Re-write of Seeing Red by slaymesoftly

01/27/2012 11:54 pm
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Interesting way for it to go.
Thanks. Wouldn't have taken much - a little less alcohol in the vampire and fewer stupid words coming out of his mouth and that whole scene need never have happened.

07/21/2010 05:43 pm
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Ah a woman after my own heart. bravo
Thank you. *bows*

04/22/2010 01:39 am
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I've read quite a number of fics rewriting Seeing Red and this one is by far my favorite. Love it!
Thank you. :)

03/10/2010 12:25 pm
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Loved this so much i had to come to the laptop from the phone so that I could give a review.  Aaahhh, so wish you'd been writing for the series.
Thanks. It's a nice outcome, isn't it?

08/05/2009 05:20 am
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God I wish you had been wiriting for the show. I remember pretty much screaming at the screen when this dcene was first on and I tend to ski[p it when I rewatch the DVDs.
The whole time I wanted to strangle Buffy; she goes and tells him to move on and then freaks because Spike has comfort sex! Key word there being comfort. It's not like they did it to get back at anybody, because they never meant for anyone to find out.
Don't even get me started on the attempted rape. That almost made me stop watching the show honestly, because it bothered me so much. They tried to cast Spike as a total villian and it irritated me! Yes I know that nothing excuses what he tried to do, but with the whole yes-no messages Buffy was sending it was easy for his freaking emotional breakdown to lead him to that.
It was like all they wanted was a catalyst for Spike to get the soul. Which honestly, he would have done anyway had Buffy said the word. Like Dru will do anything her 'Daddy' asks, Spike will do anything Buffy asks.
So sorry about the rant. Opps. Anyway, poaint of this review is to tell you I liked your version much more than the original. Great job.

Hee! Thank you. (I wish I'd been writing for the show, too. :)

05/21/2009 11:37 pm
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wonderful rewrite - your writing is excellent, descriptive, emotive and wel just plain fab.
Thank you very much. :)

04/10/2009 02:18 am
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I have probably read this ten times, and I completly adore it.
Thank you =)

Thank you for telling me.

04/02/2008 12:19 am
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Now,wouldn't we all want for this to be actually what's happened in the show? :sigh: Loved it.
I like my way so much better!

02/05/2008 07:06 am
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Oh my gosh I adored that ending! That was so angsty-sweet!!
*sigh* I wish Seeing Red actually went like that......
LOL Don't we all?  Thanks for reading. :)

01/17/2008 06:05 pm
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Oh, I like this one much better!
Thank you. Me too! :)

12/01/2006 10:24 pm
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Great story, good rewrite of 'Seeing Red'. I didn't like the bathroom scene, and you made it better.
Thank you, that was my intention.

11/30/2006 04:28 pm
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That was painfully sweet and beautiful. A really nice story.
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

09/23/2006 04:22 pm
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Now the only way that could have been bettered would have been Xander arriving and finding them in the bath together... and Buffy yelling at him to leave them alone. {Wicked grin}
LOL - not likely. And he probably would have tried to dust Spike on the spot. Thanks for reading.

08/31/2006 11:42 pm
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What a lovely big slice of 'if only'!
Thank you. If only, indeed. Sigh

08/31/2006 02:57 pm
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awww..taht read just like an episode of the show, only so much how sweet and tender he was with her, and this episode kind of closes with hope for what might happen :) great job, pet :)
Thanks - yeah, I just felt that could have gone so much better if she'd been more honest about how she felt and he'd been a little less drunk.

05/12/2006 09:26 pm
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Aw. Definitely better than the actual episode.

10/24/2005 10:35 am
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I loved this. If the writers on BTVS had any compassion for Buffy and Spike this is how this should have been written. It was touching, sweet and funny.
Aww, thank you. That's what I intended.

10/23/2005 12:06 am
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Should have gone this way. Loved it.

10/17/2005 11:07 pm
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So scrumptious and exactly how it should have gone. Thank you!
Thanks for reading and reviewing

10/17/2005 06:59 pm
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I hated that episode so much that I even hesitated to read your rewite. I am so glad I did.

10/17/2005 03:41 pm
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I hated that episode so much that I even hesitated to read your rewite. I am so glad I did.
I'm glad you tried it!

10/16/2005 11:18 pm
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You wrote, "The way I wish it had gone."--absolutely! So much better than the way it happened. You should have written the episode - I've liked all your re-writes that I've read, much better than the official versions!
Too bad Joss didn't consult me,huh? Thanks for the kind words.

10/16/2005 06:59 am
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I really liked that, would have been funny if Xander had turned up while they wer in the bath.
Ooooh, I don't think Xander would have handled that very well!!!

10/16/2005 06:05 am
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That was beautiful. I loved how you turned that horrible episode into something better. *Grumbles* Stupid Joss... Wonderfully written and true to character. Great exploration of their emotional states at that time - dare I say "realistic"? ;) You know what I mean... Looking forward to reading more from you.
Thanks! I'm glad you like my take on how it should have gone. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

10/16/2005 04:03 am
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Very nice. I'd like to see it continued.
Thanks C of E. Nice to hear from you!

10/15/2005 03:31 pm
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Wow, Patti, you've managed to not make me hate those two eps so much...which is hard because 'Entropy' just KILLED me and 'SR' DEVASTATED me. Once again, you're the voice of reason in a great fic...if only this would have happened on the show instead of what really did. Thanks, sweetie!!!
thanks, Esther. They broke my heart too. Just couldn't leave it like that.

10/15/2005 12:33 pm
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awww, I want a Spike tub massage now... I love how you rewrote the bathroom scene.
Thanks, AD

10/15/2005 10:16 am
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awwwww, sweet Spike, I hate it, I do, quit looking at me like that, ok I love it ok, happy??
OKay, okay, I know you would have preferred him to say "I did it and I'm glad, you bitch!", but, hey that's just not Love's Bitch, is it. (The vamp has enough sense to know he's in deep shit no matter what. lol)

10/15/2005 07:57 am
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slayme--this was bloody brilliant! Why, oh why couldn't you (and the rest of us, of course) been writing the series? This was such a traumatic episode, and you made it loving and lovely. Thank you for sharing.
Thanks for reading. I'm glad you liked my alternate way for them to deal with this sad event.

10/15/2005 07:36 am
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That would have been the way I wanted it to end too. That was very sweet. Of course if I was Buffy I would have pulled him into bed with me.;)
Well, if she made really good decisions about what to do about Spike, she wouldn't be Buffy, would she?

10/15/2005 07:11 am
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Spike is so wonderful. Love to have a mate like that again.
LOl Wouldn't we all! Thanks for reading.

10/15/2005 07:10 am
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Patti, that was gorgeous and made so much more sense. I'm all for less devastation, personally! How come I haven't read this before?
Um, dunno. I doubt I've posted it anywhere but on my own site, although I thought I put it up on LJ when I wrote it. Maybe not. Much nicer result for our two blonds, huh?