung up on Angel. I hope I will eventually get to read that confrontation. And I very much love how involved Anya is in this series. I always wished she could be more than comedic relief in canon, especially after that original introduction to her. So glad she found a way to hopefully solve one of their biggest concerns. Also, not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but the entire chapter is posted twice here, one right after the other.
Hmmm - no, but I'll check it out. Thanks for telling me.  I'm glad you're enjoying it!

02/28/2018 09:31 pm
Ch. Seven         
NICE with the Buffy & Spike explaination of their future lives as presented in FFL - GLAD Joyce at least has a chance to survive in your story.

I've been doing a lot of reading of this story on my Kindle - so not as easy to do reviews.  
No problem. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

02/28/2018 09:15 pm
Chapter Six         
Enjoying the sequel very much and I like Winston - hope he gets to play an important part of this story with a lot of page space.  I am intrigued with his future relationship - 

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for telling me so. Winston has a fairly big part, so we'll see....