Taste of Power by Ashlee

10/02/2011 02:23 am
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Text     Very nice. I got a little extra kick out of the fact that he called AB+ the "good stuff" because that is MY blood type.

Thanks :-)
04/29/2010 01:39 am
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02/07/2008 07:39 pm
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OH that was good.

12/10/2006 10:53 am
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awwwww cute and also a very 'could've been' story *claps* very very good , well done!

11/26/2006 12:53 am
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Very cute, loved the 'playing' in the bathroom.

05/25/2006 07:39 am
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that was a very sweet, sexy story very funny, dialogue was perfect...very believable and well done

12/12/2005 12:08 pm
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Excellent rewrite! I loved it.

11/24/2005 08:53 pm
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Ahhhh - that was just sweet! Thank you.

11/24/2005 08:11 pm
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Nice Thanksgiving story.

11/24/2005 02:35 pm
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LIghtehearted and fun. Loved it! Nice scene in the bathroom too, and the ending was sweet!

11/24/2005 01:19 pm
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HEHEHE that was great. loved the ending

11/24/2005 08:48 am
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I like it - it's a nice little Thanksgiving fic.

11/24/2005 07:52 am
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Guh! Love this story...now I have to smoke more...damn.....

11/24/2005 07:26 am
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Great Thanksgiving rewrite! Loverly.

11/24/2005 06:51 am
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Thank you for the fab Thanksgiving tale.