Underneath This Smile by lovesbitca37

02/17/2010 07:25 pm
Parts 16 - 20         
That was really good.

05/30/2007 03:42 am
Parts 16 - 20         
*holding back tears*

Beautiful...just beautiful!

05/25/2006 06:56 am
Parts 16 - 20         
very sweet and sad...loved your re-write of the bathroom scene..very well done, the whole way through

01/06/2006 02:10 pm
Parts 16 - 20         
Very well written fic, and I loved the ending. Well done.

11/11/2005 05:40 am
Parts 16 - 20         
Just re-read this story, and wanted to let you know how much I liked it. You took a really dark subject and explored it in a way that still let the light back in. -Lisa
Thank you, that means a lot to me. This fic really made me nervous! Thanks

11/01/2005 08:05 am
Parts 16 - 20         
Nice to see that they won't be wasting any more time with Buffy being a blockhead.

05/25/2006 06:48 am
Parts 11 - 15         
uh-oh...ew...not riley i hope buffy doesn't freak out over it

05/24/2006 02:59 pm
Parts 6 - 10         
this is genuinely scary because it's so real...you make my heart ache and sob for buffy, she's hurting so bad...and for spike, because he genuinely loves her, but doesn't know how to help her...and strangely, most of all for poor little dawnie...so lost, without her mom or her sister...beautiful sad story will read more later

05/24/2006 02:51 pm
Parts 1 - 5         
oh how very sad, depressing even...but beautifully written with a very real grasp of these sorts of issues...i am captivated...reading on now