Between Dreams And Reality by Irishrose

05/21/2010 01:50 pm
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         

09/10/2006 01:27 am
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
Just loved it! I'd love more too.

02/05/2006 07:05 am
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
well done. thanks

10/19/2005 11:13 pm
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
I really like the story... although, I'm not used to Spike "giving up" on Buffy. It makes sense to me that he would do it. He lived with Dru forever and I guess he's the most practical of all of them... and he never even considered actually trying to bring Buffy back to life. So it all makes sense, it was just a little depressing I guess. I did like all the details you used - all the reasons she was still convinced she was being held by the bringers. Very good story and very original plot idea.
Thank you! I always get a little smile when it comes to plot compliments! As for Spike, my reasoning behind his behavior had a lot to do with Dru. He knows what happened to Dru, which isn't a giant leap away from what happened to Buffy. She may be strong, but even a strong demon couldn't erase the madness from Dru's mind. So it wouldn't be an unreasonable assumption for him to make that there is no coming back. As he said, "been there, done that". The other thing is Spike's own guilt that is compounded by his soul. He felt like he contributed to the madness, and therefore he isn't in a position to bring her out of it even if he did think it was possible, which he doesn't. So he falls into what he knows... care and placate the poor insane woman. Thanks again for reading! I'm pleased you liked it!

10/11/2005 10:31 am
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
Great story!
Thanks! glad you enjoyed!

10/10/2005 08:30 pm
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
A very good way to end it. After everything else happened, you ended it on a positive note. Nicely done. {Still shivers at times from some of the other stuff}
I'm happy you liked the ending. I'm a sucker for hapy endings. Or at least, ambiguous endings! Shivers?! Cool!!!

10/10/2005 12:16 pm
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
Very odd story. Hope Spuffy is having a baby; it will make Spike really happy.
Odd...different, or odd...bizarro? Good odd or bad odd? As for baby...I'll never tell. *eg*

10/10/2005 06:11 am
Seven - From Dreams to Reality         
LOL, great ending
Thanks! I get to be evil and amusing and leave lots of questions in the air that will never be answered. It's fun!

05/21/2010 01:39 pm
Five - Dealing         

02/05/2006 06:30 am
Four - Injuries         
excellent fic, thanks. i'm sure the additional chapters will only inhance the story.

10/10/2005 06:01 am
Four - Injuries         
LOL, oh yeah I loved the e3nding

05/21/2010 01:26 pm
Two - Stupid Vampire Senses         

10/10/2005 05:54 am
Two - Stupid Vampire Senses         
Still very evil

10/10/2005 05:51 am
One - Discovery         
oh shit, much with the evil here

10/10/2005 05:47 am
Prologue - Left Behind         
oh shit, you're bloody evil
LOL! yes indeed... my muse is about as evil as they come! It's even in her name! "The Evil Fanfic Bitc* From Hell"