Into The Woods by Schehrezade

02/08/2009 07:06 pm
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Awwww!  Very sweet!

07/18/2007 04:46 pm
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Oh yes, I like this game much better (to quote Dru the wise).

I always wanted Buffy to realize A. The words Xander spoke fit SPIKE not Riley and

B. Riley the sadist had used a plastic stake on him for the bully and creep he really was.

Lovely story, but then yours always are!

04/27/2006 11:05 am
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This was really cute, and I loved the ending with Dawn finding them on the couch. I loved your reason for having Xander send her after Riley, it really makes sense. This version with Buffy, with Spike's help, actually trusting her instincts was much better then cannon where she always went by her friends advice and never trusted herself.

01/27/2006 02:47 am
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Love it! Then, anything that brings Spike and Buffy together with her being sweeter than usual, I'm all for...always. Thanks for a satisfying read.

01/13/2006 05:58 am
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God! I loved this story... you should add on, make a sequel... I love oyur writing style and would love to see what you could do going farther, maybe even NC-17, if you aren't against the idea. The way you convey the charaters is perfect, and your attention to detail is one I haven't seen much of! Kundos for you!

10/15/2005 01:39 am
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Very nice, so cute! Loved Dawn walking in on the snuggling!

10/11/2005 05:23 pm
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Way it should have been. I was absolutely outraged that Buffy was running after Riley after the Whelp gave her his "advice." She should have kicked both of them to the curb.

10/11/2005 10:50 am
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Very sweet - love it when Buffy actually listens to sense